"Berlin Moscow"
by Constantin von Hoffmeister and Vladimir Frolov (c) 2005


by Constantin von Hoffmeister and Vladimir Frolov

May 8 (London Time)
May 9 (Moscow Time)
Victory of the USSR!:
Victory for EVROPA!
Victory for EVRASIA!

Hitler's theories about "Judeo-Bolshevism" and "Jewish Communism" were entirely correct. Unfortunately, the Fuehrer ignored one crucial aspect: by 1938, the government of the Soviet Union was neither "Jewish" nor "Communist."

Leon Trotsky

It started in 1927 when Stalin kicked the number one Judeo-Bolshevik, Leon Trotsky, out of the country. The most intense period of the purification of Russia took place between 1936 and 1938 and is generally known as the Great Purge of 1937.

Today, liberal democrats (read: Jews) love to moan about Stalin's Great Purge of 1937 which almost completely eliminated Jews from government. Of course, these same liberal democrats never mention the genocide of tens of millions of Russians by Judeo-Bolsheviks. Stalin simply paid them back. The Jews that tortured the Russian nation ended up in graves and prison camps. The entire Judeo-Bolshevik guard was exterminated!

Stalin's Great Purge was welcomed both in the Third Reich and among Russian White emigrants.

If Holocaust revisionists are correct, Stalin probably killed more Jews than Hitler did. Therefore, any claims that the USSR under Stalin was a Jewish-dominated country are nonsense.

Karl Radek

As German Communist Karl Radek said, "Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, while Stalin led them ... out of the Politburo."

August 23, 1939: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact:
Stalin argued that he would deal with the Jewish question in the USSR
(numerous Jewish anti-Nazi provocateurs were executed)
Stalin explained to Ribbentrop that he needed some time to completely eliminate the Jews, that he had to wait for national cadres to emerge.

the two most powerful socialist systems in Eurasia
would have formed a most effective bulwark against the capitalist system of AmeriKa
(and its willing European executioners England and France)
the pact was in the tradition of the Spirit of Tauroggen (alliance against Napoleon)
and the Rapallo Treaty (mutual waiving of war reparations after World War I)

Marshal Pilsudski

September, 1939: united Russo-German attack against the hyena state of Poland
In Cracow, the Wehrmacht honors the memory of the great Polish nationalist hero Marshal Pilsudski (whose work had previously been betrayed by Polish chauvinists that were busy undermining the Marshal's legacy [of securing peace with the Reich] through continued aggression against ethnic Germans within the borders of Poland).

ethnodemographic explosion in Germany and Russia:
while the Russian living space was vast,
the German one was not
thus, the Nazis felt compelled to lunge for lebensraum

June 22, 1941: National Socialist Germany invades National Socialist Russia
("Operation Barbarossa": bearded, reactionary and completely pointless)

Vyacheslav Molotov

Vyacheslav Molotov on June 22, 1941: "This unheard of attack upon our country is a perfidy unparalleled in the history of civilized nations. The attack on our country was perpetrated despite the fact that a treaty of non-aggression had been signed between the U. S. S. R. and Germany and that the Soviet Government most faithfully abided by all provisions of this treaty."

Harry Truman on June 24, 1941: "If we see that Germany is winning, we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible." (The quote sums up the insidious hypocrisy and double-edged nature of the American "democratic" system and its self-proclaimed mission to spread "freedom" across an unsuspecting globe.)

Adolf Hitler on December 11, 1941: "What is Europe, my deputies? There is no geographical definition of our continent, but only a racial and cultural one. The frontier of this continent is not the Ural mountains, but rather the line that divides the Western outlook on life from that of the East."

By attacking the Soviet Union, Hitler actually helped the Jews since Stalin was forced to abandon his plans of a "final solution" until the war was over.

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"you are dead!"

Murdering Jap

The "Aryan crusaders" of the Reich were in league with racially alien nations (Japan) and even deployed Arab and Mongol divisions (in both the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS) to fight against their true racial brethren in the East. While the misguided Nazis tortured and massacred Soviet partisans (freedom fighters), the former's Axis partners in Asia were busy working thousands of Nordic Aryan specimens to death during the Bataan Death March. What racial commitment did Hitler think about when he signed a treaty with Europe's enemies in the Far East? Surely it could not have been based on the idea that the Nips might have actually helped out the Germans in their Russian campaign!


According to Russian historian Oleg Platonov, Red Army soldiers looted German archives (in the defeated Reich) related to research of Masonry and its relationship with Jewry. Stalin was influenced by the anti-Semitic tracts (written by eminent Nazi researchers, such as certain members of the SS Ahnenerbe department) that were found. As a result, he seriously started to distrust Soviet Jews (the Zionist-Trotskyite clique).

General Patton

General Patton argued that, after the war, AmeriKa should rearm Germany and fight Russia (proving once more that the real enemy of the West never was Nazi Germany but always the USSR). Patton was subsequently assassinated at the behest of the Zionist manipulators, eager to keep Germany down while working on ways to create tensions between the West and Russia.

the USSR liberated a sizeable portion of Europe from the tentacles of AmeriKa
and its system of continued eradication of folk consciousnesses around the globe
(in contrast, the Warsaw Pact established an order that was beneficial for the masses
while not detrimental to the individual but uplifting in a meritocratic sense)

Joseph Stalin on May 9, 1945: "Germany has been utterly defeated. The German troops are surrendering. The Soviet Union is celebrating victory, although it does not intend to dismember or destroy Germany."

On December 1, 1952, during a Politburo meeting, Stalin made the valid point that "[e]very Jew is a nationalist and potential agent of American intelligence."

Unlike the American stooge regime of West Germany, East Germany did not pay any "reparations" to the Zionist state of Israel for atrocities that the Nazis allegedly committed against Jews. As a matter of fact, East Germany was expressly forbidden to do so by direct orders from Moscow.

when he woke up
he felt the fire rekindled within him
the wounds, that his
- under the influence of a momentary lapse of compassion! -
divided personae inflicted on each other, healed
he got up
the sword, still in the ancestors' shrine,
ready to be yielded again
to once more, for the last time!,
strike against those who pollute and poison the pure bond

after the final struggle for the soul of the City:
NATIONAL FUTURISM pervading everything that is noble...


- Constantin von Hoffmeister


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