by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Racism is an escape from the fear of one's own mortality. As part of a
uniform gene pool, the racist voluntarily becomes part of the masses as
organism. This organism remains even if one's own life ends. The people as a
collective can be understood as a creative factor. Henning Eichberg
described this aptly when he said that not Shakespeare wrote a poem, but
that the poem was an expression of the English people. In the same manner,
it was not Neil Armstrong who landed on the moon but the White race itself.
Racism is also narcism but only in an idealized sense. If I look at a
perfected Aryan body in a sculpture by Arno Breker, I see the ideal
archetype of the White race. Since I am naturally a part of the White race,
this archetype is a bench mark with which I can not only identify but also
which releases me, in a spiritual-emotional sense, from my own and the
imperfection of the White race. This is emancipatory racism.

can see the speck on the planet?
can touch the essence of blood?
can smell the odor of death?
resurrect! resurrect!
there goes the way of death
through old ways of coping

The demographic crisis in Germany has nothing to do with a "guilt complex"
but everything with the current capitalist system. If women want to have
careers, they cannot raise children. It is that simple. Capitalism breeds
individualism, and individualism breeds selfishness. Selfish people want to
take care of themselves exclusively. For them, children are an unnecessary
expenditure. Germans are the scum of Europe. It is not true that Germans
have changed. On the contrary, feelings of guilt and insecurity are the norm
in Germany (especially among its youth). I despise the contemporary German
soul for having no shame in outwardly expressing its moral cowardice. If
anything, Germany, as it is (as opposed to what it could be), deserves to
die! So, one should quit blaming the Turks or the Jews! The responsibility
for Germany's decay must be placed solely on its people. The German people
have been castrated and neutered. German men are unwilling to regain
functioning balls to penetrate healthy German women which in turn refuse to
foster healthy pussies to pop out more Germans that would be able to secure
a promising future for the country.

the folly of following the pope
yarmulke-whipped and crucified with age
crippled with tradition
in the dungeon in the vatican
can smell the odor of death!

Roman Catholicism is exactly what it says it is - Roman. Like the Roman
Empire that this despicable variety of the Semitic desert cult succeeded,
Roman Catholicism preaches supposedly universal values and is inherently
imperialist in regard to tradition. Its core values consist of metaphysical
rubbish with no empirical foundation. Like its Jewish mother-religion, Roman
Catholicism is intolerant of all other faiths and an enemy of speculative
dissent. One hardly needs to delve into the history of Roman Catholicism
with its ruthless policies of genocide and conquest, its anti-feminine
practices of "witch" burnings and its open persecution of European science
(which because of the bottomless ignorance of the Catholic Church, only the
learned Arabs were able to develop further). It suffices to point out that
Roman Catholicism is anti-European in that it preaches servility instead of
freedom, worships a Jewish desert demon instead of ancient European gods and
prefers to convert negro animals instead of trying to perfect the spiritual
tenets of Holy Europe. While Pagan Europe was matriarchal, preaching peace,
individual liberty and fertility, Roman Catholicism is patriarchal,
preaching intolerance, self-hatred and chastity. Roman Catholicism is
anti-life. Like the Roman Empire before it, Roman Catholicism is an
institution that preaches death to nations and peoples by trying to
eradicate all notions of ethnic religious particularities, thereby
condemning all peoples it infects to uniformity and inertia. Roman
Catholicism is the sworn enemy of the ethnopluralistic concept of ritual
self-determination that all ethnicities should have the right to practice.

will we walk the walk?
will we overcome the coming?
leap to feet
to crush the crisis?


 - Constantin von Hoffmeister

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