A Critique of an illogical attack on Philippe Rushton
- by the Editor of New Nation News

A poster on a New Nation News forum presented a link to the original version of this page in an attempt to Appeal to Authority to refute the value of a link posted to the article "The Intelligence Of Nations" by Philippe Rushton.

The original text of this attack on Philippe Rushton is located at the underlying link.
The BLACK original text is reviewed for logical fallacies by the editor of New Nation News
and (my) comments will be in green text. Questionable text is highlighted in bold red.

To summarize, this whole 'argument' is basically an Ad Hominem attack that nowhere even attempts to refute Rushton's research. The current 'politically correct' public school brainwashing has wiped out two thousand years of Western Civilization and logic and replaced it with Appeals to Belief, Appeals to Emotion, Appeals to Pity, Appeals to Popularity and various Red Herrings.

To summarize the original author's "critique" of Rushton:
"Rushton is a racist, fascist, supremacist, Nazi, hateful, HITLERian and dangerous racist.!"

All of these adjectives have become emotionally loaded by years of guilt by association
- so this whole diatribe can be reduced to
Begging the Question: in this case
1. racists are evil
2. Rushton is a racist
3. Rushton is evil

J. Philippe Rushton

J. Philippe Rushton
NAME:Jean Philippe Rushton
HOME BASE:Western Ontario, Canada
This is the father of the modern day scientific and intellectual racists (Appeal to Emotion), (Ad Hominem), Philippe Rushton. Deriving his resources from the pro-Nazi racist (Genetic Fallacy) research program, the Pioneer Fund, Rushton has carried the tradition of writing countless Nazi-style (Guilt By Association) racist research works since the scientific racism days of Nazi Germany.

Currently a professor in psychology in the University of Western Ontario, Rushton's earlier controversial history began when he presented a paper at the Symposium on Evolutionary Theory, Economics, and Political Science on 1989. He classified all human beings somewhere among the three major racial groups: Black (Negroid), White (Caucasoid), Asian (Mongoloid). He claimed to have scientific evidence (the evidence is not disputed) (Burden of Proof) of an inherited link between brain size, intelligence and race, where Blacks and Asians are on opposite ends and Whites are in between.

Blacks, according to Rushton, have larger genitals, making them more promiscuous, and smaller brains, making them less intelligent than whites and Asians. Using 60 different measures, Rushton ranks the races along an evolutionary scale with blacks at the bottom and Asians at the top. [1]
Rushton's racial research goes far beyond noticing minor physical characteristics, such as why whites have lighter skin and blacks have darker skin. Rushton's agenda is to segregate the human sub-race groups as entirely separate races and beings, in order to portray his perceived genetic inferiority (differences are not necessarily inferior) of Blacks to justify segregation and legalized racism. Such scientific racist research was and is used by many white supremacy (Appeal to Fear) and hate groups, (Appeal to Emotion) notably the former Klansman David Duke, (Guilt By Association) to portray Blacks as a sub-human (Straw Man) race and the missing link (Straw Man - neither Rushton nor Duke claim Negroes are the 'missing link') between humans and monkeys.

Rushton's key point is to segregate Blacks as an inferior (Straw Man - just different) race, declaring Africans having far less intelligence than white people. Therefore, by Rushton's theory, the evolutionary "survival strategy" of Africans does not rely on intelligence, but on promiscuous sexual breeding. This fraudulent (Burden of Proof - you have not proved it is fraudulent - you have not even argued with the data) analysis has led Rushton to claim that genetically inherited sexual promiscuity is responsible for single-parent families and the AIDS epidemic among Canadians and Americans of African descent, as well as increased crime rates among Blacks. [4]

What is especially dangerous (Appeal to Fear) about Rushton is his influence on mainstream public policy. His racist research to portray Blacks as genetically inferior (Appeal to Pity) in mental capacity has been used as a weapon (Appeal to Fear) to justify denying employment and equal education and economic status against Blacks. Instead of shouting out hateful racial slurs (would you prefer that tactic?), (Appeal to Emotion) Rushton disguises his racist propaganda (Ad Hominem) in intellectual scientific terminology to carry out his agenda. (Appeal to Fear) (Slippery Slope)

Beyond his close circle of right-wing racists (Guilt By Association), Rushton has been consistently rejected by scientists, educators, and the general public (Appeal to Popularity). Then Prime Minister of Ontario, David Peterson, declared Rushton's arguments 'offensive (Appeal to Emotion) to the way Ontario thinks'(Appeal to Popularity), and called for the University to dismiss him; a group of students (Appeal to Popularity) lodged a complaint about him with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (Appeal to Fear). He was not fired nor suspended, but when he tried to give classes, the students themselves howled him down (Bandwagon). Poor Rushton was forced to lecture to the television cameras, safe from the howling mob (Appeal to Fear) (Berton, 1993). [2]

Even the Canadian police found interest (Appeal to Fear) in Rushton's works. Rushton was investigated several times by the Canadian police for possible violations of Canada's hate crime laws, for promoting hatred (Appeal to Emotion) against any identifiable group. Eventually, in the words of attorney-general Ian Scott, the police decided that Rushton's theories were 'loony (Ad Hominem) but not criminal' (point for my side, thanks) and therefore dropped all criminal charges. [3]

Because Rushton was consistently rejected by the scientific community (Appeal to Popularity) for his faulty empirical data and unscientific research methods, his sole source (Genetic Fallacy) to fund his racist research program was the fascist group, the Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund was established in 1937 by the American white supremacist multimillionaire Wickliffe Draper and others who were supportive of Nazi race policies in Germany (Guilt By Association). The incorporation papers of the Fund states its policy to support the "procreation of the white colonial stock" and to finance research into "problems of race betterment" and "problems of heredity and eugenics in the human race." [4]

Among the projects supported by the Pioneer Fund: [4]

  1. (Red Herring - nothing to do with Rushton's evidence) Pay for the distribution of a Nazi propaganda film, "Hereditary Defective" to high schools, colleges, and churches across the US. The film was produced by the Racial Political Office of the Nazi Party, and had been authorized directly by Adolf Hitler.
  2. (Red Herring - nothing to do with Rushton's evidence) In the 1950s and 60s, the Fund aligned itself with white racist factions opposed to the desegregation of education.
  3. (Red Herring - nothing to do with Rushton's evidence) Since the mid-1960s, Pioneer Fund money in the millions of dollars has bankrolled numerous racist and fascist psychologists - Rushton, Jensen, Cattell, Shuey, Eysenck, and many others - as well as William Shockley's scheme to pay African-Americans to have themselves "voluntarily" sterilized. (Appeal to Fear)
  4. (Red Herring - nothing to do with Rushton's evidence) In the early 1970s, the Pioneer Fund paid the Foundation of Human Understanding to distribute hundreds of free copies of pamphlets by white supremacist psychologists Richard Herrnstein and Arthur Jensen to the registrars' offices of universities across the US in a blatant attempt to influence administration policies against the admittance of African-American students.
Being a primary recipient of the Pioneer fund (Genetic Fallacy) for over 20 years and receiving over a cumulative half-a-million dollars, Rushton became the new leader of the Pioneer Fund in January 2003 to help spread the cause of Nazi-style racist research (Appeal to Fear). A racist who hides his agenda (Appeal to Fear) behind the disguise of science, it is time to bring Philippe Rushton out in the open, and to target the other breed of racists (Ad Hominem), the intellectual racist. (Ad Hominem)


1) http://www.sntp.net/eugenics/genetics_1.htm - (Appeal to Authority)

2) http://web.bilkent.edu.tr/nova/education/horizons/v8n2/4.html - (a Turkish website) (Appeal to Authority)

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4) http://bethuneinstitute.org/documents/racialscientestrushton.html - (by David Lethbridge) - (Appeal to Authority)

Ref: David Lethbridge Criminally Charged with Libel
Ref: David Lethbridge has been a candidate for the Communist Party of Canada

  • Notes by the editor of New Nation News:
  • "racist", "supremacist" and "Nazi" are emotionally charged words (Appeal to Emotion) with in implicit Ad Hominem - name-calling does not dispute the scientific racial evidence.