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by Constantin von Hoffmeister

the Reich Chancellery in Moscow elongated - also called the Lenin Library:
masses read in it and hold hands in front of it
Dresden - February 13, 1945: cowardly and vicious attack on the Soviet Union
(because the German Reich had technically already lost the war,
and Dresden was to be in the sphere of influence of Red Russia) -
its aim: to undermine the integrity
of the white people's union of workers,
the racial state of builders,
Stalin at the helm sailing towards new shores
the royal statue in St. Petersburg full of pigeon shit
(all good things come from above!)
on every street corner Lenin smiles through concrete slabs
while the Fuehrer with his rotten cane hardly erect
the Reich Chancellery in Moscow opened:
new stairs carpeted in red,
marble horses foaming at the mouth
and a lecture recited on the topic of copulation
(civilizational and breedingly recreational)
in Patriarchy Pond the Reich's Lance found
from far away, in '41,
Schulze-Boysen lit candles in a damp cellar,
summoning the Ancient, the Abraxi,
and their red horned minions
to beat,
together with the Khan beasts,
from the different Easts,
the one that dared to direct darkness.
has one ever seen the stigma on seared skin?
the image spilled in twilight
grim-faced and axe-wielding
shot by shot hacking to unite!
the Reich Chancellery in Moscow grounded:
central regime unclassifiable
(won the day young and immense)
animi duale: Fourth Reich
the fork melts
and the waterfall screams
long live the Aryan Anti-Fascist Committee!

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

National Socialism was a semi-revolutionary socialist movement. "Modern" (wannabe or contemporary) National Socialism is reactionary and unconcerned with the plight of the working class. "Neo"-Nazis talk about race, and sometimes they even advocate inbreeding and, as a result, produce retarded and dysgenic offspring. This is not disappointing. It confirms the fact that National Socialism really is dead. Dead and buried and finished and cold like Hitler's corpse in hell. If the desire too create a labor state at all costs is not anymore the prime directive of "modern" National Socialism, then Fascism has crept into the last crevice of Robert LeyRobert Ley's body to distort what once was almost noble and forward-looking, to turn it into a jack-off club for zoo fetishists who have no inkling to despise the evils of materialism that some of their idols were willing to lay down their lives for to crush. In the end, most Nazis were idiots, tools of the imperialist system, pawns of the kikes. The German version of National Socialism was the brainchild of an Austrian kitsch-artiste whose flowery ideals of fountains and village idiots undermined the progressive elements that were working to create something truly new and beneficial for the folk under the banner of this philosophy.

Historical National Socialism (also known as Hitlerism) is, beyond any reasonable doubt, as dead as a doornail. Contemporary National Socialism (or even better, so as to distance itself from any unholy connections, Social Nationalism), if it wants to claim any kind of legitimacy, must divorce itself from the legacy of the Fuehrer and his despicable company. Michael KuehnenHistorical National Socialism was not anti-capitalist. Big Business (Thyssen, IG Farben, etc.) fucked the political system in the ass all throughout the Third Reich. How can one claim to be anti-capitalist and at the same time admire the oh-so-beautiful and stylish Mercedes-Benz ads of the 1930s? Michael Kuehnen was wrong for his unquestionable belief that Hitler's intentions were noble. They were not, and history has proven it. For what it is worth, the SS-uniforms were indeed the most beautiful uniforms ever designed.

The successful economic policy of the Third Reich was in large part based on armament production which was shifted into high gear by the warmongering elite surrounding the silly mustached man. Why - o pray tell! - did Hitler decide to invade the Holy Land of the Rus if not to acquire the oil fields of the Caucasus and enough "Lebensraum" to bolster his magnanimous ideas of a "socialist" (haha!) revolution? The notion of socialist imperialism is a contradiction in itself. Hitler's quote that "National Socialism is not for export" clearly shows that he not once had any plans to foster equality in the lands that he "liberated" (conquered/colonized). It is impudent to suggest that Hitler and his chink buddy Tiger tankHimmler wanted to liberate the "oppressed" peoples of the Soviet Union. No such thing, sir! Stalingrad, thank the mighty Lords of Arya, was the victory of National Bolshevism over the impostor, the lie, the cancer! The destroyer of pan-Evropa was defeated. Nazi Germany was an aberration, a perversion of lofty ideals (e.g., the Black Front's). Its tenets were based on exploitation, not of Germany, but of the sacred lands of the East. Not the German people mattered in their peacetime bliss, but the burning cities of Dresden and Pforzheim bore the brunt of destruction let loose when enough cash and loot and slaves could be carried away in Tiger Tanks and steel-helmeted soldiers of European doom.

The Bhagavad-Gita The Bhagavad-Gita bores the living daylights out of me. Also, that silly book stays remarkably silent on the question why unnecessary "noble" (I detest the inflationary use of this word!) acts should be emulated (hint: they should not) or even praised. What was "noble" (haha!) about the Nazis' invasion of Mother Russia? It only seems "moral" if you are a Germanic or Nordic or anti-Slavic chauvinist (all of which makes you a scumbag and traitor swine). When Aryans attack fellow Aryans in order to exploit and rape, the spirit of the Race has been violated. NietzscheThe Nazis' brutality in the Ukraine did not exhibit any lofty ideals. I am not opposed to the military spirit. On the contrary, I believe it to be the Prussian expression of racial collectivism. The problem with Hitler's military build-up is that it was eventually geared towards using brute force to violate Aryan integrity (in the universal sense). It is hence an oxymoron to be pro-Nazi and a citizen (in the metaphorical sense) of Holy Europe. Nietzsche was clever when he said, "I might not be a good German, but I am a good European."

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"Blood alone moves the wheels of history."
-- Martin Luther

"A state without a Volk is nothing, a lifeless frivolous phantom like the vagabond gypsies and Jews."
-- Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

"National Bolshevik""They call us 'Neo-Nazis'! So what? We are against: Capitalists, Bolsheviks, Zionists, crooks, profiteers and parasites. We are against: Capitalism, Communism, Zionism, the replacement of our people by a mass of foreigners, destruction of the environment. We are for: German unity, social justice, racial pride, folk community, camaraderie."
-- Michael Kuehnen

Claus von Stauffenberg Something the fools who fought on the wrong (losing) side at Stalingrad should have kept in mind (except honorary Friedrich von Paulus and other members of the "National Committee for Free Germany"): "Better RED than DEAD!" Paulus, Claus Graf von Stauffenberg et al were true heroes. They were not traitors. As a matter of fact, they were involuntary champions of their race (and inadvertently pan-Aryan in their outlook) as they resolutely and vehemently opposed Hitler's program of Germanic exclusivity (resulting in his subsequent genocidal policies against the Aryan Slavs). Divine Justice: The arrogant insolence of the "Reich" was bound to be punished by Great Goddess ARYA.

The "National Committee for Free Germany" was founded on July 12, 1943 -
in a prison camp in Krasnogorsk (near Moscow). It evoked the memory of the Russian-German coalition against the imperialist ambitions of Napoleon in 1812 (the Battle of Leipzig comes to mind) and the Russian-German political alliance under Iron Chancellor Bismarck in 1880. Not only did the Committee participate actively in battles, with their Russian comrades, against the Nazi aggressors, it also produced a substantial amount of propaganda that was to be disseminated among the German soldiers in the East. The Committee's official newspaper was boldly colored with the old (and eternal!) imperial colors of Germany: black, white and red.

killing of cattle scorched earth famine
intellectually surprised at low-level trucks
shooting around corner concrete cavalry
a new machine-gun invented to maim & cripple
subdue the masked wrestlers with brown skin
through blue-and-red superhero might
of the promised land bespectacled and lecherous
Luis Bunuel wants the donkey's eye cut
cloned workers to construct a white crowd

Erwin RommelErwin Rommel, the "Desert Fox" and glorious Germanic Knight in the Prussian tradition, was justified in questioning the orders of a power-hungry madman that was seeking to destroy age-old ties between Teutons and Slavs. His suicide was an honorable decision (albeit forced upon him!) to save the last shred of dignity that his steadfast integrity allowed him to possess. Good old Rommel's famous quote comes to mind: "Sweat saves blood." This, naturally, asserts his conviction that only through labor a true Warrior can achieve something noble. As a brilliant military tactician, Rommel knew what it meant to be on the front line, defending the honor of his race's manhood in battle. With a heavy load of responsibilities upon his broad shoulders, Rommel was willing to sweat in the glaring heat of the North African desert. With skill and diligent dedication as a leader of his troops, he saved manifold drops of Aryan blood.

technomorphic racialism to Mars
eurocentric revolution a global edge
the industrial axe a burden to the colonized
aesthetics of a totalitarian whole
constituting an ethnic rapture of idealism
& to eradicate a sick subculture
selfless violence engaged to exterminate
a Kalashnikov cacophony of liberation!

"National People's Army" (NVA)The only true National Socialist state that ever existed on German soil was the German Democratic Republic (DDR). The "National People's Army" (NVA) of the DDR was militant in the Prussian spirit. It adopted the traditional field grey uniforms (instead of the ugly green yankee ones the West German army whores wore) and steel helmets ("Stahlhelme"). It also re-introduced the parade steps ("goose steps"). The officers of the NVA personified the military traditions of the German working class, thus ensuring the validity of the DDR's claim to be a "state of workers and peasants." The NVA embodied all the glories of the old Prussian army.

Hence, Prussian Socialism was alive and well once more in the heart of Central Europe. Unfortunately, traitors within and without (puking Perestroika) destroyed that bastion of true European Patriotism - all for the benefit of the shnodz-nosed clique of international gangsters and their bootlickers from the East Coast. Ad Absurdum: HEIL Honecker! Not to forget that the DDR was entirely successful in eradicating Christianity (that sick desert religion) from its citizens' minds. State-sponsored atheism was the order of the day.

Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin (as the divine avatar of Manu) said in 1942, ""Our goal is not to destroy Germany, because to destroy Germany is impossible ... our goal is not to destroy the whole military strength of Germany, because all educated people will understand that it is not only impossible in regards to Germany but also undesirable from a progressive point of view." This quote shows that Stalin, contrary to megalomaniac Hitler, was concerned about the welfare of his fellow Europids. Obviously, Stalin knew that a strong Germany would only be beneficial to Mother Russia. Hence, in his eyes, a Russo-German alliance was unavoidable - for the benefit of both proud nations.

Frederick the GreatThe DDR was a major pillar of the Russo-German (anti-Western) brotherhood in arms. It was a true socialist state that was built to resemble the image of Frederick the Great's "Utopian Vision of Potsdam." It was the country of eternalized change that (heretic) Martin Luther - heroic toppler of idols! - had in mind when he nailed his theses to the church door in Wittenberg (on that stormy spring day).


Also, the wall that separated East and West Germany was a "Wall of Moral Integrity"! Not only did it keep the pernicious capitalist "cultural" poison out of the DDR, it was also a racial barrier that kept out the influx of mongoloid hordes of sub-humans that have since occupied the "free" West. In any case, the erection of the wall could have been avoided if the Western allies would have accepted Joseph Stalin's proposal in 1952 to unite Germany as a neutral nation (adhering neither to NATO nor the Warsaw Pact). Of course, the slaves of high finance (lackeys of America and connoisseurs of uncircumcised jewish cocks) rejected this generous offer.

the truth throughout EVROPA
gas chambers laughably hollow
victims of catastrophic capitalism

The sentimentalized notion of an imaginary perfect and racially healthy 1950s America is a prime feature of the general lunacy of contemporary "White nationalists." Not only is it a sick mental afterbirth of bourgeois swine (trenched deeply in reactionary tendencies) to dream of white picket fences and freshly mowed lawns (not to mention drive-in movie theaters and the ideal 2.5 children), it is also a sign of the FAUSTIAN SPIRIT's decline through the introduction of purely mercantile values (something that God's own American hillbillies, descendants of Puritan scum, can really be proud of). This kind of fantasy shows the death of creativity in all its grotesque glory. The 1950s were not the "days of wine and roses" they are made out to be.

reproduce sound for change
transactional superior man gleams
doctored disease a dreamy drama
ginsbergian anti-yahwehism trapped & looted
a corny comedy the dance of doom!
biblical achievements amassed & incorporated
the heinous hammer of the gods
transformed to gold & sold
where the true fighter bleeds & bellows
in the hallowed hall of hassidic horror
millenarianism by the minute
to order with fries

Adolf Hitler was a fag because he was "married to the Reich" (at least half-male - hence the patriarchal term "Fatherland"). Hitler was obviously unaware of Plato's principle of the two halves. Once, human beings were whole. But then they were separated. Now, each one is looking for the other half to become whole again. This is called "gender dynamics" or "the Unisex Union of Holy and Holistic Humanity."

Eurasians of all countries, unite!

At the bitter end, Hitler farted, burped (in the misinterpreted spirit of Luther) and said, "I want to die and kill myself." Good riddance.

souls drenched in vodka and schnapps,
yearning for melancholy and vigor,
Raskolnikov & Werther in unison yell:
the Love AND the Axe are OURS!
(through their race-souls bonded...)

HEIL Bismarck!


PROLET-ARYANS of all countries, UNITE!


 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

RIP June 30, 1934

rune guild SA

birds fly
lions roar
flags flutter
the might of no capitulation
tradition toils
therapeutic terror
true drums tone down
a reflection of wide eyes
then the sea of arms
goes up repeating chants
married in the factory
grease the soil
steel no leaves
men on boys
the games wet grab all
but disciplined mornings shine
st. bartholomew's night was dry
ernst with his aryan skull
later shattered
whilst before battled
being driven
the pack
left the fields
left the house
artists after the war
before the war
second revolution
cut into positions of the people
stormtroopers' book
SA songs
threw out
profiteers beaten
and chairs follow out
an iconic figure
the culture of the cult
brown uprising
the brown surge
the brown wave
disarming the grey and on
weapons to tools
tools to weapons
faith went under
that night shot
last words heil hitler

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Hitler and Mussolini: Europe’s ruin, destructive duo dancing in dumb
do-gooders' and drained dolts’ dreams.

Ernst Niekisch argued that Italian Fascism and German National Socialism
were both of Roman origin, the latter following in the footsteps of the
former, thus becoming more Fascist than National Socialist, more Roman than
German. Like the Catholic Church, Fascism and National Socialism established
a religion. While the church preached salvation in the afterlife, the
Fascists and National Socialists preached salvation on earth. The Jewish
nature of Fascism and National Socialism is evident when one considers the
messianic aspect of the two movements. While Jewish Christianity had Jesus
as its savior and redeemer, Fascism and National Socialism had the Duce and
the Fuehrer. The Roman-style Fascist and National Socialist parades betrayed
their affinity to papal processions.

National Socialism is non-Germanic in nature and an enemy of the
freedom-loving Northern peoples of Europe. Fascism and National Socialism
darkened the heart of Europe. Goethe said that in the south of Europe, he
saw “the black girls and the white bread” and in the north of Europe “the
white girls and the black bread.” This shows that the Southern peoples of
Europe are aliens to the Northern ones. The importation of white bread into
the culinary habits of Nordic peoples is a reflection of a much larger
crime, namely that of cultural imperialism, Hitler’s brown legionnaires
being the Roman manifestation of its enforcement.

Hitler was an agent of Rome, serving the anti-Nordic interests of Nazi
Germany’s treacherous Italian ally. According to Niekisch, Italy was
Hitler’s Palestine, his promised land. Hitler’s slavish emulation of Roman
traditions serves as a proof of his duplicity, acting as a fifth column
inside Germany.

All pure Aryans should by nature be strict anti-Fascists. Aryan Anti-Fascist
Action (AAA) is on the Race’s agenda!

Born in the Bavarian and Catholic bourgeois capital of
counter-revolutionaries, Munich, National Socialism was the creation of
anti-Protestant, and hence anti-German, agents of white bread Roman forces.
These forces wanted to soften the German people, to dilute the Nordic race
soul with elements of Southern effeminacy. National Socialism was a revolt
against the Prussian spirit of social cohesion and Spartan asceticism.
Goose-stepping soldiers of doom against the West, that was Prussia! National
Socialism is the antipode of Prussian Socialism: South against North, West
against East – the geography of struggle for the soul of Europe, eternally
torn between its allegiance to suicide and its inclination to steel itself
once more again. Has seen sweating cursing Slavs drink burn! Cross down,
Triskele up!

Europe died on 22 June, 1941. The resurrection announced by shame in the
West and pride in the East! The Messiah is dead, long live the Race! People
to work, show resolve to kill time and desert the Book! The sufferings of
Nordic Europe: young one shot dead, old one crippled, lest the mark be shown
Cain chained to the torso of terror, terrorizing itself.

where is the citadel?
where has it gone?
it has vanished!
o wanderer of planes,
where once were columns
keeping order to murder
now there is rabble
copulating senselessly
not barbaric
but civilized and dead

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister

Aryan Anti-Fascism

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