Happy worker
by H. Millard (c) 2003

I found myself in a strange land this past week. It was called America. I thought I was writing this column in the only America there is, but then I realized I was in the new America--post-American America. The place was recognizable, but strangely distorted in thousands of little ways. I kept fading in and out of the old America and into the new America. The column started out to be about discrimination against whites by charities. So long as I thought of this as my land, I was upset by what I had uncovered. Now I've found a sense of peace, because I now know that this isn't my land. I've become an illegal alien, so I can get the bounty of this land. I have now been relieved of the responsibilities of citizenship while retaining all the benefits. This has freed me from worrying about the future of this nation.

American CitizenLet me start at the beginning, which, is as good a place to start as any. My metamorphosis actually had three stages. First I was a citizen. Then in my pupa stage I was a tourist. Finally, I emerged as an illegal alien. This remarkable transformation all began simply enough after I had noticed that some charities, in the mid-size city in which I live near the California coast, that were receiving tax funds, seemed to be serving Hispanics (and many were also suspected illegal aliens) in numbers that appeared to be far out of proportion to their numbers in the general population of the city.

TaxpayerBefore I go on, you have to know a few things. First, you have to know that the the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a Community Development Block Grant program. The CDBG program gives millions of dollars of your tax money to cities all across this nation, supposedly to help the cities make various improvements for the people living in those cities. Part of the funds received by the cities can be given to private charities. That's what my city was doing.

The second thing you have to know is that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids the use of tax money in ways that discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. John F. Kennedy put it this way in 1963: "Simple justice requires that public funds, to which all taxpayers of all races contribute, not be spent in any fashion which encourages, entrenches, subsidizes or results in racial discrimination."

The third thing you need to know is that charities aren't allowed to ask whether a charity client is an illegal alien or not. This is critical to know in this foreign land, where actual citizens are treated like second class citizens and illegal aliens are treated like first class citizens.

researcherI started gathering facts and statistics about the city and the charities. This wasn't too difficult, because HUD requires the charities that receive HUD money to report the race/ethnicity of the people it serves. Presumably this is to root out cleverly disguised discrimination. This system was set up back in the old America, to keep evil whites from discriminating against noble blacks. I obtained the relevant HUD reports and then compared the figures against data from the 2000 census.

The census data shows that the city is 56.8% white and 31.8% Hispanic. Asian/Pacific Islanders make up 7.4% of the population. Blacks are 1.2% of the population. Others are 2.8% of the population.

I figured that if there were no racial/ethnic discrimination going on in the charities that there should be some racial/ethnic proportionality in the percentages of those served. I found just the opposite. Here's what four of the charities have reported for the period 7/1/02 to 3/30/03. Remember, each of these charities received thousands of tax dollars:
Charity A served 462 people; 3 were white (.0065%); 459 were Hispanic (99.35%).
Charity B served 182 people; 1 was white (.0055%); 45 were Asian/pacific Islanders (24.73%) 135 were Hispanic (74.18%).
Charity C served 152 people; 1 was white (.0065%); 151 were Hispanic (99.34%)
Charity D served 268 people; 2 were white (.0074%); 266 were Hispanic (99.25%)

Chicano-Latino YouthA few months before I had obtained the above mentioned HUD report, I had looked at Charity A's earlier HUD report. The numbers then were pretty much as they are on this latest report. I complained to HUD about Charity A and supplied the statistics that seemed to point to the discrimination; if not de jure, then at least de facto. I thought this was a charity to complain about, because it was a sort of drop-in youth center. I reasoned that as a youth center, there should be a mixture of different ethnicities from the local schools. As you can see above, that's not what was going on, and 99.35% of the youths served were Hispanic.

After I sent in my complaint, a couple of months passed and then I got a letter from HUD saying that they had investigated and found no racial discrimination. I wasn't pleased with the answer so I dug deeper by using the California Public Records Act and learned from papers I obtained from the local government that the HUD investigation apparently involved little more than HUD looking at literature put out by the charity and then calling the charity on the telephone and asking if they discriminated. Of course, the charity said they didn't. I imagined the telephone conversation going something like this: HUD: "Do you discriminate based on race/ethnicity?" CHARITY A: "Nope." HUD: "Good." Case closed. The fact that 99.35% of the people served by the charity are Hispanic in a city that is only 31.8% Hispanic apparently didn't, and still doesn't, raise any red flags at HUD. Had the races/ethnicities been reversed, I imagined, at that time, that things might have come out differently. But I was then still thinking I was in America.

In my further investigation, I also discovered that Charity A not only gets HUD CDBG money, but it also gets free rent, paid for by taxpayers, in one of the local schools. This free rent is valued on Charity A's Federal Form 990 at $36,000. Charity A also holds all sorts of social events on school property. So, the appearance given is that here's a case where whites seem to be discriminated against AND it is with OUR tax money AND on public school property, AND in favor of suspected illegal aliens.

So, with all of the above in mind, I wondered why there was no outrage aimed at HUD, or the charities, or the school district that gives this free rent.

beggarsThat's when it all hit me and became crystal clear. There was no reason for me to be outraged about anti-white discrimination all around me in this city or in America. Not because there wasn't such discrimination all around me, but, because this wasn't America anymore. This was now a foreign land. Oh, it still had the old name, America, but this wasn't America. It no longer had American values. For one thing, a very large number of people had no compunction about using charities. That was a reversal of traditional American values concerning self-reliance and a disdain for using charities.

Time machineSuddenly, I felt better. I realized that things were different here than in my old country. Who was I to try to get people to live by American values? I should just be a good...tourist...yes, that what I decided I was, a tourist. But as I later learned, this was just the second stage of my transformation into my full and magnificent illegal alien state. Anyway, while still thinking that I was a tourist, I decided to observe the natives so I could tell all my friends back home about how strange this place is---then, it hit me again--I hadn't gone anyplace. This was where I was born and raised. This was my country, but I was no longer a part of it. I was like a time traveler from the past. I had no place to go back to at all. This was the only place I had, and it was no longer mine. I wasn't feeling so touristy, all of a sudden.

I tried to hold on to reality and think this through. Yes, this was post-American America. Things here are not as they once were. Yes, these charity clients are overwhelmingly Hispanic, but because they are mostly illegal aliens from Mexico, they also have another characteristic apart from being Hispanic--a self-claimed "poverty." Now, poverty is a peculiar thing in our society. It means that your yearly income is below a certain number. It doesn't really mean that you're impoverished. I had previously observed that the life styles of these illegal alien "poor" people is about the same as mine. This is so, because while I have to make more money to pay for medical and dental care, food, housing, clothes, and all the rest of the things and services my family and I use, the illegal aliens get these things for free. In addition, they don't pay taxes on these things, while I have to pay taxes on my higher income that I need to have, in order to buy these things.

So, the charities claim, and probably rightly so, that the characteristic that they are serving is poverty, not race/ethnicity and that anyone can walk in their doors and get charity. It just so happens that the people inclined to use the charities are Hispanic.

wetbacksThat's why the charities are full of Hispanic illegal aliens who are taking everything in sight like a swarm of locusts. That's just their un-American nature. Why work hard to make a lot of money that the government taxes, when you can get things for free or at reduced prices in the underground economy? I had a TV set. The illegal aliens had TV sets. I had a car. The illegal aliens had cars. I ate three squares a day. The illegal aliens ate three squares a day. I went to a local beach. The illegal aliens went to a local beach. I had the benefit of the nice local weather. The illegal aliens had the benefit of the nice local weather. They had everything I had, yet they were poor. Or were they? Something didn't seem right about this. But, that's the way it is.

I was now happy and content that whites are not being discriminated against and that whites could also use the charities if they just switched to working under the table for cash and got rid of that cultural prejudice against using charities. I wondered how long it would take whites to catch on. When would they really start enjoying life instead of staying in the rat race trying to make more and more money, and then possibly dying at a young age from all the stress of working in the above ground economy to pay for the charities?

trash dumpThis is a new America. The wind that now blows over our land is from the trash dump. I decided that whites would be better off if they adapted to the new reality and stood on street corners looking for day work while supplementing whatever cash they make with charity handouts. What would they lose? They'd still have roofs over their heads. They'd still have all the food they can eat. They'd still have free public schools for their kids. They'd still be able to live in the housing just for people with low incomes that HUD requires cities to have within their borders. All it would take would be a minor shift in thinking to live life on the wonderful immigrant plan. Now I knew what I had to do. I had to become an illegal alien in my own land. I'm still working on the details, but with time, I should get it all figured out. My white skinned, blue eyed presence at some of the charities may be startling to my fellow illegal aliens, and when I check "white" on the charity forms it may screw up the statistics just a little. However, when I'm joined by other whites who have decided to become illegal aliens, we may eventually get those stats around to fully representing our numbers in the population. We're going to show those brown illegal aliens that we white illegal aliens can lie about income levels with the best of them and we can mooch off the system the same way they do. We'll not be outdone in our quest to be the best illegal aliens. It's part of our competitive nature.

I've also got my eye on a new condo that will be built in my city. I'd rather not pay the full price, but I've got my Third World thinking cap on and I've got an idea. If I'm really poor on paper, I can get one of the units for a song. What's happening is that the condos are going to be built on a piece of ground that just touches an old redevelopment area. As a result, state law requires the developer to build a certain number of units for very low income people. In the case of this project, this will amount to fourteen units. While the regular condos will begin selling at around $315,000 or so, the low income condos will have to be sold for around $50,000. So, by being poor on paper, I can live better. I can get the same condo as the American citizens, use the same swimming pool, use the same gym and live in a great new place at a fraction of the price. It's wonderful being an illegal alien.

Man without a country...I used to worry that the social fabric of America was being torn apart by all these millions of illegal aliens, but now that I'm one of them, I no longer worry. America has already died as the nation that it was, and given the current political scene there's not much chance it will be brought back to life. But that's no sweat off my brow. I'm a man without borders. I am an Illegal Alien. When things get really bad here, I'll just move on to the next country that has charities and the type of social thinking that American politicians have.

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