by Constantin von Hoffmeister © 2003

This is an examination of a phenomenon that is truth itself. The sacred
Gene Pool is the ultimate expression of Absolute Reality. It boldly leads
the way where mere individuals may falter. A traitor to the Gene Pool is
nevertheless a member of it. Indo-European master-femme Savitri Devi
succinctly argued that even the traitor to the Gene Pool has to be viewed
by the value of his blood alone. The Aryan/European blood is the most
valuable there is in this world. Like an Arabian stallion's, the blood of
the Aryan traitor is to be cherished by its intrinsic value. The traitor
carries the genes that may one day spawn a true leader inside the Gene

While white is always white and black is always black, the purest Gene
Pool is always the dominant one. While slight pollution of the holy Gene
Pool can be remedied through eugenic measures (outbreeding and
sterilization, for example), the death of it is near when the majority of
its elements are sick and seek the destruction of the macrocosm (that
they, as mere microcosms, make up). The Gene Pool is doomed when it ceases
to function as an organic whole. Like a patient etherized upon a table,
the disintegrated Gene Pool waits for the final grip of total defeat in
the face of (in this case, potentially eternal) life. Dissolution of the
Gene Pool's body is the result of its indivudual parts not functioning
properly (not co-operating within the racially beneficial
guidelines/instincts set by the Gene Pool's blueprint).

Individualism is a disease that spreads disintegration. Alien parasites
are prone to trigger the collapse of the sacred Gene Pool's immune system.
They infest their host, and, virus-like, spread throughout its system,
transforming once benign parts into agents of the parasites' hostile
agenda. If the Gene Pool is not properly vaccinated (by means of ruthless
indoctrination and education of its members, starting at an early age), it
will surely follow the path into oblivion if the infection has spread too
far into the Gene Pool's important aspects. If the disease, caused by the
parasites, has not completely ruined the holy Gene Pool's immune system,
the Gene Pool can still be cured/saved. The treatment has to be
administered with the utmost care and efficiency possible (the means
employed incorporate ethnic stabilization and the purification of the

Racial suicide is murder by design. Mind-forgery is a prerogative of the
alien mindset. In the midst of chaos, the ones prevail that are willing to
spill the blood and guts of the seemingly peaceful enemy within! If these
warriors of the sacred Gene Pool fall (through treason and deceit), they
do not die, but essentially venture back into the system not as martyrs,
but as antibodies to remain there and inspire. As the famous Greek poet
Constantine Cavafy stated, "Honor to those who in the life they lead /
define and guard a Thermopylae." Thermopylae is the holy Gene Pool. Those
that guard it with their lives and pay for its survival with their
indivual deaths are the ultimate antibodies in the Aryan Gene Pool's
endless struggle for domination. They are the ethereal guardians of the
Gene Pool's immune system. Their legacy will be rememberd and imitated,
but then it should not be a vain sacrifice in times drained, when the
struggle dragged on too long.

the fair race comes
the fair race dies
reborn again
but its death made to wish
by the aliens insidious and hideous
finally for them too late
when the end game tolls
slaughtered by the aryan beast
commandeered from on high
the master race asserting might


 - Constantin von Hoffmeister