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The American Worker - Betrayed
Plants and jobs exported to Mexico and China
American Worker - Betrayed
Hag 1:6 ...he that earneth wages earneth wages [to put it] into a bag with holes. Luk 10:7  ...for the labourer is worthy of his hire.
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    Draft program to take back America for the benefit of Americans by NNN
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ARCHIVE for 18 Nov 2005
  • 120 Suspected Illegal Mostly Mexican Migrants Arrested at Wal-Mart Construction Site
    At least 120 illegal immigrants, most of them from Mexico, were detained, Schuylkill County Sheriff Frank McAndrew said. He said he began investigating the site and contacted federal officials after getting complaints from local tradespeople. "You've got a situation here where illegal immigrants are coming into Schuylkill County and taking (local union workers') jobs for eight bucks an hour. They are working for poverty wages, and creating unemployment because our skilled tradesmen are out of work," McAndrew said.  


    Texas Emergency Hurricane Hotline Outsourced to India










  • China's NPC vice-chairman meets with US senator
    Senator Mark Dayton from Minnesota expressed his admiration for the tremendous achievements China has made under the guidance of Chinese leadership.
  • Dayton co-sponsors bill to protect Minnesota lakes from Asian carp

    Those (NAFTA) imbalances, however, pale in comparison to our trade deficit with China. In 2002, we exported $22 billion worth of goods to China; we imported $125 billion worth of goods, mostly manufactured products, from China! This imbalance has been highly beneficial for China. These investments helped fund a 9.1 percent growth in China's economy last year. There was no recession over there! Presently, there are over 40,000 U.S. business ventures in China. No one has counted how many of them led to the closing of a manufacturing plant in the United States. What we do know is that over 2,600,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost in this country during the past three years.


    American Workers Betrayed By Congress - By Stephen Crockett
By a vote of 217 to 215, the Congress of the United States at the direction of the Bush Administration has betrayed all American workers. The Central American Free Trade Agreement will create unfair pressure to lower the wages of all American workers when the basic staples not likely to be influenced by the agreement are exploding in price. American companies will be under great pressure to move manufacturing operations outside the United States. Giant retailers of cheap imported products made by grossly underpaid and exploited Central American workers will profit. Companies like Wal-Mart will profit but not most American workers. American taxpayers along with American workers will suffer. - (reader link)  

    Breaking Monopoly Power - by Stephen Crockett
Since Ronald Reagan came to power, the anti-monopoly laws and regulations of the US government have been completely gutted. Under the disguise of deregulation, monopoly economic power has come to dominate most sectors of the American economy. Consumers, workers and our free democratic forms of government has all been made to suffer.

    "Global Gulag": The plan is moving along as always - A future hell planned for your children - by Sartre
"...Supporting the treasonous trade policies of any administration that promotes Free Trade as good for America is akin to selling out your children’s birthrights..."


  • China-Mart Takes Over - By Paul Craig Roberts
    US corporations decided that the way to get rich was to destroy their American consumer base by closing their American factories, throwing their US employees out of work and hiring Chinese instead. What US corporations and the free trade economists overlook is that giving Americans’ jobs to foreigners raises foreign incomes and lowers American incomes. When credit cards and home equity lines are maxed out, there will be nothing to support the US consumer market. - (Svejk)
  • 40% of companies plan to outsource to China in the next 3-5 years - (Svejk)



  • Idaho County Sues Over Illegal Immigrant Workers
    Robert VasquezBOISE, Idaho -- Faced with the costs of coping with illegal immigrants, one county is looking to the courts for help -- by filing a racketeering lawsuit against the businesses that hire these workers. The legal theory: that a pattern of immigration violations by employers is costing Canyon County millions for law enforcement, education and social services. "Their presence lowers the labor wage for American citizens and removes employment opportunities," county Commissioner Robert Vasquez, an ambitious politician who just started a bid for Congress, said of the illegal workers. "Certainly it uses tax dollars to provide them with educational services, medical care, unemployment compensation for those that are injured on the job. They are a drain on the taxpayers of Canyon County, the state of Idaho and the U.S. in general."
    - (Invasion!)

  • Chinese labor for oil drilling eyed in Colo.
    Canadian oil giant EnCana is considering bringing in Chinese companies to construct and operate drilling rigs in the Colorado Rockies, as the region struggles to keep up with demand and rising energy prices.  "I am totally against the Chinese government running the jobs in our country," said Rep. John Salazar, Colorado Democrat, whose district is most affected by drilling. "With the Chinese government getting involved, it's not even a competitive business model."  Mr. Salazar and other U.S. lawmakers already are concerned about the China National Offshore Oil Corp.'s interest in buying the U.S. oil and gas conglomerate Unocal Corp. - (Svejk)




  • China oil company bids for U.S. oil company Unocal
    marking the communist nation's most ambitious attempt yet to acquire a Western company
    and setting the stage for a possible showdown with U.S. politicians concerned about potential national security issues.
  • 40 years jail for 'human trafficking'
    A US court has jailed the Korean owner of a sweat shop factory to 40 years in jail in the biggest punishment ever imposed in a human trafficking case, officials said.Lee Soo-Kil was said to have held more than 200 victims from China and Vietnam as forced labourers at his factory in American Samoa.











"Please join our nationwide movement to STOP Congress from approving the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
Although the immediate threat posed by CAFTA is job losses, the most important reason to oppose CAFTA is that it would be a steppingstone to the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).  Congressional approval of the FTAA would spell the end of U.S. Independence and our American way of life.

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  Draft program to take back America for the benefit of Americans by NNN

  1. Round up and deport all illegal aliens
  2. Give all legal, foreign workers six months to leave the country
  3. Only American English will be spoken in all work places
  4. Ballots may only be printed in American English
  5. No foreign ownership of American businesses or property
  6. US to withdraw from all foreign economic treaties such as NAFTA, GATT, the World Bank, etc.
  7. Increase constitutional tariffs until they eliminate competition by foreign slave labor
  8. End all foreign aid and loans
  9. Abolish the private "Federal Reserve"
10. Stop paying usurious interest on the Federal Debt
11. A charge of Treason for theft, export or sale of American Technology
12. Illegal aliens may not transfer money out of US. Tourists may not leave with more than they came with.
13. Abolish income tax.
14. Prevent investment by American Citizens in competing foreign industry or technology
(may be revised or expanded...)


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