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  • Trumpet America: Interview with TA Editor, Bud Gray
    "Trumpet America is a premier aggregator of alternative perspectives on government and society. The main purpose of the site is to motivate action. Bud Gray is Editor of Trumpet America. I wanted to understand how the site came to be and how Trumpet America works on a day to day basis. I wanted to learn..." "...The point I’m making is that average citizens CAN influence events. You CAN make a difference. My school library book battle is a concrete example of activist success..."  -
    Ref: "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" - (reference to 'engrams' - from L. Ron Hubbard?)

  • Indian-Lobby Hate-Campaign Dumped - (Crosstarlist) - "Nationalists score twenty-ninth anti-diversity victory"

  • "Say What? - (cartoon) - Crosstarlist
    "To the present generation, the Negro-riots of the Sixties and Seventies had seemed mainly like history. In fact, after the demands of the rioters were met and ransom, in the form of favors, subsidies and gerrymandering, took place, school-kids were taught that Negroes deserved "affirmative-action," that opposing "black-power" was "hateful" and that Negroes were no different from white people, only of a darker hue..."
  • INTERNET CRIME and INTERNET FREEDOM - by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence
    There is an increasing push from the Republican Right to expand the role of federal police in the regulation of the Internet. Recently, Bill O’Reilly has added a call to create a new set of special federal courts to control the Internet. This is an extremely bad idea and O’Reilly demonstrates why in his arguments in favor of this vast expansion of federal power.






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    Von Bluvens: "New Show and Website" - NSM Radio
AM MAD AS HELL' (04/16/05) A very inspiring speech given by, Professor Pluss, at the NSM National Meeting in Kansas City.


    The Guns Network LLC ~ Discussion Forums - Black On White Violence




    Sports Illustrated: Is Venus Williams transgendered? - (reader link - graphic image)


Editor note: I received an email 'To H. Millard' apparently requesting funds for a genetic research project - not sure if it was legitimate or not.
I can not forward any mail to H. Millard because he has asked me not to forward anything - however I may chose to post an email as an 'open letter to H. Millard' on the NNN Reporters Newsroom 'forum' if I have time and with the originator's permission if of possible interest to readers.

8 April 2005 archived
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let the weak say, I [am] strong.

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