Empire of Right
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2004-2006


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

The power of the people is directly related to how it views its own place in the cosmic scheme of all organisms. The select are not select for the mere sake of glory and power that they themselves might want to gain, but they are only representatives of the broad sheet that comprises the masses' aspirations, goals and ultimate destiny. If the masses, in the sense of being nothing but a HERD, would be allowed to ruthlessly rule and take away the rights that belong to themselves, then the masses would be the ones that suffer indefinitely from such a complete lack of order and principle. As the saying goes (and this is obviously true in all ages of decaying empires): "The Party is always right!" Dogma is the catchword here, raised to the status of divinity. Dogma is God and vice versa. One who follows the people's path into progressive existence must follow the Dogma that is laid out clearly and precisely by the Party's natural ability to foresee the obstacles that need to be removed in order for the people to prosper. Hence, to rule is to guide, and to guide implies being an integral part of the masses, eternally and inseparably. HAIL the Party!

We never thought possible the end, but then true anyway. Prussian profiles politics is the highest. Recognize those in the East and West poet and mystic, war in Eastern Europe travelling through genocide and starvation. The honor's largest part belongs to the Slavs. Armies rise in red and white cross. Born the man and the subjection of women. The more thorough exploitation they slaves settle everywhere, crushed not only at home. The European working class succumbed a literary battle, strong to wish catastrophe and whispering sympathy. The tragedy of the Soviet Liberation Front: makes vision our whole being and enduring creation.

As individuals we might perceive our self-proclaimed and self-contained characters and believe that we are indeed unique. In nature's ethereal and stupefyingly awesome power, however, we as single units are but a shadow of a doubt in the lingering collective consciousness that harbors us like a titan's body its own functioning cells. The queen is dead, the hive is vacant. Work is to be done in broad daylight, work of the fist and the brow. Sweat might run in rivulets along the muscular bodies of the toilers of the seven seas and the multitude of continents that have yet to be conquered in the vastness of the universe, but one aspect of all OUR existence remains clear: While the one might contain many, the many can never claim to be autonomous while at the same time desperately clinging to any sort of self-respect. This has to be programmed into the masses' mind, by force if necessary, voluntarily if the masses are benignly bowed down to the Party's demands as should be customary in a society less filled with ills than benefits. The current regime must fall, inevitably and finally, so that the Order of the Party can be established. Founded upon the solid tenets of National Futurism, the future can only be national and egalitarian within the society created by the Race, all within the given context of reality's way of separating the organic world along hierarchical lines.

A concept emerging clear as a clean blade, cutting a path through all the muddled selves on the worn shelves. Appreciate the national in the style of our favorite sitting place. The not too distant past, discovered barbarians horned with lust. The death of mortality through denial of individuality. Overcoming through blood. Is the spirit of originality pandering alone to one man? Knelt steeple high, his idol like himself? Easier to grasp the belief of all. Down the dream that dwelleth in misery! Arise! Not drown in gold that no one counts. Time to rape again the wild women of yonder! The feminine neutered, the high valley sunk low finally grasped they. Angels bleed blue.

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

National Futurism is in favor of the Aryan concept. It advocates pan-European unity. The physical aspect of race is more important than the spiritual one since we must fight on the material plane first. And we must be strong and ruthless when dealing with the enemies of Europe.

The economy, as well as society at large, must be centralized. This is why we need an Imperivm Evropa. While each nation has the right to retain its cultural and ethnic autonomy, chauvinist nationalisms must be crushed. While strong alliances within Eurasia are important to fight Zion and the American beast, Europe must naturally be self-contained based on racial principles. National Futurism advocates the abolition of capitalism (and its degenerate and decadent by-products, such as multiculturalism and low-brow culture-distorting entertainment), both in its free-market and state incarnations. It advocates folk socialism (in the Prussian sense). Naturally, National Futurism is for ultimate and unbridled progress - ever higher, ever further. Programs to colonize and eventually terraform new planets need to be established (after all, the threat of meteorites threatening our race on Earth is a very real one). NOVA EVROPA will be the first Aryan settlement on Mars.

National Bolshevism has been absorbed into National Futurism, as have Fascism, Prussian Socialism and National Socialism. Anarchism and liberalism have been declared enemies of the state by the wise leadership of the Party. Politics is art. National Futurism advocates a radical departure from antiquated political philosophies that have failed to produce long-term results in the past. National Futurism is anti-nostalgia. National Futurism looks towards the undiscovered country (beyond the past and present) to settle it with fearless determination once and for all time! Its anti-imperialist nature does not stop it from founding a galactic empire, stretching from Sirius to Neptune. Once imperialism (and its religious undertones) has been abolished, a new and true (to its racial nature) imperialism can finally be released to be the solid foundation of an order society where equality is not a dirty word. Once Europe (the One Nation) has been established, the dusty and medieval fields can be paved and pit stops for the new transcontinental mega-highway constructed.

While history is important, glorifying systems that are dead and buried is quite pointless. National Futurism is opposed to petty nationalism as it is a provincial dead-end form of worship. The only nation that must be worshipped is Holy Europe. Its future colonies in the endless depths of the cosmos will bear witness to the Aryan genius and the greatness of Earth's organic elite. Freed from the shackles of religion and reason, European Man will be able to glide through the ether and set his foot on worlds that will be named after his own traditions: HAIL the lunar metropolis Goetheville in the district of New America! As vision transcends logic, science will naturally have to be applied with great artistic care, both in the design of the hyperdrive and the titanium-encased skyscrapers for the urbanized masses of the future. Blood and Soil is no more valid than wagons and moats. The new leading principle is Blood and Technology.

Celine's notion of "Aryan Communism" is an integral part of National Futurism. Its universal (AKA European) utilitarianism will eventually satisfy the much sought after sense of egalitarianism that is currently lacking in the Indo-European world. Realpolitik is for straw men and bourgeois dogs! Internationalism is not what National Futurism is about. National Futurism views Magna Evropa as ONE nation. This is in accordance with the principle of ORION (Our Race is Our Nation). Contemporary White Nationalism is ridiculous. Its concepts are fit only for babushkas and rednecks. It lacks vision and cosmic coherence. White Nationalism is cannibalizing the past like vultures hungry for the flesh of the long ago decayed dead. National Futurism is ravishing the present like a stylized Fascist hooked up to virtual reality, hungry for change, an angry fix of endorphins and the pale flesh of young wet maidens. The ideology of National Futurism is neither stagnant nor devoid of a pulsating energy surplus in its arteries. Intoxication is the key to Aryan survival, not prayers in a damp old structure some blighted fools might consider a "house of God." The only class worth mentioning in the future tomes of legend is the one that creates. The only class that creates is the Aryan "class" (AKA race). Therefore, National Futurism is quite class-conscious within the realm of all mankind. The Faustian spirit is the sublime manifestation of defiance in the face of an angry (and imagined) deity. The Party will set straight what is and always was righteous.

The class is the folk, the people are the body collective, bound through destiny and creativity. The hand in the field is equal to the brain in the reactor. National Futurism is not Communism. Rather, it incorporates elements where there are positive and constructive ones to be found. National Futurism does not want to abolish respective cultures and traditions of the Indo-European heritage. Rather, it unifies them under the banner of a common purpose. The reason for the Race's existence is clearly expansion. This has been proven on manifold occasions throughout history. Therefore, National Futurism strives to maintain a high level of excellence in the fields of science and technology. We need no more farms. We need mass-produced genetically engineered super-crops that will nourish the now needy. We need bigger cities and larger airports. We need to break the barriers of time and space. Technocratic values must be deeply ingrained in the psyche of the people. We must destroy in order to create. Down with the old, up with the new! National Futurism has declared war on senile values and concepts. While statues in marble might be pretty, heroically expressive and quaint, the deafening roar of a jet propulsion engine surpasses art and symbolizes the shift in values in that it provides a physical example of the Race's power to move faster and higher.

PHOENIX PHILOSOPHY: First we must produce the ashes. Then we can raise the proverbial Phoenix.

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

If one views humanity as a conglomerate of different racial elements which in turn have varied characteristics, it becomes clear that, analogous to the Marxist notion of a class-structured society, each race can be classified as a class in itself, within the larger framework of the humanoid bio-structure. The Aryan class is the only one that is capable of originally creating something. Creativity equals labor. Hence, the European people make up nature's true proletarian aristocracy. The European genius is based on discovery and invention. Nevertheless, the Aryan class is able not only to labor but to dominate its surroundings through its application of a man-centered view of the universe. This means that other (inferior) races might be able to copy great Aryan achievements, but they will always be trapped in the bubble of their dependence on the natural cycle. In contrast, the Aryan is able to break out of the biological sphere to put himself outside nature itself. He is thus able to dominate his environment through his sheer will to power, expressed in his desire to reach the status of the final stage of superhumanity - by escaping the limiting stage of his terran prison.

The notion of a proletarian aristocracy is not an oxymoron when one views proletarianism in light of the gigantic columns that titans erect to commemorate their legacy. The National Futurist idea of the Worker is not one that invites comparisons with socialist realism. Rather, it denotes an absolute value in and of itself. Private enterprise shall not be abolished as it provides a stimulus for growth, both on a personal and collective level. Of course, commercial enterprises will be severely limited in their access to the populace, meaning that they will not be able to indiscriminately cater products that are of no intrinsic value. There are no class differences in the reborn society. As the masses themselves are the epitomical manifestation of the archetype of the Race, it is evident that the clarity with which they perceive themselves is nothing but the tacit acknowledgement of their own status within the ever-turning wheel of the divine seasons. Hence, class is race - the will to build is within the symbolic soul of nature's creators.

Respect for old people will be restricted since they are the ones that are responsible for the current mess. The future can only be glimpsed in the fierce and glaring eyes of the young radicals, unleashed by the Party's civilizing cadres to mercilessly punish the guilty. A lot of dirty old men will be ripped from their wheelchairs and thrown out into the open where the young wolves of the Party can rip them apart. Death to death itself!

If one dares to argue with the solid points that National Futurism makes, we shall say, "A weary warrior might comment thus, but - alas! - the purported depths are shallow, and his commentaries are not flexed with the muscles of wit and dare. Rather, they are subdued by all the self-proclaimed 'superior' (in reality disillusioned, with one foot in the grave) experience-gatherers."

After all, one must not be surprised at the amount of energy that can be harnessed by earnest seekers of the mytho-poetic Fountain of Youth when a nation wants to rejuvenate itself. The ageing vultures cry and pick the bones of the ones that a long time ago fell bravely, but the Party's new elite will show the tired and wrinkled bags of disease a never-before trodden path that has no place for the hogs' and hags' wining, dining and whining.

Equality is indeed only valid in theory, but equal opportunity to rule and serve is not. The updated slogan thus reads: "Equality, Freedom, Resistance!" Egalitarian concepts are to be revised to reflect the growing demand for justice that serves the majority in doses that do not overexert the individual sense of self-worth. Where is the firepower but in the collective awareness that one's neighbor is one's brother? The value lies in genetic and class-based social ethics, topped with the realization that the glow in one's eyes always will match the ink flow of another's pen.

Individuality is the compost heap that all social ills blossom on.

Man is part of nature. Man is superior to nature. Man rules nature. Man destroys nature at will. Man is able to regulate nature. Nature has to bow down before the divinity of the God Race. The Nordic principle of the forestal cradle will be abolished. The Mines of Magnitude will be empty when the God Race is finished working inside of them. New areas will be conquered and exploited. Nature is merely the stage where the Great Play can be performed, with the divine tunes of the always present golden choir edging on the glorious task of cyclical destruction and construction. What is permanent in the blood stays permanent on the material plane. The will to crush equals the desire to erect. The Nordic twin principle of endless suffering and unlimited endurance is to be the beacon for the ones that victimize themselves for the sake of the shielding influence of the multitudes. HAIL the Martyrs of Madness!

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister 

Self-sufficiency is the key. However, it is imperative that we shall not limit our scope to this planet only. We must ever strive to become the Faustian beasts that we were always meant to be. The sun must circle around US! Domination of our own by ourselves is a necessary prerequisite, in order to establish the Imperivm of the End, ruled by the dictatorship of the class that creates. The NATIONAL FUTURIST UNITY PARTY OF EVROPA (NFUPE) is the only organization that will secure the bringing together of kin that, although spread far and wide, belongs into the same gene pool - a source sufficient for the molding of the Homo Novus, the Aryan of Tomorrow. Always ready to mount the pale horse of destiny, the new state ensures total expansion and the spread of the sacred seed into all multi-dimensional corners of the known and yet to be discovered cosmos. The archetype awake and charging...

In the end truth will win the day. Night will be defeated, symbolic illumination flooding the gates of falsely proclaimed righteousness, submerging them with ease so that any organic particle (or Aryan component) not bound by bamboozling beliefs will be able to leisurely "swim" (glide, float) to the only goal worth reaching: horizon endless... What belongs together will be welded together, by the hooked cross or by the sword! It is an empirical imperative to observe the emergence of the elysian Empire of Right amidst the rubbles of the current and repetitive debacle of "the eternal Versailles" (propaganda yes - truth always). Fragments scattered ultimately collected, gathered and forged into a single strand of unlimited EUvolution - that is the sparkling and far-reaching essence of philosophy unbound, wedded to non-morality and artificial Prometheus. Once given the garlic-resistant and never-expiring life of technological terror-fusion, this holy homunculus will save us all. The sanctuary lies AHEAD! Still far but eventually close to the touch of enhanced physical grace, discoveries will be marked by settlements of sentience. Deep inside the crater of the SOURCE itself, science makes love to a race that worships its ego. The product is Godhead, smiling at the benefit of doubt extinguished and Dominion established.

National Futurism only expounds profundity, its tacit tentacles reaching deep into the calculated context of the primeval pond. Alchemy of the Abraxi: sunk cells turned into ennobled matter. No more margins can hold. The center without binding drifts while the gravity of the straightened out steadily holds it. Again impregnated and replenished, the folk fruitful and fresh, a lying life abandoned, anew a grand design announced... Power to identify with a perfected image of one's own: the finely chiseled face of a pallid boy in rough rock a subdued prayer of passion arouses. DAVAI!

Totalitarian Democracy: smash the periphery! - the eagle with the dove in its claws = victory of scientific spirituality - let the weak rot! - the liars' desert philosophy shoved down the throat of the still mooing but soon croaking - ahead the times that ... necessarily gory but gratifyingly full of glory! - jollifications in mass executions = a present for the dumb and blind - hang high the creature that crawls! - shut the trap and release the hounds of heaven! - combat corners centralized to aim in spite of the huns' retreat - where the wild that wander with want?

Although National Bolshevism "has never been," it is nevertheless a product of the past (the term itself denoting the linkage). No future is possible without the awareness that the revolving wheel of destiny turns and turns. The perspective of the future is national. Nations are the collective clubs of competing classes. And classes have always existed above time. The past has been incorporated and will be recycled. National Futurism knows the past to be true only according as to how it can be remodeled to its own liking and ultimate benefit.

The relevance of historical dialectics: to be expressed with utter disdain or self-induced obliviousness? National Futurism is the contradiction that expresses itself with absolute and sincere clarity. Misunderstandings are ruled out by a brave adherence to the self-created image of the world as it really exists in planes not yet explored. National Futurism is not an ideology per se, but the spontaneous and indeed foreseen combustion of seemingly random elements that, together, form the canvas on which to forcibly screen the images that haunt all our waking dreams with illusions undermined by the realization that maya is nothing but a farce to fatten our fragile minds. Historical abstractions form the backbone of a society sickened by the past. Sacred history, as revealed to us by the Abraxi, is the sacrificial altar of our all-penetrating visions.

The savior is light. The light within one's fleshy shell. Is the truth inside? Is the truth a path to connection with ALL? If the case is a blinding one, a reconsideration of spiritual possibilities is utterly necessary. Can one save oneself from the fear of others? The tortured garden of Gethsemane is now open to the public: whips might crack on backs, and the resulting scars that never will heal will be symbols of a defiance that to be surpassed has to be imitated and mocked. The club of the clever contracts and disappears. A band of misfits, forged by blood and premonitions of a salvatory apocalypse, emerges. All are ONE. By force the savior imposed... A society that healeth not with advice well-meant and not optional flushed and drained of excess... Asceticism is the only aesthetic that ruleth beauty and reason.

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister







by Constantin von Hoffmeister

The program of the National Futurist Unity Party of Evropa (NFUPE) is binding to all conscious Europeans. It serves as an eternal guide and omnipotent living (ever-evolving) signpost for all who care about Holy Europe and wish to resurrect its corpse. Europe is dead. Long live Europe!

1. The NFUPE is concerned with the future of the White race. This, of course, does not mean that it does not advocate cooperation between representatives of its chosen race and representatives of other races. After all, the NFUPE strives to be the leading organization in the establishment of a new planetary order. Therefore, it will work together will all like-minded organizations from every part of the global resistance network.

2. The NFUPE advocates ethnopluralism as opposed to multiculturalism (voluntary interaction between autonomous ethnicities [true internationalism] as opposed to forced intermixing and eradication of ethnical boundaries [globalized internationalism]). A Europe separated from the burdens of the dark continents will be a Europe free from exploitation by foreign races.

3. The masses are nothing without the guiding lights of strong individuals. Most strong individuals are of a higher race.

4. The NFUPE advocates the implementation of a central control center to deal with the task of forcefully decentralizing the coming European empire. The central control center will be in charge of overseeing the peaceful dismemberment of all nation states within the empire. This process will be set in motion in accordance with the inherent right of all ethnicities to live amongst their own.

5. The Party has the right to purge elements that it considers unworthy or disrespectful. Heresy shall mean abandonment into nagging individualism, angry but isolated.

6. The words of the future are: Freedom - Equality - Sisterhood. As opposed to the patriarchal notion of brotherhood, sisterhood symbolizes the non-linear and anti-authoritarian nature of the coming society. Matriarchal and liberating, the coming society will have shed the shackles of the obsolete superman ideology.

7. Eugenics elaborates man. Eugenics equalizes the worthy.

8. The NFUPE advocates total free speech and absolute freedom of expression. While the Party itself is regulated along orthodox guidelines, society at large is free to voice any opinion, political or not, it wishes to.

9. Gradual subordination of both society and spirit to the Laws of the Abraxi, neutralizing anxiety with autonomous strife, paralyzing enemies through attempting to connect and convert, replacing satiated European society through reform and destruction, everything will be deprivatized!

10. Non-doctrinal, pragmatic, materialist - the NFUPE is opposed to spirituality, ghosts and notions of an Inner Earth.

11. Important to risk inevitable reprisals. After the fall, thirsting for the healing bite. Cut to collectivize.

12. Europe beguiles. Outside are the wasted lands where juices are scarce and limbs follow limbs down the ladder of devolution. Europe is the next core.

13. See hope land on far planets, settle the soil, concluding triumphantly pioneer work coasts and cities. Planetary meetings to raise levels for levelling. Where blood goes water will emerge. Always long ships shall start their proton drives anew. The patron saint of the NFUPE is Yuri Gagarin.
Yuri Gagarin

14. Inexorably, bridges to the pathetic past will have burned. Gone.

15. A leader will be no leader when the ones who are led will lead.

16. harassing heathens harrowing horror hearth helios!

17. ruins red roasting rodents rattles roars renegade rebel rhymer

18. All buildings that predate 1800 will be demolished.

19. Shakespeare will be shot. Queen Elizabeth will be raped with a chainsaw.

20. "We want to kill all Jews. All Jews must die!" Certain nutcases still express such irrationalisms. These desires are unrealistic. Therefore, the NFUPE supports anti-diaspora Zionism. We want all Jews to convert to Zionism, and we strictly want to follow the Zionist tenet that all Zionists must live in Israel. Any Zionist that does not live in Israel is a traitor to the Jewish race.
"Red Zion"

21. The NFUPE is an Aryan anti-Aryan organization. It vehemently opposes the oriental aggressive Aryan influence on European culture. The NFUPE wants to reestablish the rule of Europeans in Europe. It understands that Europe has been contaminated with a certain amount of Aryan influence, but, contrary to certain counter-revolutionary agents, the NFUPE does not extol this influence. On the contrary, it decries it as a relict of an ancient alien intrusive individualist element that needs to be eliminated from the collective psyche of reawakened proto-Europe.

22. The Promethean process of labor - the social history of blood resistance: Pragmatism equals materialism equals victory.

23. The Song of the Space Sirens: All naturalistic traits are now boosted with the Plutonic Fleece. The mobilize the master myth, the New Man Barbarian must be willed and nourished.

24. The Asiatic heritage harnessed and channelled into dynamic production processes: This is the key to overcoming colonial ambitions.

25. To be Aryan is rooted in a neither blessed nor downplayed reality. Freedom comes in the guise of eyes of steel. The name of the horizon is mine and yours!

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister







by Constantin von Hoffmeister

dedicated to Guillaume Faye

Terrae Regnum

The White race is the master of Eurasia. Eurosiberians are the inhabitants of Europe and Russia. Only eight million Whites live in Siberia. It is their obligation to multiply and colonize this vast space. Siberia is the new Wild West. Islam is an enemy of Europe. The North is the enemy of the South. A new battlefront has been drawn. In the trenches in the North, the White race, grim-faced and merciless, sits ready with guns cocked and cannons loaded. The Islamic hordes of subhumans from the South is advancing towards the citadel of the North. The agents of Islam in the North have been expelled or executed. The National Futurist troops of the Eurosiberian Federation are sure that victory will be theirs. Once the subhuman lands have been laid to waste, the dawn of a new civilization shall rise. The West will decolonize itself with the help of fresh blood from the East. West and East will merge and become Eurosiberia. The Eurosiberian identity will give birth to the counterrevolution which will pit itself against the world revolution of the colored peoples. The current decadence of the West will vanish when the bombs drop from gunships on their targets in the jungles and deserts of the savage world. AmeriKa will become Vinland and its efficient military will be the main guarantee of Eurosiberian world domination.

The Red ArmyThe Red Army (the sign of the Swastika on the soldiers' shoulders) is the glorious ancestor of the National Futurist Army. The battle of the Red Army against the treacherous Whites mirrors the battle that is to come. The Red Army liberated Eurasia from the yoke of the Semitic mindset that expressed itself in Orthodoxy and serfdom. The National Futurist Army will rage relentless war against the minions of mud peoples and their treacherous White allies in the decadent West. The vanguard of the National Futurist Army is the man that has locked away his wife, cut off the bonds with his family and is ready to sacrifice his meaningless life in a struggle that delivers meaningful deaths aplenty. In Finland they awake, in England they will die, in the Ukraine they awake, in Poland they will die. Across the vast open steppes of Mongolia, a thunderstorm of boiling blood will rage when slit-eyed bastards will be killed and slayed, their dwellings burned and - finally! - traces erased before the National Futurist Army will settle to pave the path for the reality to come. In Central Asia, news of liberation is near, floating through the ether, travelling from Dublin to Ashgabat. The Eurosiberians on the march! Integrated into an alliance with their Turkish brethren, the Turkmen wail while jailed. The Turks, too, into prison thrust, outside the sacred space of Eurosiberia. And from whence the enemy will then endanger the holy empire? From outer space, signals already announce the advent of the extraterrestrials, truly alien!, hostile, creepy and tentacled. This is why, in accordance with the rule of militant vigilance, the National Futurist Space Agency (NFSA) will install battle stations, manned with gene-warriors and armed with nuclear laser missiles, in orbit around our precious homeworld on which Eurasia shines as the beacon of truth, might and justice throughout the known galaxy.

Capitalism will, through force, cease to exist. A socialist planned economy will replace the evils of the market economy. Through the use of computer technology, an efficient system of planning the economy can be applied to all sectors of labor and industry. The corrupting chaos of commercial competition will be replaced with the serene order of strict economic regulation. The state will manage the economy, and citizens will enjoy more leisure time. Robots will do all the work that the economic planning matrix assigns them. Automated assembly lines will produce all the necessary goods for the welfare of the people. Brands will cease to exist as all products will be standardized. Grey pants will be called "grey pants." The people will shop - shops for the people! The people will learn again to live ascetically, to exist without the baggage that is non-essential and even detrimental to its physical and mental well-being. Away with discmen and in with state-of-the-art people-soothing panels for every living room! The use of advertisements will be greatly reduced. Thus, squares and streets will again become centers of reflection instead of desensitization. All the people need is booze, sex and metal. After all, this is all the majestic British Empire needed to propel itself to the top position of the world. The sun never sets on the lands of the Great Race.

The Golden Road to Bukhara: Will one finally see the blue beam on top of the minaret (the one that Genghis Khan spared, converted into a communication tower) buzzing its clear message to all the White peoples of the world? Mosques turned into gymnasiums, madrassahs turned into day care centers. Racial patriots will fight a new Great Patriotic War to defend their motherland, the great continent of Eurasia, through a preemptive offense, attacking the lands of the false prophet and bashing in the heads of the towel-wearing sister-beaters before these desert rats can infiltrate the lands of the Great Race and bash its members. And peace will come to all, an ever-lasting peace among the sons of rosy-cheeked Adam. The lower races will serve the highest race, paying tribute through service and respect. The lower races benignity will be enforced through the rule of the caste law. Thus will the whole world benefit from the Eurasian principle: The ones who rule on top, the ones who serve at the bottom. Traditions will prevail through the implementation of the ancient teachings of the Abraxi. The Jewish god must die so that Aryan Allah may live.


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