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    The New American Castrati - by Séan Carroll
"Cowboy Commander"
He will undoubtedly be remembered as the most despicable and despised President in this nation’s history for the wounds he has inflicted on us. Before Bush passes the torch back to the Clintons and leaves the country–my guess is to Paraguay–he will engineer the ultimate destruction of the American civilization--our culture, economy and government. More thorough than anything Hitler did to Germany. At the very least Bush will certainly see to it that Caucasian America can no longer defend itself. Hillary will simply put the bullet in the base of our skull.

  Muslim fanatics burn Danish flag



    THE DECLINE AND FALL OF AMERICA By Frosty Wooldridge - (reader link)

  Sky pilot

    Sports! Detroit Hosts the Super Bowl - by J. B. Cash
The 2006 Super Bowl will be held at Ford Field in Detroit. There is probably no city in America that is less suited to holding a sports extravaganza than Detroit. The whole idea of holding this event, in the middle of the winter, in a dying city like Detroit, is a modern example of the failure to acknowledge reality and instead substitute a preferred fantasy that more befits the ideas of multiculturalism and diversity. - (more sports) - (Commentary)


birds 'biomass'""Follow me on this, man," said Homeless Jack. "Our bodies are full of individual cells, right? Right. Well, do we even notice when they are replaced? Nope. Yet, we shed them constantly so that our bodies are actually remaking themselves all the time. But, we always remain pretty much the same and look the same. The cells we were born with are long gone, yet we are still us. New cells born from the same genes as the old cells replace old cells but the body continues on as us and our brains don't really notice any difference..." - (H. Millard index) - (Commentary)

    "Offing Adolf" - by Séan Carroll
"Offing Hitler" - (c) 2006 by NNN
In his masterful 2004 German film Downfall (Der Untergang) writer Bernd Eichinger has Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels tell Brigadeführer Mohnke: "I repeat, Mohnke, I feel no sympathy (for German civilians being slaughtered in the defense of Berlin). German people chose their fate. That may surprise some people. Don’t fool yourself. We didn’t force the German people. They gave us a mandate and now their little throats are being cut." 

    ENVY THE IMBECILES by H. Millard © 2006
People & Monkey magazines"...If the Intelligent Designer actually had intelligence, he might be pleased that some insignificant bits of superstitious protoplasm on earth are defending his handiwork with all the flawed logic and goofy statements that their tiny little brains can muster. Truth be told, however, the Intelligent Designer may not be very intelligent at all and he's not doing much designing as we normally think of the term..." 
- (H. Millard index

  • Demographic crisis of the GOP - by Patrick J. Buchanan
    Patrick J. BuchananRove and Bush correctly perceived that, due to immigration, the Nixon-Reagan coalition, composed almost entirely of white voters, was shrinking in relative terms. Where, in 1960, European-Americans were nearly 90 percent of the population and an even higher share of the voters, today, they are less than 70 percent of the population. Today, a Republican can sweep the white vote 55 percent to 45 percent, and still lose. And as President Clinton merrily predicted a few years ago, white folks will be just another minority in 2050, as they are already in California and Texas. In short, Republicans need minority voters to survive as America's Party. The Bush-Rove solution to the looming demographic disaster is to go all-out to court the nation's fastest growing minority, Hispanics, who now number 40 million and 13 percent of the U.S. population....
    (But) the more Hispanic America becomes, the more Democratic America becomes.
    - (NNN Newsroom) - (Invasion!)

    Resisting (anti-White) Defamation - "Sensitivity Toward European Americans: Diversity Within Diversity"

Press Release:  Resisting Defamation (Sunnyvale, CA) announces the online publication of the 16th edition of its syllabus,
"Sensitivity Toward European Americans: Diversity Within Diversity."
Lots of new content, analysis, and action steps from the European American movement syllabus..

  Ernst Zundel David Irving  

by H. Millard © 2006

 "Hey," said Homeless Jack as I walked into the greasy spoon where he was nursing a cheap cup of coffee. "I read that Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is going to put together an international conference on the Holocaust. I also read that a bunch of my fellow intellectuals in France are upset about having their intellectual freedom curtailed when they want to talk about the Holocaust. - (H. Millard index

by H. Millard © 2006

Conservatism, liberalism, communism, libertarianism, socialism, democracy, and on and on. We have many terms to describe various "big" political, social, and economic ideas and systems. Millions of people have fought and died for these ideas....
- (H. Millard index

  • Pluses but Mostly Minuses - by Charley Reese  
    Charley Reese Now that President Bush has launched a new propaganda campaign to convince Americans that we are winning the war in Iraq, it's a good idea to go back to the basics and look at the pluses and minuses of this war.  The minuses we all know. The war was sold on false pretenses, there being neither weapons of mass destruction nor ties to al-Qaeda, which after all, was responsible for the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Saddam Hussein's government was secular, and the majority of people in Iraq are Shi'ites. Al-Qaeda is a fanatical religious movement that is Sunni, which is why you need never fear that al-Qaeda will take over Iraq.  - (reader link) 

  Bill O'Reilly   BILL O'REILLY'S WONDERFUL LIFE - (A dream about becoming a true Black Irishman)
by H. Millard © 2005

On his December 21, TV show, talker Bill O'Reilly gave his audience his usual dose of predictable PC outrage over whites wanting to remain white when he said that April Gaede, the mother of Lamb and Lynx Gaede--Prussian Blue, should be charged with child abuse. Why? Well this came after a guest on the show named Bernard Goldberg indicated that he's added the twins to his list of people who are screwing up America.
- (H. Millard index


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    OLD RIGHT - an America First Populism Portal - BATR News  - BREAKING ALL THE RULES

    The Program of the National Futurist Unity Party of Evropa (NFUPE): The 25 Points - by Constantin von Hoffmeister
- (Von Hoffmeister index)  

    Commentary by Apollonian - "Apollonian, combat-scholar/theologian, part-time exorcist, Christian patriot"


Catholic Church & Charities Illegally 'Aid and Abet' Aliens? - By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.

    The Demonic Cabal - by Norman D. Livergood

    Howard Beach II: More White Male Monsters? - By Nicholas Stix

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Spirit of '76
Revolutionary Majorities
An Essay by Louis Beam
Louis Beam


Drudge 'breaking news': White minority targeted for 2050
Clinton - "The First Black President"Matt DrudgeWhites now represent only 69% - down from 83.9% in 1990 -down from about 90% between 1920 and 1950 - due to a declining birth rate (abortion and homosexuality) and unchecked, largely Mexican and Asian immigration. The total will shrink to barely 50% of the population - at 'best' - by 2050 if these genocidal trends continue. But the percentage of white CHILDREN will become a minority much sooner. Whites already a minority in Mexifornia.
In 1998 President Clinton boasted to a cheering Portland State University audience that by 2050 whites would be a minority in America - from That Buchanan Book By Paul Craig Roberts

This 'breaking news' has been known - and planned for years...
Reported by NNN precursor 'Northern California Republic' five years ago.
- "Endangered species" by 2050

Ref: America in 2050: Another country - by Pat Buchanan
Non-'Spanic whites have the lowest fertility rate of 1.8, about 1.4 percent below the "replacement rate" of 2.1.
Ref: White Canadians on road to extinction - experts say

Ref: The Last Days Of A White World By Anthony Browne
Ref: Will Whites Commit Race Suicide?
Ref: The End of the White Race? The Politics of (ethnic cleansing and genocide)
Ref: UK whites will be minority by 2100
Ref: Blondes 'to die out in 200 years'
Ref: Wake Up or Die: How Many White Citizens in the U.S.A.?


    2004 Manifesto to all Kith and Kin by PJ Kubicz of INSP

    A Critique of an illogical attack on Philippe Rushton - by the Editor of New Nation News

For the Future
We are living under a RACIAL DICTATORSHIP
(c) 2003 by the editor of New Nation News

For the Future
 America's Race Crisis - and Separatism
hosted by Dr. James Owens, professor and former Dean at
The American University School of Business (Washington, DC) 


Poll #6
Poll: What is the best solution for racial problems?

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