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Updated 6 March, 2013
  [Reader asks:] "Where did all the JOBS go ??"
"Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock
(MADE IN JAPAN) for 6 a.m.
While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG).

He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE) and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA).
After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO) to see how much he could spend today.

After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY) and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day, Joe decided to relax for a while.

He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE)
and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in AMERICA...

  • American Worker news links for headlines below here:
  • Layoffs help propel corporate profits to their biggest gain in two years!
  • Airlines Plans to Lay off More Than 400 Workers in January
  • United Warns Employees of Need for Big Layoffs Soon
  • Tasty Baking Co. Closes 12 Stores, Top Execs Leave
  • Fed warns of layoffs in check processing
  • Wisconsin led the nation in increased layoffs
  • Tax collectors warn layoffs will cost state as tax season heats ...
  • Lodi school district employees may face layoffs
  • Missouri's Landscape Littered with Layoffs in 2002
  • 2002 brought layoffs, closures to East Tennessee
  • 300 Columbia layoffs exacerbate South Carolina unemployment
  • Long Beach jet-service plant closing
  • Kentucky Electric Steel plant closing
  • Tennesee: Lewisburg plant closing brings a blue Christmas
  • Tallassee General Store closing for good
  • FAO Schwarz SF toy store closing next year
  • Washington State: Gottschalks closing four stores in state
  • Employees ask bankruptcy judge to reopen steel mill case
  • Martin Industries in Florence files for bankruptcy protection
  • Beth Steel eyes cost-cutting bankruptcy plan
  • Kmart's bankruptcy story: Tangled up in blue
  • starving AfricanAmerican Worker - endangered species - Future Headline: 2023:
    Tanzanian Government pledges 400 kilos of cow dung, saying "We are starving ourselves,
    starving American familybut we appreciate the past generosity of the American People"

    starving Africans

  • Jobless Workers' Dreaded Day Arrives
    Already facing a sputtering economy and slow hiring, nearly 800,000 unemployed Americans face a new woe Saturday when their federal unemployment benefits end.

  12/23/02: Utah: Mormon Church Cuts Hundreds of Jobs

    US Senior Citizens may live on tortillas and beans after Bush puts Mexicans on our Social Security
Pushed by the Mexican government, the Bush administration is working on a Social Security accord that would put tens of thousands of Mexicans onto the Social Security roster and send hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits south of the border. - (Invasion)

  Welcome to uComics Web Site featuring Ted Rall -- The Best Comic Site In The Universe!
(link content may change - but reader suggests "Note view from window in frame 3".)
If the link content changes - go here to read the punch line.


Bush urges help for jobless workers - (perhaps jobs rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure during 'recomstruction')
The U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate both passed bills extending unemployment benefits for jobless workers, but were unable to agree on a final version for Bush's signature.

    Jobless rate rises in U.S., casting pall on holidays

12/07/02: California: Layoffs, student fee hikes among the education options
12/07/02: Washington state: Bothell to see layoffs, decreased services due to cuts
12/07/02: Connecticut: Gov. John G. Rowland says deep cuts, layoffs were unavoidable

12/07/02: Florida: Tyson and Humana companies cut jobs Tyson Foods and Humana Incorporated both announced they will be leaving the Jacksonville effecting hundreds of workers. Humana is closing it's Jacksonville service center laying off 450 local workers.
12/06/02: California: Fresno's Catholic Charities made some unexpected layoffs, and some say it's race related.
12/06/02: Ohio: Pilkington Layoffs Pilkington and the United Steelworkers Local 9 told The News Channel that 53 workers will be layed off indefinitely starting December 20th.
12/05/02: Arkansas: Tyson to cut jobs, trim beef production
Tyson Foods Inc. said Wednesday that it’s found 560 positions in 29 states it can eliminate over the next two years

12/06/02: Ohio: Cincinnati forced to cut jobs at City Hall
12/05/02: New York: ITG to cut jobs, take a fourth-quarter charge

12/04/02: North Carolina: RJR to cut jobs; most in Winston -
               635 full-time jobs to go; Avoca, packaging division will be sold
12/03/02: New York: Cheese company sale results in lost jobs


    Mexican Officials Promoting Prison Factories to U.S. Companies Looking to Cut Costs
Mexican labor can no longer compete with Chinese - can Americans compete with Mexican prisoners?

  12/04/02: Ky. Governor Orders 1,000 Jobs Cut

12/04/02: 245 jobs to be cut at plant in Galax - Vaughan Furniture Co. plans distribution unit
Vaughan Furniture Co. said yesterday that it will convert its oldest plant in Galax, Va., to a distribution center, resulting in the loss of about 245 manufacturing jobs beginning in February. Increased competition from imported furniture and the sluggish domestic economy - both industrywide issues - are behind the decision, the company said. The T.G. Vaughan Plant, opened in 1923, will be converted to a distribution center serving the company's domestic needs and growing volume of furniture produced overseas, the company said.

12/03/02: Intelsat Laid Off 13% Of Work Force Over Weekend Intelsat Ltd. the No. 3 global-satellite operator, let go about 13% of its work force over the weekend, according to the company's director of communications.

12/03/02: Mass - Holmes Announces U.S. Plant Closings The Holmes Group, the maker of Rival kitchen accessories and Crock-Pot cookers, said today that it would lay off at least 800 workers as it closes all of its manufacturing operations in the United States by the end of January to expand in Asia.

12/03/02: Ohio - Board wants to talk firms out of leaving city The city's Economic Development Task Force wants to talk to every major employer in Cincinnati next week and compile a list of "at-risk" companies that might bail for the suburbs or leave Greater Cincinnati altogether.

11/30/02: Salvation Army affected by store closings
Salvation Army officials said the recent shutdowns of over 600 K-Mart and Ames department stores across the country means fewer collectors this holiday season. Army Captain Tommy Rogers said the lack of spots, coupled with a lack of collectors, has taken it's toll.



American truckers are worried about losing their jobs to Mexicans under Bush's new open border trucking
U.S. truck drivers fear the new policy will prompt their employers to replace them with Mexican drivers. U.S. truckers on average earn about 32 cents a mile while their Mexican counterparts make about half that. - (American Worker)

Asian Workers Call for U.S. Gap Boycott to protest labor conditions
at factories in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.
American Workers Call for Boycott of Asian, African and Mexican imports

One Year After Enron Declared Bankruptcy, Employees Struggle, Overcome Obstacles

    How migrants - illegal and legal help the failing US economy
WASHINGTON -- Migrants from around the world sent $23 billion last year to Latin America and the Caribbean
A Mexican government agency, reported that $8.9 billion was sent home to Mexico alone last year; that amount is expected to reach $10 billion this year.


11/22/02: Congress To Jobless: Bah Humbug!
Without congressional action, an estimated 820,000 people will lose benefits three days after Christmas.

Nearly One Million in U.S. to Lose Unemployment Benefits

11/22/02: Philly Mayor Plans to Cut 2,500 Jobs
11/21/02: California: Group Protests, Asks Wal-Mart For 'Decent' Wages
                Retail Giant Has Spent Decades Fighting Unions

  11/21/02: Boeing: Another 5,000 Job Cuts Necessary Next Year, Bringing Total to 35,000 - (forum)

11/21/02: Morgan Stanley, the US investment bank, will axe around 2,000 staff worldwide
      Also: US bank in hot water after telling clients to pull out of unionised firms
              "Look for the union label - and run the other way," the analysts say in a research note
11/20/02: Kansas: Cessna to cut more workers

    Illegal aliens rewarded with green cards - license to steal American jobs
LOS ANGELES -- Thai immigrants who were freed seven years ago from slave-like working conditions at a sweatshop have been granted permanent residency. The Immigration and Naturalization Service recently notified the 71 immigrants of their new legal status and will provide green cards within six months, attorney Julie Su said.
"I am happy, happy, happy," Sirilac Rongsakare said outside a Los Angeles garment factory.
After the raid, the workers filed lawsuits to collect years of back pay, eventually receiving more than $4 million in settlements. Since the Thai workers were freed, 22 have married and given birth to 18 babies. Most remain in the Los Angeles area sewing, cleaning homes and working at restaurants. - (Invasion)

11/19/02: Maryland: Black & Decker Closing Maryland Plant, Cutting 1,300 Jobs - Moving to Mexico
11/19/02: Ohio: NCR to Cut 1,500 Jobs
11/19/02: Singapore-US free trade pact nearly there
11/18/02: Wisconsin: Massive Job Cuts Coming To CUNA Mutual - About 300 Will Lose Their Jobs
11/17/02: United Airlines plans 9,000 new job cuts

17 November 2002 archived
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New Nation News - Archives

    The Fruits of NAFTA: Canada Closes Its Borders To Mexican Cantaloupe
Ref: "The Fruits of NAFTA"
"Soil in the area is poor, and farmers are quick to fertilize crops with human and animal feces..."

    Illegal Mexicans Taking Real American's Jobs In Georgia - (forum) - (Invasion)


Rules Proposed to Require Companies to Report Offshore Relocations

    Microsoft to Invest $400M in India - more American jobs will be lost to cheap foreign labor
Bill GatesNEW DELHI, India -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced Tuesday that his company would invest $400 million to improve computer literacy and expand his company's activities in India. The announcement came a day after he pledged $100 million to fight AIDS in India. Gates said his company would also set up 10 Microsoft Information Technology Academy Centers in partnership with Indian states. - (American Worker)

7 November 2002 archived
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New Nation News - Archives

  No losses for biggest bosses - Thousands get laid off but CEOs still make millions

  New Wave Of Layoffs - (forum)

  "Afta NAFTA they'll give us the SHAFTA - and it's coming around again. - (forum)

  If Wal-Mart comes to your town, kill it - by Jim Hightower - (forum)

    Guest Editorial: Overseas jobs amount to discrimination - by Jerry Lisewych

    NAFTA: El Paso jeans maker to lay off 1,200 - sends jobs to Mexico
Aztec WranglerEL PASO -- VF Jeanswear, the company that makes Lee and Wrangler jeans, will close two plants in December and May and layoff about 1,200 employees. In the last year, VF has already laid off more than 1,000 El Paso workers in a push to cut costs. Most of the layoffs were from the two plants now being closed.
Weak jeans sales this year and expected slow sales next year led the jeans maker once again to cut its work force in the United States and shift more production to VF's lower-cost factories in Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica
Ref: Wrangler Jeans: Made in..Mexico? by Angry White Female

  Too many unemployed? - No problem - start a war
Our Glorios Leader
Their Generation, Now Unemployed, Must Fight the War
Then Become Slaves in Red State That Follows by Francis P. Yockey

American Worker - Archives
26 October 2002
7 November 2002
17 November 2002

Draft program to take back America for the benefit of Americans by NNN

  1. Round up and deport all illegal aliens
  2. Give all legal, foreign workers six months to leave the country
  3. Only American English will be spoken in all work places
  4. Ballots may only be printed in American English
  5. No foreign ownership of American businesses or property
  6. US to withdraw from all foreign economic treaties such as NAFTA, GATT, the World Bank, etc.
  7. Increase constitutional tariffs until they eliminate competition by foreign slave labor
  8. End all foreign aid and loans
  9. Abolish the private "Federal Reserve"
10. Stop paying usurious interest on the Federal Debt
11. A charge of Treason for theft, export or sale of American Technology
12. Illegal aliens may not transfer money out of US. Tourists may not leave with more than they came with.
13. Abolish income tax.
14. Prevent investment by American Citizens in competing foreign industry or technology
(may be revised or expanded...)

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