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by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi: 100 years
(born September 30, 1905)

she liked to admire
to worship
to pray
to perform silly rituals
with no shame
and no blushed face
her saree flowing in places
where it did not belong
degrading slavs
but faulting hitler for not siding with them
second class aryans to be exterminated
my fuehrer, right or wrong!
aryans: she claimed she was one
she loved them
more than her dark-skinned indian servant
and all the other "bronze bodies"
she liked it pure
and orderly
was against the caste system
but imagined that hitler would reinstate it globally
but hitler said it would be a greater honor to be a street cleaner in the reich
than be a king in a foreign country
hitler the pan-germanic egalitarian!
savitri devi the hierarchical thinker
she was sad when germany lost the war
that it had started
she wanted the british out of india
but she loved the fuehrer
who wanted to help the british subjugate the indians
she admired the ridiculous hindu customs
"aryan paganism" she termed hinduism
all the colors and the motions
all the complexities
for her it was cosmic
transcendental terror is what it really is!
hinduism is man-made nonsense
acting out its concepts
is like speculatively stroking one's manifested fear of isolation
but one is one always till death and beyond
savitri devi liked to rub lotus flowers on her tits
it made them imaginarily glow
like in her mind the halo above hitler's head
savitri devi's husband was a member of subhas chandra bose's party
unlike savitri devi, subhas chandra bose
was a folk hero
he did not only count hindus as true indians
but also muslims, christians, buddhists, etc.
in his indian national army, all faiths were equal
for bose, the nation was above any religion
for devi, hinduism was above the nation or the indian people
while devi worshipped nazi germany,
bose was a soviet agent
while devi was an imperialist,
bose was an anti-imperialist
while devi wanted the evil aryans to colonize,
bose wanted the evil aryans out of his home
savitri devi was a hitler groupie
who never made it into hitler's bed
after the war, she told germans to believe
and be strong
holding onto a belief that had killed them all

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"I am coming from Stalingrad."
-- Walter Ulbricht, 1 February 1943

"In the trenches of Stalingrad
you move towards your brothers:
to turn your weapon
on the true enemy,
the class-enemy!"

Walter Ulbricht was the first king of the internationalist-nationalist German Democratic Republic. He was also a propagandist for the Red Army in the fierce and lonely battle of Stalingrad. Walter Ulbricht enjoyed betraying his blood brethren, screaming nonsense through the burnt-out rubble. But ugly and no Jane Fonda he was! One morning, Walter Ulbricht ate a dried horse meat breakfast (at that time, the East was a feast!) with his class-comrade Ivan.

While the SS were the rightful Sons of Zarathustra (Nietzsche's liberal and Nordic interpretation of the ancient Persian sage), Walter Ulbricht gladly opened all his orifices so that the pestilence-ridden spirit of Yahweh could enter him. Mind you!: Yehovah disguised and incarnate in the false teachings of self-proclaimed desert-mentality-smashing and never (in his life!) working labor-messiah Karl Marx (not a negro).

Thesis: Communism is collectivist, but all-inclusive, honoring even subhuman beasts

Antithesis: National Socialism is collectivist, but only in a pan-Germanic sense, excluding Slavs

Synthesis: The NEW Waffen-SS as a spiritual and inspirational force, dispensing Folk Wisdom to ALL Europids

While the Blond Beast toiled to create, the half slit-eyed Homo Sovieticus followed the government-sponsored heat within the drab soup kitchen as it travelled alongside the circus of the crippled. This deplorable and Jew-led state of affairs in the Soviet Union was only in place until the advent on the world stage of the Man of Steel.

After his emergence in the limelight, Joseph Stalin proceeded with fervor and unbridled energy to proclaim the re-installation of the Ancient (and timeless) Pan-Slavic Empire with himself at the top - the Red Tsar ruling with love and discipline for the benefit of the Aryans of the East. Unfortunately, for Europe the Stalin-initiated Russian Restoration came too late. Through oriental mismanagement in terms of foreign policy, Fascist Europe could not trust even the emerging policy of nationalized Bolshevism. How could the Fuehrer know if the rats in Stalin's entourage (still left due to an insufficient cleansing policy) would not betray their master and turn on Russia's eternal spouse (Germany)?

While the grey-clad Legion of Honor marched in tune with the rolling beats of righteous glory, the Red Banner lurched forward to pull down into the fiery pits of hell everything noble and distinctive in its path.

The worker-soldiers of the Wehrmacht sweated enthusiasm and purged tensions between private and lieutenant. All ranks were served the same rations - equal in size and quality. The collectivist spirit of the army from the Aryan Heartland made the struggle to erect a bold and new shining city upon the cratered hills (where once the old cities yawned) a life-affirming possibility. In this sense, the Wehrmacht was the vanguard and true "Brigade of Socialist Work."

the choice of swing
left right
who cares?
system smashed
folk benignly bonded
the sun also rises - AGAIN

Dr. Joseph Goebbels once called himself a "German Communist," and that designation is more than apt. Louis-Ferdinand Celine was day-dreaming about "Aryan Communism," and this term sums it up (in the proverbial and racially contextualized nutshell). Real, and equally applied within the Master Race, National Socialism is "Folk Socialism," i.e. National Bolshevism or Communism within one country (tribe/race). Actualized National Socialism is "Racial Socialism" where the differences between rich and poor, upper and lower class, dissolve into the sanctified and spatial reality of the Sacred Gene Pool. The Elite guides but does not exploit. It is a meritocracy based on the principles of a mutual understanding: the individual is nothing but the race (society at large comprised in the folk) is everything.

dreams come true
IMPERIVM EVRASIA spread far and wide
once the Glorious Reich and the Soviet Kingdom collapsed
the time has come for the ultimate merger of ideas and peoples
regionally & locally
merges the many into ONE
the EAGLE with the Sword and the Sickle
resisting arrested development

While the National Socialist invasion of the Soviet Union was morally justified, the non-cooperation of the Germans with the Eastern peoples was not. While General Vlassov was a true hero of Fascist Proletarianism, the inclusion of Slavic divisions into the ranks of the Great European Liberation Army was too late. After the initial conquest, the various freed territories should have been encouraged to join the Axis force, in order to lend a helping hand in crushing the Monolithic Moloch of Materialism.

This is why, during the contemporary perestroika of National Socialism, one must acknowledge that, historically, NS was only meant to defend the interests of people of Nordic/Germanic stock. Naturally, the situation today is more dire than it was in the past. It is the White race in its entirety that is in danger of losing its identity. Therefore, National Socialism (as a philosophy of genetic survival) has become an organized will to live for the whole Aryan family of European nations. That is why an Internationalist Movement of Socialist Nationalism (Racialism) is sorely needed - for the benefit of all nations and ethnicities on this blue and isolated planet, spinning its rounds in a cold and indifferent universe.

However, one has to keep in mind that while Communism was always the self-proclaimed sworn enemy of European traditions and ethnicities, it nevertheless is worth a thousand times more than the whore that calls itself Capitalism. While the latter tries to create the tan everyman consumer sheep, the former at least - in practice, if not in theory - always kept the cultures and nations it ruled intact, both racially and culturally. One only has to look at a picture of a classroom in 1980s Leningrad and compare it to a picture of a classroom in Los Angeles today. The difference is striking and proves that Communism, against all odds, fostered homogeneity while Capitalism, true to its cosmopolitan spirit of dissolution, always tries to deconstruct the stabilizing factors of the countries it infects.

finally coming down
with might to smite
to instill primal fear amidst chaotic cheer
through STALIN's fist and HITLER's mist
inspired by the CROSS and the STAR
to build anew an Empire without a Tsar
green pastures rolling up slopes of dew
and reluctantly pacified cows going moo

HAIL the New Teutonic-Slavic Alliance!

HEIL Hitler (Vishnu)!

HAIL Stalin (Manu)!

Onwards EURASIA!

WIDERSTAND im WIDERHALL: Rassenkampf ist Klassenkampf!

HAIL Ulan Bator!



 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Vladimir Avdeyev
(translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)

Until now, nobody thought of studying the Soviet works of anthropology and genetics on the basis of classic racial science, and thus re-evaluate them. From this point of view, the infamous concept of "the biological superiority of the Nordic race" reaches the status of academic fact - all achieved by "the leading Soviet science" that was supposedly serving the ideals of "all progressive humanity."

As the ideological confrontation was in full force, the famous German race scientist Ilse Schwidetzky, in her book RACIAL SCIENCE OF THE OLD SLAVS (1938), proved that "the western and eastern branches of the Slavs belong to the Nordic race." Poland and Germany were no allies of the Soviet Union at this time, even though its leading anthropologists Yan Chekanovsky and Karol Stoyanovksy had the same points of view on the racial belonging of the Slavs. The American scientists Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant characterized the population of the northern and central parts of Russia as "continental Nordics."

One of the leading scientists of Germany in the field of biochemical analyses of racial characteristics, Otto Reche, conscientiously referred in his works to the writings of the Soviet scientists B. N. Vishnevsky, A. A. Melkich and V. Y. Rubashkin. He was a member of the NSDAP, but as a true scholar he could not ignore that, for the basis of the method for the calculation of pure-blooded Aryans in the Third Reich, the contributions from the permanent board of the blood group research department in Charkov, as well as the magazine DOCTOR'S ISSUE, the NEW BIOCHEMICAL AND RACIAL MONITOR and other accomplishments by Soviet scientists were all fundamentally important.

The German specialists in the field of dermatoglyphics (the science of determining races and nationalities with the aid of finger prints) referred to the Soviet scientists P. S. Semyonovsky and M. V. Volozky. The developers of the concept of racial hygiene in Germany consciously published the works of N. K. Kolzov, Y. A. Filipchenko and B. I. Slovzov. V. M. Bechterev was highly esteemed among the German race psychologists, as were N. V. Timofeyev-Resovsky and A. S. Serebrovsky among geneticists. In his book RACIAL HYGIENE (1988), the reputed modern English writer Robert N. Proctor mentions following interesting facts, based on his archival research. N. V. Timofeyev-Resovsky was sent to Germany as part of a government pact with the USSR and became the director of the Institute for Genetics at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. Later, he lectured at courses for qualifying SS-officers, and in 1938 he participated in an open meeting of the party elite. He gave his lecture immediately after the leader of the Racial Policy Office of the NSDAP, Walther Gross, but before main ideologue of the Third Reich, Alfred Rosenberg.

Immediately after the victory over Germany, a broad campaign was launched in Soviet scientific literature to change the historical concept of the origin of the Russian people, based on the latest data of anthropology and archeology. Even in the year 1930, the Soviet historian Y. V. Gotye wrote in his work THE IRON AGE IN EASTERN EUROPE, "The settlement of the Slavic tribes on the left shore of the Dnepr made me think that the companions of the early Slavic advances towards the East and Southeast should have been the Nordics." In his work THE EAST-SLAVIC TRIBES, P. N. Tretyakov colorfully confirmed this thought. In the publications of this time, one clearly felt the political objective to prove that "the oldest brother in the brotherly family of Soviet peoples" was the Russian, precisely because he is of Nordic descent. Cinema, paintings and sculpture of this era bear witness to this truth. The racial ideals that were inherent in the artistic artifacts of the vanquished easily transferred to the victors. The paintings and sculptures of Josef Thorak and Arno Breker - the leading German sculptors - found their reflection in the Mamayev Cemetery in Stalingrad and in the design of the metro stations in Moscow. Until today, the main entrance of the Lenin Library is - as one drop is to another - identical to the facade of the Reich Chancellery.


 - Constantin von Hoffmeister

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