by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Aryans: the archenemies of Europe.

The Aryans invaded Europe and destroyed the Proto-European culture, diluting the blood of the native race, destroying its traditions and distorting its identity.

The Aryans were warrior-nomads from the steppes of southern Russia. They were not Slavs but Asians. The Aryans were the spiritual ancestors of the cosmopolitan Jews, related through intolerance and mean intentions.

The Proto-Europeans were a settled and peaceful people who lived in a matriarchal society. They did not believe in silly gods. They were in no need of a mythology to soothe sensibilities and allay metaphysical fears. The Aryans forced their religion down the Proto-Europeans' throats. Much later came the Jews who led the then Aryanized Europeans into the bondage of Christianity.

The Proto-Europeans lived from agriculture. The Aryans lived from theft and rape of other nations.

The ancient civilization and high culture of the Dravidians in India were destroyed and supplanted with oppressive Aryan customs, such as the caste system (designed to enslave the natives), and Aryan structures, such as the Vedic religion which was an insult to the rational and earth-bound Dravidians.

The Indo-Germans from Caucasia imposed their alienating ways of life on the pre-Germans in Europe. The Asiatic Aryans raped Europe and turned all Proto-Europeans into Asio-Europeans. The same goes for India where the Asio-Indians supplanted the Proto-Indians. Europeans are in no way related to Indians. The two peoples simply share the unfortunate fate of having been invaded by a marauding Asian tribe.

Odin, the bloodthirsty one-eyed God, was actually the leader of the Aryans. In the third millennium B.C., he and his gang of axe-wielding barbarians invaded Europe. To confirm the fact that Odin was the king of the Aryans, one merely needs to point out that the word for "one" in Russian is "odin," accentuating the geographical origin of this leader from the steppes.

Adolf Hitler used National Socialism as a blueprint for the re-Europeanization of the Germans and other European peoples. In this sense, Hitler was against the non-European influence of Semitic and Aryan traditions. Hitler was the archetype of the anti-Semite and anti-Aryan. He neither cared for Christianity nor was he enamored with Heinrich Himmler's "Germanic" mythologizing. Hitler cared about the health of his people, his people were his religion. As any admirer of Proto-Europe will recognize, it was the eugenic programs of the Third Reich that opened up the possibility of depolluting the Proto-European blood from the Aryan infection.

For propaganda purposes, the leading anthropologists of the Third Reich denied that the Aryans came from Asia. Instead, they postulated that the Aryans originated in Northern Germany and Scandinavia. This, of course, is a ludicrous theory but it shows that the National Socialists were hard-pressed to glorify true Europeans as opposed to worshipping the Asian part of Europe's ancestry. As most people would have found the truth to be offensive to their racial sensibilities, they were simply told that contemporary Europeans came from Northern Europe and nowhere else.

National Socialist Germany was forced to use the violent ways of the Aryans to fight them. It had to use fire to fight fire. The Waffen-SS was pan-European and anti-Aryan. It fought valiantly in the homeland of the Aryans (the Russian steppes). It wanted both to inflict revenge upon the Aryans and ensure that future Aryan invasions would be forever prevented.

After the National Socialist army conquered the Pontic territory in Russia, it did not proclaim that they had thus liberated the Aryans' ancestral home. They would certainly have done so if they were indeed on an Aryan crusade as some benighted neo-Nazis claim. The National Socialist army was engaged in a crusade, but it was an anti-Aryan one!

to fight
with grim guns
the grimy god-race
that once looted
but now will be looted
by a race repurified

- Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"Do not forget that each people deserves the government that it bears!"
-- from a flyer of the White Rose

I just watched SOPHIE SCHOLL (2004), the new German film based on the famous student resistance fighter against the Hitler regime. The film is moving. I cried. The ending is one of the most memorable and effective I have seen in a long time ("Long live Freedom!" in utter darkness, shortly before the guillotine does its job). A lot of anti-Fascists pretend they are the heirs of Sophie and Hans Scholl and the movement White Rose to which the siblings belonged. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Scholls were patriots. They loved Germany, and they were willing to risk their own lives to save it. Modern anti-Fascists are anti-German scumbags and traitors. The Scholls were traitors only to a regime that they saw unfit to rule Germany. They were not traitors to Germany. They were realists in that they knew that the war could not be won after the disaster at Stalingrad. They wanted to end the war to save lives. Of course, the Hitler regime still hypnotized itself into believing that the "final victory" (for Germany) would surely come. The Scholls knew that this was a fairy tale. The film is a glorification of freedom in all its varieties, but most notably it is about the freedom of thought and expression. It is ironic that some whores of modern Germany would laud this film because, from their narrow-minded points of view, they believe that, through their sacrifice, the Scholls wanted to create this very same federal republic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern Germany is an enemy of freedom, and it is infamous for shutting up political dissidents by throwing them into its dungeons. The Scholls would not have liked the curtailment of free speech in modern Germany. And because of their patriotism the Scholls would have been branded as Nazis, the very same people that they fought against with their rousing words.


- Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

This is why it is distasteful, as a good European in the Nietzschean sense,
to praise the Waffen-SS: The Waffen-SS was an active agent in the
eradication of Europe as it has existed for millennia. The "honor" of the
Waffen-SS was a dubious one at best, considering the nature of its oath of
loyalty and to whom it was addressed, namely to an all too human "Fuehrer"
and not to its people it always extolled as worthy of a defense (that, in
the grim reality of history, was nothing but an excuse for an offense that
had as its main aim the annihilation of another people). Toasting to the
Waffen-SS is like toasting to a bunch of marauding Mongols. Hailing the
Waffen-SS is like hailing Genghis Khan! Admirers of the Waffen-SS are
knee-deep in nostalgia, waddling around the swamp of a sanitized historical
setting, replete with heroes and villains, a world black and white where the
shades have been erased and the main characters amputated so as not to show
the tentacles that they waved around, trying to grab and steal and loot. But
what can one expect from admirers of soldiers who were led by a chink?

there he walks
down the snowy road
straight to the gulag
where he belongs!
that gray-clad beast
now defanged and sad
so sad!
boo hoo!
abandoned by a people
he willingly betrayed
like a house cat in heat
running in circles
never getting it on

The knights of National Socialism, Berlin as Camelot, Hitler as King Arthur:
elements of a fairy tale without a happy ending. Is this fairy tale a tragic
one? No, it is not. The unhappy ending was a happy one for the people, once
destined for extermination, that were liberated by the true ancestors of the
noble Aryans. The East once more beat the West, the latter trying to kill
the former with weapons once imposed upon it by the former with force, the
former doing what it has always done best: overcoming through superior

The cartoon that Nazis like to watch is one that is full of action and
heroic antics, sacrifice and sappy melodramatic elements. What Nazis
criticize Hollywood of doing (namely, fabricating propaganda to serve an
unholy and monolithic mission), they themselves excel at doing. Nazis are
notoriously one-sided creatures. They see what they want to see in
themselves and refuse to see what others actually are. After a human being
has digested a heavy meal, what comes out is brown. The geneses and results
of historical events are multifaceted and colorful in their dialectic
natures. The double-standardized coat of protection (against certain truths)
that Nazis wear is full of holes and in dire need of a good stitching.

but they refuse the tailor's help
and so they crawl back
into imaginary trenches
into foxholes in fossilized forests of the mind
thinking about tanks and not tits


- Constantin von Hoffmeister

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