Chinese Zulus

by H. MILLARD © 2000

There's a controversy going on in England these days as a new report, issued by an organization called the Runnymeade Trust, which claims it is devoted to "promoting racial justice," makes the rounds. Now, most white people, possessed of even a little consciousness of their essential identity, know that whenever terms such as "promoting racial justice" are used that what follows is an attack of some type on white people and their culture. So it is with this report. However, one of the interesting things happening, as the report becomes better known, is that many low consciousness Brits are now running away from who they are lest they be called that favorite general purpose smear term used to imprison whites in an intellectual prison: "racists."

Professor Bhikhu Parekh (Fine English name, old boy), who was one of the authors of the report which contends "Britishness, as much as Englishness, has systematic, largely unspoken, racial connotations." (Really? Gosh.) Professor Parekh continues: "Whiteness nowhere features as an explicit condition of being British, but it is widely understood that Englishness, and therefore by extension Britishness, is racially coded." (Oh horrors!).

Okay. So what's wrong with that? The English people ARE white. You cannot really be English and not be white or you don't understand the term. Words really do have meanings. Sorry, genocidists. The Germanic tribes that settled parts of England in the 5th century, A.D. were called, in Latin, Angles (It means angels). They were called this because of their racial characteristics including their white skin. Their land became known as Englaland (land of the Angles) and their language was Englisc (of the Angles). In other words, the term for their land was synonymous with who they were as a racial people.

But what about that other common term "British"? It comes from the Bryttas who were a Celtic tribe who also inhabited England. Like the Angles, the Bryttas were white people. I know, I know, that's very un-PC of them, but that's the way it was. They were born with that horrible white skin. Couldn't help it. Had something to do with genes. Anyway, the Bryttas and the Angles became one. No great leap there, because they were virtually genetically identical anyway.

Of course, there's nothing unique in a land being named for the people who live there. It's common all over the world. Russia is named after those other white guys, the Rus, who were originally Scandinavian. Go to virtually any country in the world--save, perhaps, much of the new world-- and you'll find that they're named after the tribes who built those countries.

In other words, the name of the land and the name of the people were synonymous. No big deal. Of course that was before the evil genocidal Blenders decided they wanted to commit genocide against white people and force them to blend away their whiteness through assimilation into the 90% of humanity that is nonwhite. To help accomplish this goal of killing off all the white people, the Blenders, among other things, have been trying to break apart any psychological/social/genetic/cultural glue that causes white people to stick together as white people or to see themselves as a distinct people. One way to accomplish this is to corrupt the language and make exclusive terms inclusive.

If the English people no longer see themselves as having certain racial characteristics, but include all people who happen to have washed ashore on the island as English, then there would be few psychological/social controls to keep them from breeding with others who are very unlike themselves. They will have been conditioned to not see the differences. So, if a white English person whose white ancestry goes back thousands of years in England mates with a black who is now called English, and has children with this non-English English person, the children, who won't be white, will start taking the English down an evolutionary side road that will change England forever.

In time, England will not be white at all. Will it still be England? Certainly not as we know England. It may still be called England and the people may still be called English, but it won't be the same. In fact it'll be something like The Rose Garden that I've written about in other columns. In brief, The Rose Garden is a small plot of land with an ornate sign reading "The Rose Garden." However, all the roses have been removed. In their place, are petunias. The plot of land is still called The Rose Garden and the flowers within are now called roses, because of the name of the place, but, of course, they are really petunias and not roses at all.

England's Home Secretary Jack Straw demonstrated how Blenders think when he said recently that Britishness has become inclusive, "with people happily defining themselves as black British or Chinese British." How nice.

Following that logic, Chinese who are born in Zululand are Zulus and Zulus who are born in China are Chinese. If you go into a Chinese restaurant someday you may be in for a surprise. Continuing with this logic we might then say that in the U.S. we have white Apaches and white Sioux because the whites live on land owned by these tribes. Be careful the next time you buy an authentic Apache or Sioux souvenir, because it may have been made by a white guy.

One suspects that many Zulus, Chinese and American Indians might not like having their essential identities blended away in words, this way. In fact, various Indian tribes, to their credit, are now protesting that their tribal names should not be used as names of sport teams. Meanwhile, few whites are protesting the use of their tribal names--Celtics--for example when used for sports teams. So, what we're seeing in the world today is that whites are expected to be raceless drones with no pride and they're expected to commit genetic suicide by blending in with other peoples, but they're also expected to show great respect for the genetic and cultural sensitivities of these other peoples.

Whites are the punching bags of the planet, dear friends, and and much of the punching is being done by whites themselves. So, if you're white, just stand there and let everyone walk up and take a few punches at you, and be sure that you never punch back, because that would be "racist."

Get it?

Of course if the Blenders succeed in killing off all the whites through bedroom genocide and other means, they will then concentrate more on exterminating other distinct peoples who have identities other than the lumpen "human."

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