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Please Sign the guestbook 'petition' to Boycott VF Jeanswear's move to Mexico
Mexico is flooding this country with rapists, child molesters, murderers, petty thieves and con artists - besides flooding the labor market with cockroach scab labor - lowering living conditions and straining public welfare.
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bankruptcy - trade deficit - Mexico+China
Updated 6 March, 2013
  After Call Centers, India Targets Financial Sector Jobs


   Contact your government to save our jobs - posted by anthony lim


  NUMBERS USA: Congress passes workplace verification bill to prevent hiring of illegal aliens

   Millions More High Tech Jobs Headed To India

[Reader note on Jobs]
"To my unemployed American brothers, I can get you your old job back...
if you are willing to work for peanuts and move to Mexico." - (Or India, or China...)


  • Bush Expresses Sympathy for N.C. Jobless
    President Bush expressed sympathy in North Carolina for companies battered by foreign competition, including the state's textile industry. Bush brought no new proposals to a state that has lost a fifth of its manufacturing jobs in the past three years.

  Calif. Bridge Is Named After Ironworker Alfred Zampa
Ironworker"As far as I know, this is the only bridge in the world named for an ironworker, bridge-builder type," said Brian Boal, a state Transportation Department construction manager. Dick Zampa, son of Alfred Zampa and vice president of the International Ironworkers Union, said his father would have been thrilled that he and other ironworkers, known as the industry's "cowboys in the sky," are finally being recognized. "He lived his whole life doing ironworking. He was always a union worker and he always took pride in his work," Zampa said. - (Norcal) - (American Worker)
Ref: Al Zampa Memorial Bridge Site, New Carquinez Bridge * Al Zampa Bio
Zampa’s parents came to America in the early 1900’s from Ortucchio, Italy, a small village about a two-hour ride east of Rome.

    [Letter to NNN editor] "Hey buddies,
See hermes-press.com. It is also a great great site. I found yours by searching screwing american jobs. Thanks.
Ref: The New Enlightenment - A Journal of Social and Metaphysical Inquiry

  China Wants to Have Own Space Station - While US Congress pours billions down Bush's Iraqi rathole
US war economy plagued by plant closings - store closings - lost jobs - cut jobs - layoffs - bankruptcy - trade deficit

Competition from China and India among factors for US job loss
NAFTA's shop-floor impact * Even Brazil moves to form bloc 'against' US

Tekelec Launches Operations in Mexico; Company Continues Continues Global Expansion
China's Factories Aim to Fill the World's Garages - Good bye Detroit - thought Japanese and Korean competition tough?

   British report on "Long Queues At US Drive-In Soup Kitchens"

  Do Not Hire Mexicans by Dave W. Holland
"I have been in the fence business for more than 28 years here in the state of Georgia, specifically, Lawrenceville. In the last 4 to 5 years the Mexicans have runied this business for myself and others simply because greedy employers will hire these illegals and pay them close to nothing, thus, driving the cost of fence to rock bottom. I am selling fence today for the same price I sold it for in the mid 1980's, and I cannot stay busy even at that price..."

  Mexican Migrants in U.S. Send 14.5 billion south of the border this year
The Mexican Vampire is sucking the US dry - echoes of that 'great sucking sound'...

   American Worker: US likely to raise H-1B visa cap
[Reader comments:] "Don't know if New Nation has seen this one. I could use a tech job but I guess since I am not from India I can forget it. Bottom of story about charging $1000 for visa to retrain American workers is a good one."
Ref: Immigration lawyers (boo, hiss...), officials and technology trade groups from India, and major US tech companies (damn them all!) are pushing to raise the annual visa limit to more than 100,000. She said any plan would include some added "protection" for US workers, including reinstating a $1,000 fee for each visa that would be used to pay for retraining American workers -- a strategy aimed at gaining Democratic agreement.
NNN Editor note: Great! An Indian only has to pay $1,000 to buy a $100,000 a year job away from an American.



"Earlier tonight, this writer experienced a direct example of how U.S. corporations are "exporting America," as CNN's Lou Dobbs so aptly describes it. Right after dinner, I called Bank One's credit card division to verify an item on my account. After waiting a few minutes to speak to a service representative, the phone connection was made. But I had a little difficulty understanding the thick accent; so I innocently asked the rep where he was from. He replied, "India." I said, "Really! Am I talking to you in India?" The man answered, "Yes."..." - By Tom Flocco - (American Worker)

   Post on American Worker Message Board:
"Some of you may remember my post reguarding preferred telephone laying off their employee's then denying them their unemployment benefits by lying and saying the employee's had been fired. The judge saw the truth and their appeal to stop the employees from recieving unemployment has been denied.The employees will be recieving their benefits." - Michelle


   THE NEW AMERICAN: Issues in Focus - American Jobs and the Economy


  OUTRAGEOUS! - Indiana company hires Indians from India to process unemployment claims of Americans
The Department of Workforce Development is supposed to help out-of-work Hoosiers find jobs.
But when the agency needed $15.2 million worth of computer upgrades to speed handling of unemployment claims, it hired a company based in India. State officials acknowledge that hiring an overseas firm that competes with U.S. companies has raised concerns, especially given their legal responsibility to put Indiana workers first. - (reader link)


  American worker
Indian motorcycle 1915


  Struggling Computer and Software Maker Sun Microsystems to Cut 1,080 More Jobs

   U.S. companies slash payrolls for a seventh straight month

   From High Tech Wiz To Toilet Cleaner By Carl F. Worden


Foreigners Displacing US Hi-Tech Workers - By Jon Dougherty © 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

   Reader comments on American job losses - and recommends "How Americans Can Buy American"

  Waiting In The Food Line - In Bush's Post-american America
unemployedWith unemployment rising, there has been a sudden leap in the number of people on emergency food assistance. And in Ohio, some of the food lines look as if they've been taken from the pages of the Great Depression. It’s not just the unemployed. Plenty of people working full time are still not able to earn enough to keep hunger out of the house. - (Xuxa)
[Oregon reader comments:] "There whole families camped out here..."


   Intel to Build $200 Million Facility in China
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - In a boost to China's economy, semiconductor giant Intel Corp. will begin construction next year on a $200 million chip testing-and-assembly facility in the western Sichuan province. - (Rense.com)

  China Pressuring Wal-Mart to Form Unions


Death of Manufacturing: - by Patrick J. Buchanan
The rise of free trade has eroded America’s industrial base and with it our sovereignty.
- (KPS Reports)

  U.S. tech workers training their foreign replacements
Scott KirwinSAN JOSE, California (AP) -- Scott Kirwin clung to his job at a large investment bank through several rounds of layoffs last year. Friends marveled at the computer programmer's ability to dodge pink slips during the worst technology downturn in a decade. But it was tough for Kirwin, 36, to relish his final assignment: training a group of programmers from India who would replace him within a year. "They called it 'knowledge acquisition,"' the Wilmington, Delaware, resident said. "We got paid our normal salaries to train people to do our jobs. The market was so bad we couldn't really do anything about it, so we taught our replacements." But he quit his job when he was then assigned to fix their broken PCs. - (reader)

   Boycott VF Jeanswear's move to Mexico
I lost my job 12-19-2002. It makes me sick how they made us put those stickers on each pair of jeans that said "PROUD TO BE MADE IN THE USA" That was the mid-80's and at lot changed with that company since then.
We all have President Clinton to thank for his concern in Foreign Trade. As far as I am concerned he was NO president!
Lisa Strassner
Virginia, USA

    The "Great" Bush Economy Part 1 by James Buchanan
"While talking with some conservative friends recently, I was amazed that they were pushing the idea that the economy was in great shape..."

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  Draft program to take back America for the benefit of Americans by NNN

  1. Round up and deport all illegal aliens
  2. Give all legal, foreign workers six months to leave the country
  3. Only American English will be spoken in all work places
  4. Ballots may only be printed in American English
  5. No foreign ownership of American businesses or property
  6. US to withdraw from all foreign economic treaties such as NAFTA, GATT, the World Bank, etc.
  7. Increase constitutional tariffs until they eliminate competition by foreign slave labor
  8. End all foreign aid and loans
  9. Abolish the private "Federal Reserve"
10. Stop paying usurious interest on the Federal Debt
11. A charge of Treason for theft, export or sale of American Technology
12. Illegal aliens may not transfer money out of US. Tourists may not leave with more than they came with.
13. Abolish income tax.
14. Prevent investment by American Citizens in competing foreign industry or technology
(may be revised or expanded...)


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