Oklahoman migrant laborers
by H. Millard (c) 2003

More and more Americans are saying that President Bush has not made a case for attacking Iraq. Still, President Bush seems as adamant on attacking that nation as Captain Queeg was in finding who stole his strawberries. No matter what the Bushies say, most intelligent Americans simply can't understand why a dirt pile thousands of miles away that is no real harm to us is such an obsession with Bush. Most Americans have heard the flimsy arguments put out by the Bushies, but demand proof of a real and present danger before they will get behind a war that doesn't have to be fought. Oh, Bush has his toadies on talk radio, but they're mostly pasty faced mouth warriors who have never been in the military and who won't be sending their kids to kill and be killed. Most good, decent Americans just tune in to these guys the way they tune into elevator music.

invaison of illegal aliensMeanwhile, many Americans are also saying that we are being invaded by illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, who really are destroying this nation and who are a real and present danger. Bush is as oblivious to this real threat as he is focused on the false threat of Iraq.

Oklahomans in Northern California during DepressionOne of the PTA level clichés that is used by those who are defending illegal aliens is the lie that illegal aliens are doing work that Americans won't do. Yep. None of us would ever have our lawns mowed or our cars washed or our babies' diapers changed except for illegal aliens. What a crock. How in the world did we exist in this nation before the invasion of millions of illegal aliens? Very well, thank you. Somehow we managed to mow our lawns, wash our cars and change our babies' diapers. However, let's, for the time being, assume that illegal aliens really do the work that Americans won't do, and let's meld that thought with the earlier one, presented above, that Americans don't want to go to war against Iraq.

Hmmm. A solution to the problems of the two sides dawns.

Maybe President Bush can have his personal war and maybe American citizens can stay out of it all at the same time.

Aztec warriorAssyrian warriorsAll we need do is round up all the illegal aliens in the U.S., and ship them to the border between Kuwait and Iraq where they can then walk across the border and do the work that Americans won't do--destroy Iraq--just as these illegal aliens are now destroying America by their very presence in this nation.. We won't even have to arm them. Just let them walk in. Call them sandbacks. Soon, they'll flood the hospitals seeking free medical care, they'll cause the schools to fail, they'll raise the crime levels to astronomical levels, they'll block the sidewalks with day workers, they'll live twenty to a tent, they'll throw trash all over the desert, they'll take entry level jobs from Iraqi kids in the local McFalafels. They'll demand that everything be printed in Spanish as well as Arabic. They'll send the money they make back to Mexico and live off charities and soup kitchens.

Vincente Fox converts to IslamIn no time at all, Iraq will be transformed into a new post-American America, which is to say that the whole friggin' country will be like Tijuana which is also just like post-American America today, and Bush will have accomplished his goal of destroying that nation. Then, Bush and his big-oil pals can jet in to hire some of the illegal aliens in the new Bush oil fields. But, that's just the short term strategy.

Saddam in SombreroThe long term strategy against Iraq is based on the well known human mating instinct. In time, the higher breeding illegal aliens will be marrying and having children with the Iraqis. Slowly but surely, all the Arabs will eventually disappear into a La Raza gene pool until there are no Arabs left in Iraq. Then, right there in the middle of the oil fields, a new Aztlan will emerge ruled over by Senor George W. Bush and his rich oil pals.

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