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O, what a fall was there, my countrymen!
  Then I, and you, and all of us fell down,
 ...whilst bloody treason flourish'd over us. 
May 1, 2005
Clinton evolution
by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

   HOW BILL CLINTON GAVE UP ON AMERICAN CITIZENS - by Anthony Fernandes - NNN correspondent

  • Lewinsky Calls Clinton 'Lying Creep'
    Lewinsky has branded Clinton "a liar and a creep," and has disputed Clinton's denoscription of their relationship as "disgusting." "It was a mutual love affair, wrong but not disgusting . . . I can understand that he wanted to save the presidency. But I don't accept he had to completely desecrate my character," she also pointed out that it was he who started the illicit affair, saying, "Clinton said that he did it because he could, but when it started, it was because he wanted it to." She adds that Clinton's lying "makes my blood boil."
  • Lewinsky Not Pleased With Clinton Memoir
  • Lewinsky Scorns Clinton Book Over Affair



    "Canards & Cabals" - by Carol on the Webwarning: may give the impression of  being critical of 'jews'
"Horror of horrors. It's true. George Bush II is actually worse than Bill Clinton.
This sad sad creature thinks he talks to god, AND his god talks back. That's fine until his god tells him to kill, tax, or imprison me because I don't share his delusions..."
- [Reader comments] "Short and to the POINT!" - Smedley Butler


25 March 2003 archived


WAR CRIMES: Serbs Mark 4th Anniversary of Clinton Air Strikes
Serbian holocaust"The wailing of air raid sirens in the Iraqi capital sends shivers down my spine," said Knez, a 45-year-old housewife. "I still remember the knot in my stomach as I rushed for shelter with my daughter on that fateful March 24" in 1999, she said. "I sympathize with Iraqi mothers, but not with Saddam Hussein."
"Thank God that the Americans did not send ground troops to 'liberate' Serbia like they are now doing in Iraq," said Dejan Zorkic, a medical student. "Milosevic would still be ruling here," he added, alluding to the unexpected resistance that U.S. forces are meeting in Iraq.

 Canada Wants Senator Hilarious Clinton to Apologize
TORONTO -- Canada's immigration minister says Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton should apologize for speculating on a Canadian link to terrorism after reports that five terrorist suspects entered the US from Canada turned out to be false.

  WHITE HOUSE'S ILLEGAL ALIEN Illegal Mex national
Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez  and amigo 'Bill'Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez & Amigos  Los CheneysWASHINGTON (CNN) -- An illegal immigrant who worked on the White House grounds for two years -- rubbing elbows with the likes of Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney -- has been indicted in Texas where he is in federal custody. Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez, 30, a Mexican citizen, was indicted by a grand jury December 17 on charges of illegal re-entry into the United States and possession of false documents. He was arrested last month at the Laredo port of entry when he tried to come back into the country. With him were photos showing him with then-President Clinton and with current Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne, federal officials said. - (Invasion)
  We are surprised that Salvador was not also carrying a photo of himself with Monica.
Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez  and amigo "Oh sí, es verdad. Soy Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez era un amigo cercano de Monica.
"Oh, yes, it is true, I Salvado Martinez-Gonzalez was a close friend of Ms. Lewinsky. Often we would have coffee together in the Secret Service Lounge. One time she asked me if I might do some landscaping at her apartment on the weekend. Maybe trim the hedges or something, I think..."

 Bill Clinton at "family reunion"? - (forum)


To Editor-Impeach: Dear Sir/madam, CLINTONHILL.COM - US$620 - Please note that after years, the registration on the domain name CLINTONHILL.COM was not renewed and this domain had become available to register. From: The Portal <>

Clinton "our first black president" to Enter Black Hall of Fame
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Bill Clinton, once famously described by author Toni Morrison as "our first black president," is being inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame as an honorary member. The former president will be the first non-black recognized in the hall's 10-year history. He is expected to attend the Saturday night event. The honor is in recognition of Clinton's appointment of blacks to high levels in both state and federal government, and his post-White House efforts to fight AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean.

IndianSeattle: Two Tribes Bounced From Official Register - reversing Clinton ruling
SEATTLE — The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has stripped two Washington state groups of their distinction as Indian "tribes," eliminating their special status and reversing a decision made in the final days of the Clinton administration.

Clinton conjures up Nike condom
Impeached US president Bill Clinton stole the show at the world AIDS conference overnight, laughingly conjuring up the idea of Nike's swoosh logo in the form of a condom.

Bill Clinton to Return to MTV - (Dallas, Texas)

Probe of Clinton's grant of clemency to four ends The case involved four men convicted of bilking the government out of tens of millions of dollars. All four lived in New Square, a Hasidic Jewish village outside New York City that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton


Ladies & gentlemen:

When a man places his left hand on the Bible, and raises his right hand to swear to God almighty that he will uphold and defend the Constitution of the Unites States, he had better do it.

I think they demand he use both hands while swearing that oath so one hand can't be hidden behind his back with the fingers crossed.

But George W. Bush figuratively did just that when he was sworn in as President of the United States.

I received an enormous number of e-mails from readers asking what can be done about this president's complete disregard for constitutional protections, particularly those most fundamental rights given a United States citizen accused of a crime. This, in response to my article, "The Padilla Test Run", wherein I addressed the arrest and imprisonment of Jose Padilla aka, "Abdullah al Muhajir", who is being held in a military brig and whose basic rights as a United States citizen have been denied by a unilateral and dictatorial action through Mr. Bush's executive order to treat Padilla as an "enemy combatant", rather than a citizen who is alleged to have conspired to commit treason.

I thought about this for two days, and I think I have the answer: Demand the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Nothing would get through to this president's walnut-sized brain faster than a massive call for his impeachment through every local representative's and senator's office. This president is so cocky and full of himself from all those popularity polls, that a massive and sudden call for his impeachment over the Padilla matter would bring him up short, and perhaps even back to reality.

Former President Clinton was arguably the most despicable character ever to grace the White House, but this president eclipses even that man. While Clinton couldn't keep his zipper shut and lied about it, George W. Bush has pushed the envelope of outrage to the point of bursting. If a president denies the most basic, fundamental civil rights to just one American citizen, he has denied those same rights to all 300 million of us. All we have to remember is that he just hasn't had time to get around to everybody else yet -- and that means you and me.

So if you value your freedom and your basic civil rights as a citizen, write your local senators and congressmen, and demand they immediately call for the impeachment of George W. Bush on the basis that he has blatantly violated his sacred oath, and in so doing, he has committed high treason against the citizens of the United States of America in the Padilla matter.

If you want to see an attitude adjustment, write that letter and send a copy to your local newspaper.

Carl F. Worden


20 January 2002 archived

red terrorists in jail     .....

Red Flag Over the White House.
The The Redacted Cox Report (J.Orlin Grabbe link)

"Clintong's legacy will be written in Chinese"
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"He had some psychopathic characteristics; his quick mood shifts, inreliability, egocentricity and his impersonal sex life and lack of lasting emotions. His first mock abdication shows that he was a master at manipulating other people, while convincing them of his good intentions. He was without any compassion for his subjects, whom he beat up, robbed or raped just for fun. His personal friendships were of short duration and his friends usually ended up dead..."
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