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Plants and jobs exported to Mexico and China
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Updated 3 March, 2004

  Revenge of the unemployed
Upset with the loss of U.S. jobs to India, Russia and beyond, a group of unemployed white-collar Atlantans vowed this week to target Georgia politicians, governments and businesses they deem responsible for sending jobs overseas.




Wide reports indicate that Washington politicians are purposefully bleeding away America's wealth, economic vitality, and high-paying or national security-oriented industrial jobs--forcing constituents to absorb costs of corporate financial and tax incentives which subsidize the loss of these jobs. White House officials now refer to shipping American jobs overseas as a "new type of international trade," thus creating a federal "job deficit" to stand adjacent to its burgeoning trade and spending deficits. But questions remain whether families will decide to "outsource" legislators voting to reward corporations with cheap labor in exchange for campaign election contributions. See the links below to learn which congressional culprits are selling out America, either by sending jobs abroad or importing foreign workers to take them.



    EURO: George Bush and Millions of Lost Jobs by James Buchanan

  The Bleeding Of American Jobs - by Charley Reese
The United States must stop the bleeding of American jobs to cheap-labor countries. If we don't stop this job loss, we will eventually impoverish ourselves, since the overwhelming number of Americans must work in order to live. - (reader)

  Where Did All The Jobs Go? - by Paul Craig Roberts


 MexicanADVERTISEMENT: HIRE Legal Diligent Mexican Workers
The Legal Diligent Mexican Workers seeks American businesses and companies looking to recruit Mexican workers
- We cannot deny that there are a large number of illegal aliens willing to do all kinds of work that others will not do or not for lower wages. - (Smedley Butler)

  Job exodus hurts Bush in Wisconsin - (comments by NNN forum reporters)

  Intense debate rising over job migration
The migration of jobs, ranging from call-center operators to computer programmers, to countries with lower labor costs like China and India.
The movement, known as offshore outsourcing, is growing, Mankiw acknowledged. But he said it was "just a new way of doing international trade" and "a good thing" that would make the U.S. economy more efficient and would free U.S. workers to eventually get better jobs. - (as slave laborers)
"But now, it is the workers who are suffering and not the companies" - (Svejk)

  Trade with China keeps widening gap for U.S.


Unrestrained capitalism can be dangerous - from anonymous email list

  Tampa Clothing Maker Closing Plant, Sending Jobs Offshore

  There ought to be a law against exporting jobs and factories to India, China, Mexico - anywhere offshore
Meet the pissed-off programmer. If you've picked up a newspaper in the last six months, watched CNN, or even glanced at Slashdot, you've already heard his anguished cry. He's the guy - and, yeah, he's usually a guy - launching Web sites like and He's the guy telling tales - many of them true, a few of them urban legends - about American programmers being forced to train their Indian replacements. - (Svejk)

Whoopee ti yi yo, bring em on  little dogies
H. Millard

  My job went to India and all I got was this lousy t-shirt - (British Nation)

  U.S. Tech Workers Help Companies Export Their Jobs
U.S. companies are asking technology workers to help export a new product: their jobs. As programming and other computer services move to low-cost locations in India and China, some workers are in the awkward position of training their replacements. Software developer Mike Emmons recalls his shock two years ago when Siemens AG, the German telecom equipment giant, decided to replace him and his colleagues with lower-paid programmers from India.

  About 2 Million to Use Up Jobless Benefits

  The Dark Side of the Outsourcing Revolution - By Naeem Mohaiemen

  India attacks US on plan to ban outsourcing
India's technology industry has attacked proposed new US legislation that bans the outsourcing of federal work to low cost countries arguing it is a protectionist measure contrary to the spirit of free trade. - (reader link)
"Free Trade" sucks

One in every five workers lost a job during the last three years. Most received less than two weeks notice no severance pay, and no continuing medical benefits. At least a third of these unfortunate Americans is now underemployed.


  • Real message of the Bush amnesty - by Patrick J. Buchanan
    Patrick J. BuchananIf George Bush's amnesty for between 8 million and 14 million illegal aliens is enacted, you can kiss the old America goodbye.
    Consider what the president is saying with his amnesty. He is telling us that he cannot or will not do his constitutional duty to defend the states from invasion. He is saying he simply cannot or will not protect our borders or enforce our immigration laws. He is saying he will no longer send illegal aliens back. - (Covenant News)
  • The Decline And Fall Of The American Job
    Joe made a little economic progress when he learned that people who snuck into the United States from Mexico would work for even less than the Southerners he was exploiting, so he canned his American crews and replaced them with people with Hispanic surnames. - (Covenant News)

  • Crosstarlist: Wetback Wipeout - (Cartoon and commentary)
    When it became clear that there was going to be no second term in the White House, George W. Bush launched his final desperation move to legalize millions of illegal Mexicans in America and virtually erase the Mexican Border. The reason? The ever-burgeoning big-business demand for cheap labor and the less-than-compassionate GOP concern for American workers, coupled with the lock that big-business has upon the Republican Party. Bush had surmised that whites "had nowhere to go" but to vote for him, underestimating the resentment and resilience of the American people.
  • Attention President Bush: there are already too many legal and illegal immigrants taking American jobs.
    Shock And Awe: The Moral Arrogance Of George W. Bush - By Joe Guzzardi  - (Rick Dean)

  2003 Job Searches the Longest in 20 Years
[Poster comments] "And the waiting list just got about 10 million illegals longer" - svejk

  U.S. to Investigate China Furniture Trade Dumping
A federal trade panel voted Friday to investigate allegations that Chinese companies are dumping millions of dollars worth of wooden bedroom furniture into the U.S. market at artificially low prices. U.S. furniture makers say they have lost more than a quarter of their domestic workers in the last three years.


  Tech Firms Defend Moving Jobs Overseas - where labor costs are lower
"There is no job that is America's God-given right anymore" Carly Fiorina, chief executive for Hewlett-Packard Co
- (reader link)

  In a desperate attempt to steal the 2004 election - George "Jorge" (Whore-hey) Bush is kissing Mexican babies and plans to proclaim a covert amnesty for an admitted eight million illegal mostly Mexican aliens...
we say NO WAY JOSE!
Will sell Citizenship cheap - (c)  2003 by NNNThere are at least eight million unemployed Americans.
If we were to deport eight million illegal aliens - that would be a start.

Will Illegal Aliens Decide Who Will Be America's Next President?
Stop the Invasion! * American Patrol *
 Numbers USA
 Betsy Ross is underbid (c) 2004 by NNN

  China-US trade surplus "only $53 billion"
The trade imbalance is smaller than official US estimates that 2003 will show a record shortfall of $120 billion.
Everything imported from China is not made by an unemployed American worker.

It would be in the interest of the majority of Americans to not import anything - unless under high tariffs.

  JBS Announces Major New Web Site to Support Campaign
Legislative Alert: Activate Congress to Reject the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)

Background: The Central American Free Trade Agreement, which was negotiated last month, will soon go before Congress for its approval. The administration is using CAFTA as a significant steppingstone to facilitate the even broader and much more dangerous Free Trade Area of the Americas, which envisions the ultimate merger of all nations of the Western Hemisphere under a European Union-style supranational government.
Fortunately, CAFTA may be the most politically vulnerable of the series of FTA's designed to set the stage for the FTAA, the granddaddy of them all. Building opposition to CAFTA is an opportunity to build a foundation of opposition to the FTAA.
Request: Contact your representative and senators now in opposition to CAFTA. Then persuade others to check out our Stop the FTAA web site and do the same.

  NAFTA update: Mexico: 103,000 jobs and some 300 companies have transferred to China and Asia
Mexico has an average hourly wage of 2.50 dollars, that figure is five times lower, at 50 cents, in China. - (reader link)

    "More than 75% of the consumer products bought in the U.S. are made in China" - (nationalist reporter)

  Maine Gov. Asks Bush to Extend Jobless Benefits





    Has The Free Trade Backlash Finally Begun? - by Carl F. Worden




  • Moving work abroad tough for some firms
    As more U.S. firms ship work abroad to take advantage of cheap labor costs, some are realizing that operating outside their home country is more complicated than they expected and are bringing the work back to the USA. - (Eadgytha Svanneshals)

   Re: Mexicans Taking Work From American Citizens
Response posted by Rick Dean

  What we owe to NAFTA - by Patrick Buchanan

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   Boycott VF Jeanswear's move to Mexico
I lost my job 12-19-2002. It makes me sick how they made us put those stickers on each pair of jeans that said "PROUD TO BE MADE IN THE USA" That was the mid-80's and at lot changed with that company since then.
We all have President Clinton to thank for his concern in Foreign Trade. As far as I am concerned he was NO president!
Lisa Strassner
Virginia, USA

Unemployed? Worried? Read This.
Guest column by Carl F. Worden
Carl F. Worden

Happy worker

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  Draft program to take back America for the benefit of Americans by NNN

  1. Round up and deport all illegal aliens
  2. Give all legal, foreign workers six months to leave the country
  3. Only American English will be spoken in all work places
  4. Ballots may only be printed in American English
  5. No foreign ownership of American businesses or property
  6. US to withdraw from all foreign economic treaties such as NAFTA, GATT, the World Bank, etc.
  7. Increase constitutional tariffs until they eliminate competition by foreign slave labor
  8. End all foreign aid and loans
  9. Abolish the private "Federal Reserve"
10. Stop paying usurious interest on the Federal Debt
11. A charge of Treason for theft, export or sale of American Technology
12. Illegal aliens may not transfer money out of US. Tourists may not leave with more than they came with.
13. Abolish income tax.
14. Prevent investment by American Citizens in competing foreign industry or technology
(may be revised or expanded...)


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