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Breaking news on: plant closings - store closings - lost jobs - cut jobs - layoffs
bankruptcy - trade deficit - Mexico+China
Updated 6 March, 2013
    The US Government Is Dying - by Michael Rivero - (reader link)
"The US Government is dying. Its ultimate fate was sealed the moment the Federal Reserve Fiat money system was put into place..."

"...The lawyer/politicians, rather than admit error, tried to conceal this loss by inventing the "service economy", a ridiculous notion that one can prosper a nation by doing each others' laundry for a fee. The service economy did not bring money into the nation, it merely moved what was left around faster, increasing opportunities for taxation. The effect of this was that cash flowed from the people to the government, good for government struggling with a crushing debt load, but bad for the people for the nation, 80% of whom suffered a steady decline of living standards throughout the 80s and 90s.

Minus the manufacture of actual products, investors flocked to more speculative ventures, many of which turned out to be gigantic stock manipulation swindles.

But rather than address the problems, the government started playing its own bookkeeping games, looting Social Security and claiming it was a budget surplus. Knowing that the stock market was in trouble, the "Plunge Protection Team" was created to use government sanctioned rigging to keep the numbers high, as a political banner, even though such activity made the underlying problem of over-valuation much, much worse.

The loss of manufacturing to other nations meant that Americans had to buy more and more products once made in the USA from companies in other nations. This created the present $1.5 billion a DAY trade deficit. Normally, such a trade imbalance would drive the value of the dollar down, but a devalued dollar makes that portion of the government debt held by foreign interests increase, since the debt is held in the currency of the lending institution.

This was the rock and hard place the US Government found itself in. So deep in debt it cannot even make the interest payments, unable to sell products to generate revenues to pay that debt because manufacturing was taxed into relocating, and a threatened collapse of the dollar that would force a default on the debt and ruin the standard of living Americans had worked so hard to achieve..."

    Running on Empty: U.S. trade deficit for 2002 largest in history
Opponents of the free-trade policy contend it costs jobs.

The U.S. recorded its biggest trade deficit with China. The gap reached $103.1 billion

- (link from sniffysicehouse)

Oklahoman migrant laborers
by H. Millard (c) 2003


U.S. Samoa Factory Owner Guilty of Slavery, Abuse of 'Migrant Workers'
HONOLULU -- The owner of an American Samoa garment factory was found guilty Friday of money laundering and involuntary servitude for enslaving workers from Vietnam and China. The federal jury also convicted Kil Soo Lee, 52, of conspiracy and extortion. Lee owns Daewoosa Samoa Ltd., which made clothes for J.C. Penney Co. and other retailers before its closure.

    "Citizen Patriot needs work, quickly, and badly."
I have NEVER before been in the postion of being able to come up with NO money at all, while being perfectly willing and able to do so. Are things REALLY that bad in America's heartland economy?

  Study: Immigrants made up over half of growth in U.S. labor force
Washington, D.C. (AP) - Immigrants accounted for over half the growth in the labor force in the United States the past decade, filling openings in factories and textile mills, restaurants and other blue-collar industries, according to a private analysis of government data. - (Svejk)

    [Editor reply to reader that considers the export of American manufacture as 'treason']
I still think there is a growing reservoir of resentment from the displaced and downgraded workers in this country.
If this were a democracy - it might make a difference. This creates a 'class' of people that would support a 'regime change' in this country (but I, of course, can not support anything that might violate existing laws - even if existing laws have been corrupted by a corrupt judiciary, legislature and whatever one calls the cabal in the Whitehorse).

  Letter to NNN editor re: looking for work after Wrangler moved to Mexico

Everything is moving to Mexico....except the Mexicans

Well, Wrangler has been closed for several weeks now, and I can't find another job anywhere around here. Not many of us can actually. And I must say, the whole unemployment commission is full of rude people who think I am "milking the system" And not even looking for work. The whole thing is too damned stressful. You pretty much have to beg to get your small weekly check (which might I add WHEN I get it, goes completely to bills). On another note, I don't consider myself racist or prejudiced (spelling is bad) or at least, didn't before, but now I'm just getting more and more pissed off at how our "American" companies are selling out for their cheap labor. AND may I mention that the Mexicans that worked with me at wrangler were ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. I work my ass of in piece work and never hit 300$ of a check, while these NON American citizens are tax free and bring home 500$. They came into work in their top brand name clothes and 100$ shoes, while I'm barely getting by on Dollar Tree and Walmart. Another example of how our "American" companies work;

My boyfriend puts in an application at a Door making factory called Premdor. His friend, who works there, asked his boss the likelihood of him getting hired. His boss replies "IS HE MEXICAN?". No, he isn't."WELL THEN, PROBABLY NOT". ok.....what the F#$* is up with THAT? All right, I've vented enough, but all I have to say to these American Companies that are moving to Mexico is TAKE THE DAMNED MEXICANS WITH YOU. Then maybe I can find a job.... }:(

Yours Truely,
- Angie B.


Letter to NNN editor: BOYCOTT MAYTAG - Moving to Mexico
Let's get Americans to boycot Maytag.
Since they are closing a plant in the U S to open one in Mexico.
At a savings per worker of $13.00 per hour.
And George encourages this kind of sabotage on our economy.
It should be called Corporate terrorism of the American worker.
- A. Reader

Cold Spring N.Y.

Ref: Maytag closes plant, moving 1,600 jobs to Mexico to cut costs - reports 48% profit rise 3 days later.
Ref: more links on Maytag's move to Mexico

  Who is the Cheap Labor Lobby? - By Ellen Almer - (Stop the Invasion.com)

    The New Global Job Shift
The next round of globalization is sending upscale jobs offshore. They include basic research, chip design, engineering--even financial analysis. Can America lose these jobs and still prosper? Who wins? Who loses?
[Reader comment] "Out of work in San Jose?
Praise the diversity and move to a slum in Madras/Chennai, India

Read the sign and the poster..."Advanced Java 2" (training/certification)". Not just programming jobs and IT call centers being outsourced to India. We're talking engineering, chip design, architects, accountanting jobs.. all being outsourced all over the world to people willing to work for peanuts". - (Cletus Brown) - (American worker)

    WILL THERE BE BLOOD IN THE STREETS? - (Rense.com link)
War Veterans"...I experienced the ten years of the Great Depression in my teens and early 20’s. I have vivid memories of that period. Our nation survived because it had many strengths in its favor. It had 20% of the population living on farms and capable of growing their own food vs. 2% today. It was a creditor nation with other nations owing us money, instead of our huge $40 billion deficit of the past month. There was no Social Security, but private and public charities prevented people from starving. There were long bread and soup lines, but no riots that I can recall. There were people selling apples on the street in order to survive. I cannot conceive of such a peaceful resolution recurring during the coming depression, which I expect to be long and severe.

There will surely be many marches and demonstrations when the public finally learns the truth about the economy and the colossal failures of the government establishment to take appropriate measures, years previously, that might have somewhat mitigated the conditions. I imagine there will be public burnings in effigy of Alan Greenspan and a few other key figures..."

    Official: China to Surpass U.S. on Tech
Switzerland -- China will soon become the world's largest Internet and information economy, surpassing the United States, the president of one of the Chinese government's two main telecommunications companies predicted Saturday.
(The US continues decline due to treason, export of technology and industry, dead weight of affirmative action...)

Alt Morlock
H. G. Wells

  Note from Angie on VF Wrangler Boycott:
"Hey again. It might be helpful to add in the brands that vf makes. It aint just wrangler :)
20x, brittania, chic, eastpak, gitano, healthtex, jansport, jantzen, lee, lily of france, the north face, vanity fair, vassarette, wrangler. Oh, and u know, I just LOVE seeing all those different states on that petition. I sure hope it gets around and makes an impact on vf's profits. - Angie

    Government to suppress statistical reports on factory closings
WASHINGTON - Citing a shortage of money, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will stop publishing information about factory closings across the country, a decision that some state officials and labor leaders are protesting.
- (VonBluens)

    Ex-Tyson Foods Managers Make Plea Deal - (Prefer illegal aliens to American Workers)
Two Former Tyson Foods Managers Make Plea Deal in Immigrant Smuggling Conspiracy Case

Two former Tyson Foods managers pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring to smuggle illegal immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras into the United States to work at the poultry plants of the nation's largest meat producer. - (Rick Dean)

    Court Orders Environmental Review of Letting Mexican Trucks on U.S. Highways

  Boeing continues to cut jobs, handing out 620 layoff notices- - (svejk)


Fastest way to create jobs for Americans
What's the fastest way to create one job for one native-born American programmer or engineer who's been downsized?
Deport one H-1(b) back to India!

What's the fastest way to create one job for one native-born American textile-mill worker whose mill is downsizing?
Deport one illegal alien working in a nearby mill back to Mexico!
- (Matt Maggio) - (American Worker)

  "...in the meantime, the U.S. could suffer from a fall in living standards
and from a loss in upward mobility as manufacturing and high tech jobs
are moved to lower cost countries..." - Paul Craig Roberts

  "Aztec Wrangler"  Boycott VF Jeanswear - (Moving to Mexico)
 Petition and Pledge to Boycott (Vanity Fair) Jeanswear -
by Angela Bryant

newPlease Sign the guestbook 'petition and pledge' to Boycott VF Jeanswear

 Ref: Wrangler Jeans: Made in..Mexico? by Angry White Female

  Report from an American worker at Wrangler Sewing factory in Virginia to NNN Editor.

Hi. I currently work at a Wrangler Sewing factory in Virginia and just came across your info about VF.

We are to be Shut down by the end of January. Sold out.

VF Jeanswear doesn't care a wit about America, Americans or supporting their country in the least.
All they are interested in is the desire for a burning hole in their pockets. I live in a small town. After Wrangler is closed, the majority of us will be forced to find jobs in which we must travel a distance. Too much of a distance to do everyday in order to make ends meet. To put it simply, there are NO job opportunities here. Without Wrangler, our town will plain out crumble. To make matters even worse, instead of trying to help the people they are taking jobs from (including those who dedicated their lives to the place) they are squeezing everything last penny they can from us and making our final days at the factory a living stressful hell. How you ask? I have a list of reasons;

-Trying to overtax vacation checks. ex: taking insurance out of check, and taxing 50$ for a 150$ check. Oh, and about those vacation checks...My sister didn't even get one. She got a big fat VOID for a 40 hour check (their reason? she was on maternity leave for 6 weeks out of 6 months. And the amount on checks were based on income of past 6 months)

-Adding severance pay to the final paycheck and taxing it at almost 50%.

-Lack of communication. Asking to speak to the boss several times, he says he did but never did.

-Unequal shifts. 1st shift is allowed to leave early and be paid, while 2nd shift is forced to stay and do all of what 1st did not do (or have no work at all to do, and still not allowed to leave).

-Forced to continue piece work under stress of losing a job right around Christmas (This lowers hourly wages drastically).

-How about the lack of ability to give 2nd shift their weekly paychecks. We are always having to come to work early on the day we dont work to get our checks.

-Oh, and here is a good one. They say they lost 600, 000 pairs of pants while being shipped. If they dont find them, we won't get our measly bonus.

There are way too many things to continue. 4 words can sum it all up; We are being screwed.

Cheech and Chong.It is sad. VF sold out to Mexico. Americans need to boycott everything they produce. But....It's not like we can afford to buy their products anymore anyways. Instead of George Strait posing with Wranglers on, I guess they'll switch to Cheech and Chong.

Angela Bryant

(Name & email posted with permission) - NNN editor)

Ok everyone, I want to get this passed to as many people as possible.

VF is selling out to Mexico and China and leaving countless Americans out of work.
Do you call this "Supporting your country"? I think not.
Add your name to the list if you are willing to boycott VF (Vanity Fair) Jeanswear
and try to purchase more American Made products.
They dump us, we dump them.

Please keep in mind, it isnt Mexico or China we're pissed off at, it is VF.

1. Angela Bryant
2. Lisa Bryant
3. Nina Bryant

  U.S. Jobless Claims Rise in Latest Week
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lines for state unemployment benefits grew in late December, pushing up new jobless claims by a surprisingly steep 13,000, the government said. Initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits rose to 403,000 in the week ended Dec. 28 from a revised 390,000 the previous week, the Labor Department said.

U.S. Jobless Seek Help As Benefits Expire

PHILADELPHIA -- The stack of message slips measured a quarter-inch thick by late afternoon. Five callers needed mortgage assistance, three needed help with back rent, but most just wanted to know what was going on with the unemployment benefits extension...

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1 January 2003 archived
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26 October 2002
7 November 2002
17 November 2002

Draft program to take back America for the benefit of Americans by NNN

  1. Round up and deport all illegal aliens
  2. Give all legal, foreign workers six months to leave the country
  3. Only American English will be spoken in all work places
  4. Ballots may only be printed in American English
  5. No foreign ownership of American businesses or property
  6. US to withdraw from all foreign economic treaties such as NAFTA, GATT, the World Bank, etc.
  7. Increase constitutional tariffs until they eliminate competition by foreign slave labor
  8. End all foreign aid and loans
  9. Abolish the private "Federal Reserve"
10. Stop paying usurious interest on the Federal Debt
11. A charge of Treason for theft, export or sale of American Technology
12. Illegal aliens may not transfer money out of US. Tourists may not leave with more than they came with.
13. Abolish income tax.
14. Prevent investment by American Citizens in competing foreign industry or technology
(may be revised or expanded...)

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