them there commies ag'in--
more filosofi in a lower case
for post american-america

by howlin' h. millard ©

sometimes it's an embarrassment to be on the right, dear friends, and even though right and left as political denominators are of little use in post american america i'll take the right (at least as i define it). anyway this is one of those times that its an embarassment.

let me explain. in all the talk a couple of months ago about that cuban kid elian gonzalez that was buzzin' over the airwaves and on tv, one of the threads running through the comments from those who claimed to be conservative (a sub-species of "the right") wa that castro and the commies are evil incarnate. why? because they're commies, of course. it's a circular argument, and, just plain stupid.

one guesses, from comments heard, that most of the people knocking communism didn't even know what it's about or how it started. they just parroted what they thought was solid conservatism. count me out of this crowd folks.

now, it's pretty clear that communism doesn't work very well. the reason it doesn't work, however, is not because it's "evil" but because it has an incorrect concept of humans and groups of humans, and humans in groups.

here's a nickel's worth of information on communism for those prone to let their knees jerk their mouths into saying stupid things when they talk 'bout the subject.

communism started as a reaction to a newly industrialized world that dehumanized humans and which made various robber barons even richer by exploiting workers who toiled away like human machines, often in health robbing, grimy factories. it was a time of homo robotus.

along came the commies to remedy the situation. problem is, that at its core, communism believes all people are the same, but unlike the robotic sameness seen by the robber barons, the commies figured humans, while all the same (in their view) weren't machines.

workers and peasantswith this as one of its bedrock beliefs, it was reasoned that some people (the robber barons) had risen to positions over others through some manipulations of the system and not because some of the robber barons had certain talents and abilities lacking in others. therefore, in order to re-humanize the lowly workers and put them in charge of their own destinies and fortunes, the robber barons would be replaced by the lowly workers themselves who would collectively decide how to run the factories and society. sounds good. problem is that many of the lowly workers were lowly workers because they lacked the executive skills to do what the robber barons were doing--building successful and large businesses.

in place of the individual initiative of the robber barons, communism opened up the decision making process to various committees of workers. sounds democratic, doesn't it? it is. however, putting 20 incompetents in a committee to make decisions didn't reduce the individual incompetence of the individuals involved, it just multiplied it because every person with some cockamamie idea wanted it to be considered. want an example of this? attend some meeting of homeowners in any community in the u.s. sometime. good grief!

communism, as a social and economic experiment, has failed. it has failed to uplift the workers even though it has rid the system of the robber barons and has, instead, kept workers at low standards of living due to the intrinsic misperceptions about the nature of man and his societies, that are inherent in communism, even when they are not stated.

still, for all its failures, communism was an attempt to better the lot of common people. it is not evil, as so many knee-jerk conservatives say; it just doesn't work. and, it doesn't work because man is not the type of creature that communism requires. communism is a hive philosophy and humans are not hive animals. in place of humans as machines as was the case under the robber barons, communism saw humans as identical hive insects and wrongly believed that treating them in this manner humanized them.

in order to make a better society, true human nature must be understood, otherwise all philosophies and social systems that have incorrect views of humans will ultimately fail. and where does this lead us? to genes, dear friends, to genes. and when we talk about genes we must, if we're honest, talk about race.

race? oh, no! "race isn't real. people are just people. genes don't matter," comes the cry of the stupid. welcome to the new dark ages in post american-america, dear friends, as our present society attempts to improve the human condition by denying human nature once again. do you get the feeling that this is where you entered?
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