by H. Millard (c) 2001

he genocidists are working overtime to wipe out all white people, dear friends. The news stories about this genocide abound, yet it seems that many people have lost the ability to use critical thinking skills to see the genocide for what it is.

This is partly so, because most of the genocide being perpetrated on white people isn't being called that. And, to name a thing is to be able to think about it, and to incorrectly name a thing, is to not be able to intelligently think about it. So, perhaps party by design and partly by accident, the present genocide bears a variety of names, which are often, intentionally or unintentionally, used to hide the reality. "Diversity," "multi-culturalism," "multi-ethnic," "multi-racial," and even the old words such as "integration," and "equality," which were first used to first bring in white genocide, are sometimes still used although they are dated these days, having already served their function of incrementally bringing in the genocide a step at a time.

All of these terms, no matter how some may define them, are actually aimed at furthering the blending of the races of man together and eliminating distinct races. This blending, if it continues, will wipe out the minority race on Earth--white people--and that, dear friends, is genocide and extinction, no matter how the genocidists sugar coat these terms. But, even using the term "blending" can be misleading. There will, no doubt, be a time beyond the period when the multiracial blended Tan Everyman, of which I have written before, is the primary human type. It that time all the genetic admixtures will largely be bred away or become so diluted that the post Tan Everyman will owe almost nothing of his genetic make-up to white people.

In other words, not only will white people be extinct; their genes will also be extinct. They won't even exist as dormant or recessive genes in the cells of the Tan Everyman. They will be gone forever, as will be blue eyes, white skin, blond hair, white bone structure white musculature and white brains and all those thousands of other things that make white people a very distinct human type, so different from other races, that it might be more appropriate to think of white people as a separate species (Yes, I know that orthodox science says that one of the defining characteristics of a single species is the ability of those within the species to mate with all other members and bear offspring. However, I believe the use of this as defining characteristic is incorrect and that cross species mating with the production of offspring is more common than is reported. But, this is a digression).

Consider a recent news report from Britain, as just one of thousands of similar stories that could be told of whites marching Lemming like to their destruction. It John Townsend seems that a Member of Parliament named John Townsend correctly said that Britain's "homogeneous Anglo-Saxon society" had been undermined by massive immigration (of non-whites). Mr. Townsend pointed out the fact that Leicester and Birmingham were vying as to which would have a black majority first. He also pointed out that more than 25 per cent of the population of London is from minority groups and that by 2014 this is expected to rise to 50 per cent.

As expected, after Mr. Townsend told the truth, the usual aracial white drones Tony Blaircrawled out from under their rocks to decry the "racism." Prime Minister Tony Blair (a pal of aracial white drone and big time Blender (with a capital "B") Bill Clinton, it should be noted), sanctimoniously said "Britain benefits from being a multi-cultural, multiracial society. There's virtually none of us that don't have some blood from other races or nations in us."

Mr. Blair failed to tell exactly how Britain benefits from multi-culturalism and multi-racialism, and he failed to discuss the crime that has accompanied the multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. Such fuzzy non-logic and unsupported assertions are typical of big "B" Blenders. They don't give facts, they just spout clichés and platitudes, knowing that most people won't press the point and will simply accept such nonsense as "multi-culturalism, and multi-racialism benefit society." Why
and How? Tell us why and how they benefit society. If you can't give us some facts, then please stop your jerking knee from causing your slack jaw to flap in the breeze, Mr. Blair.

A black Britain will not be the same as a white Britain, despite what Blair and other aracial white drones think and preach.

But, there's much more to this than Britain. Worldwide, there's now a pervasive spirit of the times that holds that race isn't important and beliefs are. This was brought home to me once again when I recently happened to observe a number of religious speakers (all white) talking about what is important to their church. Instead of teaching the truth that race is important, these leaders taught just the opposite. They emphasized that all one had to do was BELIEVE in their particular set of beliefs in order to be a brother or sister. You've heard similar things, and if you think about it, you'll know it's absurd.

The terms "brother" and "sister" are terms of art. They mean a particular genetic relationship. They do not, in reality, mean that racially different people can be brothers and sisters simply by believing the same things, but that's how the terms are often used these days. Again, this just reinforces the teaching that belief--a product of the mind--can trump genes, and that what one believes is more important than what one is.

It's also a subtle attempt to continue the belief that the mind is different from the body, when in fact, the mind is a product of the brain and the brain is part of the body. In this corruption of basic existential philosophy, man makes himself--not only in his mental being, but in his physical being--by transcending the particular physical reality of his body, because of his belief. Man is, in this incorrect way of
thinking, not the physical body, but the raceless spirit within, and the raceless spirit within is then thought to be the same as all other raceless spirits within other, perhaps different, types of humans. Thus, in this wrong headed way of thinking, if the spirit (or soul) is raceless and if the spirit (or soul) is the "real" person and the body is not the real person, then race doesn't matter.

Of course, this is just nonsense, but that's partly what's at the heart of such thinking. The reality of nature, by contrast, is that the body, i.e. the physical flesh, gives rise to all things of the individual as surely as the flower of a rose gives rise to the scent of the rose. If there is a spirit in man, it is a function of the flesh. The truth is that there is no spirit separate from the flesh, and what we call spirit (or soul) is a series of chemical and electrical reactions.

These church leaders then gushed about reaching out to people from Africa and the South Pacific and Latin America. Church members were told that they should go forth and work hard to bring all of these people into this church, which through most of its history has been virtually all white.

What incredible God and life defying arrogance for a bunch of humans to think that they have the right to overthrow the laws of God (or nature, if you prefer) and to counsel their followers to help with the genocide of their own people. What amazing stupidity that these people think that their beliefs, written by other humans, are more important than genes. Then, instead of promoting life affirming conduct, these religious leaders spent much time railing against that greatest of all evil: pictures of naked humans engaging in reproductive activity. They called it obscenity.

Maybe if these dried up sad sacks stopped pretending that flesh is evil, and actually engaged in natural reproductive practices, then whites might start seeing their birth rates rise to levels where whites are actually gaining numbers instead of losing them.

Many whites with some level of consciousness above that of these "religious leaders," might counter that they find such life denying religious teachings the real obscenity. Some might argue that these teachings are what should be banned before our young children are exposed to such obscenities that help lead to extinction.

When thinking of these things, one wonders if many white people might have some sort of extinction gene built into their cells that has suddenly been triggered in the last thirty or so years. Again, we are drawn to the example of the Lemmings who, as is well known, march en masse to the sea where they all drown. Do white people have something like that Lemming instinct built into their cells or their brains? Do low white birthrates, the belief that race doesn't exist, cross racial matings, the belief that flesh is to be overcome, and so on, only speak to something very basic within white people that is causing whites to destroy themselves? Is all the talk about diversity, only a human trait of intellectualizing something and pretending that it is something that we ourselves thought of and are willing, as an ethical principle, when in fact we are being controlled and told lemmingby the genes within to destroy ourselves as surely as a man driving a car over a cliff controls the car? Are we nothing more than slightly more intelligent Lemmings, telling each other that we're not really marching to drown ourselves, we're just going for a little swim, because that's the PC thing for Lemmings to do?

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