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17 June 2005 archive
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Illegal Immigration and U.N. Troops in the U.S. - Copyright © 2005 by Paul Revere Crawford
For many decades concerned Americans have been trying to warn their fellow citizens about the potential dangers posed to U.S. sovereignty by the United Nations. Some have even suggested the possibility that United Nation troops would be brought to American to aid in “peacekeeping” operations in a not too distant America torn apart at the seams by violence and ethnic conflict. For the most part, these voices in the wilderness have been scoffed at and most of them have been branded by the uninformed as “kooks” and “conspiracy nuts.” - (more...) - (Invasion!)




cans of paint
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by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005

Constantin von Hoffmeister

    The Law Of Sweden: Indigenous Swedes must embrase rape by Muslim gangs - (Madkins) (UK)

Confederate Flag   Debunking the Lincoln Myth


"rounder Swastika" - (c) 2005 by NNN
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Bill O'Reilly
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"Village of the Damned" - (c) 2005 by NNN
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    As I write, the situation for our beloved country looks considerably bleaker than it did for the defenders at the Alamo or Valley Forge. By far, the biggest single factor in the worldwide advance of Communism and other forms of totalitarianism for almost a century--bigger even than the Communists and Nazis themselves--has been the United States government; more specifically, the conspiracy for totalitarian socialist world government that controls it..."

by H. Millard (c) 2005
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  • How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD - by Jan Golab
    In a bid to appease racial activists and meet federal decrees, strict screening and testing measures were dismantled. New black and Hispanic officer candidates were hustled into the ranks at any cost. What former deputy chief Steve Downing called "a quagmire of quota systems" was set up, and "standards were lowered and merit took a back seat to the new political imperatives." - (Tyrone N. Butts)


"Berlin Moscow"
by Constantin von Hoffmeister and Vladimir Frolov (c) 2005
Constantin von Hoffmeister

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by H. Millard (c) 2005
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    Two Causes, Two Results - by Sartre
The sorry state of affairs that dominates the United States is no accident.  The hollow shell of a forlorn Republic has been stripped bare. 
The rapid deterioration of the American dream has been transformed into a perpetual nightmare...

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  • Population Alert: Whites Must Breed or Face Extinction!
    In a little over 10 years, the world's population has grown by a whopping 1 billion. Despite enormous efforts by international population funds, this trend continues. However, many experts have not given us a true assessment of the situation. The world is not overpopulated. It is the third world that is overpopulated. White people (pardon the expression) are actually experiencing a population decline. - (reader newslist)

Erwin RommelFrederick the Great
THE OTHER PRUSSIA some 'language'
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005
Constantin von Hoffmeister

HitlerEuropean peasantsHimmler
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005
Constantin von Hoffmeister

by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005
Ivan the Terrible and woman in red

"His Master's Voice"
Is news a four-letter word?
(c) 2004 by the editor of New Nation News
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Spirit of '76
Revolutionary Majorities
An Essay by Louis Beam
Louis Beam


Drudge 'breaking news': White minority targeted for 2050
Clinton - "The First Black President"Matt DrudgeWhites now represent only 69% - down from 83.9% in 1990 -down from about 90% between 1920 and 1950 - due to a declining birth rate (abortion and homosexuality) and unchecked, largely Mexican and Asian immigration. The total will shrink to barely 50% of the population - at 'best' - by 2050 if these genocidal trends continue. But the percentage of white CHILDREN will become a minority much sooner. Whites already a minority in Mexifornia.
In 1998 President Clinton boasted to a cheering Portland State University audience that by 2050 whites would be a minority in America - from That Buchanan Book By Paul Craig Roberts

This 'breaking news' has been known - and planned for years...
Reported by NNN precursor 'Northern California Republic' five years ago.
- "Endangered species" by 2050

Ref: America in 2050: Another country - by Pat Buchanan
Non-'Spanic whites have the lowest fertility rate of 1.8, about 1.4 percent below the "replacement rate" of 2.1.
Ref: White Canadians on road to extinction - experts say

Ref: The Last Days Of A White World By Anthony Browne
Ref: Will Whites Commit Race Suicide?
Ref: The End of the White Race? The Politics of (ethnic cleansing and genocide)
Ref: UK whites will be minority by 2100
Ref: Blondes 'to die out in 200 years'
Ref: Wake Up or Die: How Many White Citizens in the U.S.A.?


   2004 Manifesto to all Kith and Kin by PJ Kubicz of INSP

    A Critique of an illogical attack on Philippe Rushton - by the Editor of New Nation News

For the Future
We are living under a RACIAL DICTATORSHIP
(c) 2003 by the editor of New Nation News

   What is White Nationalism - by YGGDRASI

For the Future

 America's Race Crisis - and Separatism
hosted by Dr. James Owens, professor and former Dean at
The American University School of Business (Washington, DC) 

Poll #6
Poll: What is the best solution for racial problems?

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