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Wal-Mart Employee Amilcar Dagobert Henriguez accused of raping 13-yr-old boy in store
A man was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a child at the Wal-Mart where he worked. Investigators said Amilcar Dagobert Henriguez, 59, was working at Wal-Mart when he molested a 13-year-old boy in the store's restroom.
Henriguez grabbed the child while he was in the bathroom and forced him into a stall, where he was sexually assaulted, police said. The boy told his mother immediately, who alerted authorities. He is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. - (Gman) - (crime)






  • UK: 40 Police Injured During Protestant Riot
    Northern Ireland -- About 40 police officers were injured trying to break up a five-hour riot by Protestant militants who burned 10 cars and a double-decker bus in Belfast. - (UK)

  • Mormons Excommunicate Australian who refuted that American Indians descended from 'lost Jewish tribe'
    SALT LAKE CITY -- Simon Southerton, an Australian author who wrote that DNA evidence fails to support the ancestral claims outlined in the Book of Mormon has been excommunicated by The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints. Southerton's book, published in 2004, outlines how existing DNA data for American Indians does not support the Mormon beliefs that the continent's earliest inhabitants were descendants of Israelite patriarch Lehi.

  • "Brat" Camper Charged With Hate Crime
    Last week, a woman in Winton, Calif., found a swastika and racial slurs spray painted on her front drive. She later saw a pair of teens scrubbing the graffitti and was touched by their actions. But police said it was Isaiah Allercon and another suspect trying to clean up their crime.
  • Hate Crime In Washington Heights
    A 25-year-old man has been arrested for painting more than a dozen red swastikas in his own Washington Heights building, which is owned by Yeshiva University. Police brought in Shawn Lawyer for questioning after cops noticed a small pool of red paint near his door, yet no swastika nearby. - (hatecrimes)

  • Ex-Klansman Pleads Guilty to building pipe bombs to use against Mexicans and Haitians
    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- A former Ku Klux Klansman charged with building pipe bombs to use against Mexicans and Haitians changed his plea to guilty Thursday. Daniel Schertz, 27, built five pipe bombs and sold them to an undercover federal agent and a confidential informant for $750 in April. The bombs were to be "detonated on a bus carrying Mexican workers to work in Florida". Schertz also was accused of building and transferring two pipe bombs to the informant in March to harm Haitians in Florida. Schertz's former Klan leader, White Knights Imperial Wizard Billy Jeffery, has said Schertz was "banished" from the Klan in mid-May for unrelated disobedience.
    - (Tyrone N. Butts)

  • Ala. -- An anti-government extremist was executed Thursday for the 1993 shooting death of a police officer
    George Sibley Jr. nodded to relatives, stared at his victim's family and gave a final statement of defiance before he was put to death. Sibley had been active in fringe political groups and renounced their U.S. citizenship, claiming the courts were biased and without jurisdiction. They tried to cut their ties to the government by getting rid of their driver's licenses, car registrations and birth certificates.


    Caretaker guilty of raping an 82-year-old Alzheimer's patient
Derrick GarrettAfter three days of testimony, jurors found Derrick Garrett guilty within 15 minutes, a verdict that will send the 47-year-old Folsom man to life in prison with hard labor.
Garrett, a caretaker at Southland Place, an assisted living center in Mandeville, was charged with aggravated rape after the Oct. 11 incident. Investigators said other caretakers witnessed Garrett walking out a bathroom, zipping up his pants. The alleged victim was found moments later lying on the bathroom floor, half naked and in pain, prosecutors said. - (crime) - (forum)

    Under-18 ruling spares killer of Lowndes clerk
Ronald Chris FosterRonald Chris Foster was within 48 hours of being executed in January 2003, but today he is officially off death row, based on a state Supreme Court ruling. The high court said Foster should spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in March that it's unconstitutional to execute those who killed when they were under the age of 18. Foster was 17 when he was charged with the June 10, 1989, killing of white convenience store clerk George Shelton during a robbery in Lowndes County. Foster was sentenced to death in 1991. Shelton's youngest sister, Von Montgomery said there is an element of disappointment in the court's decision. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (black-on-white)

    A murder plot targeting a Bay area deputy has been foiled
Kevin SnowHeather MundellThe sheriff's office said it arrested Kevin Snow, 18, on 12 felony burglary charges in February. Then he started making threats against the arresting officer, Deputy Heather Mundell, so that she couldn't testify against him. "And he asked her if she was afraid and she indicated that no, she wasn't afraid," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. "And he said, 'Well you should be.' " The sheriff's office said Snow offered a fellow Polk County inmate $5,000 to kill Mundell in May, but the inmate told authorities. Mundell had to live with the fear that Snow wanted her killed.
- (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (black-on-white)



Louisiana: Black and Hispanic Suspects Arrested In Death Of Asian Store Clerk - Hate crime?
Isaiah DoyleJose RojasSheriff's deputies arrested two suspects in connection with the armed robbery of a convenience store in Marrero that ended in the death of a store clerk. Isaiah Doyle, 22, of Marrero, and Jose Rojas, 20, of Harvey, told police they were heroin addicts and confessed to the crime. Doyle, the alleged gunman, has a lengthy criminal record and has been in and out of jail several times. Deputies said the victim, 26-year-old Hwa Lee, was the daughter of the owners of Time Saver Convenience on Barataria Boulevard. - (Another Angry White) - (crime)

Lee had emigrated with her family from Korea as a child and lived in the New Orleans area for at least a decade, said Sung Kim, a family friend. She had been taking computer science classes at the University of New Orleans, but recently quit to help her parents run the convenience store they purchased about two years ago, Kim said. "I used to see her almost every week in church," said Kim.
The recent violent robberies involving female Asian-American clerks began May 21, when Xavier University student Van Thu Le was shot dead during a botched robbery at her family's Opelousas Street grocery in Algiers Point. And on July 12, Chieu Ha Do, 46, was killed after a gunman, cursing loudly, entered her Magazine Street store and fired a single shot as Do ran to alert her husband.

    Convicted Rapist and Murdered not 'too retarded' for Execution
Rickey Lynn LewisAn execution date was set today for Rickey Lynn Lewis, 43. He was convicted in 1997 of sexually assaulting a Tyler woman and killing her fiance during a home burglary. Lewis got the death penalty. But, last year, his attorneys tried to convince a Smith County judge Lewis was mentally retarded. Lewis is scheduled to die September 7th by lethal injection. - (Aryan Barbarian) - (crime)

  • Chinese young volunteers head for Africa
    China Communist Youth League volunteers going to Ethiopia in Africa to begin a six-month service work in methane exploitation, Chinese-language teaching, physical education, health care and information technology.


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    New Orleans: Feds Search Homes, Car Of Rep. William Jefferson
William Jefferson"The Jeffersons" - (probably no relation)"Today, federal law enforcement officers executed search warrants on my Washington, D.C., and New Orleans homes as well as my vehicle in Washington. Subpoenas were issued to me, in my official capacity, to the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and to members of my Washington and New Orleans office staff. I do not know the extent or precise nature of this investigation but I am cooperating fully with the authorities." - (White Boy)


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    American Workers Betrayed By Congress - By Stephen Crockett - (American Worker Betrayed)  

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