by H. Millard (c) 2001

Having experienced the banning of some of my columns white fawnfrom some so-called conservative Web sites, I wasn't surprised to read that Steve Sailer, whose columns appear on the VDARE Web site had the same thing happen to him with a fairly innocuous column he wrote entitled "GOP Future Depends on... White Vote" that was apparently not allowed to be posted on that bastion of free speech (sure it is), the FREE REPUBLIC. "White vote?" "W-H-I-T-E?!
The 'W' word? You can't say that!"

According to his subsequent report on the banning, carried on VDARE, Sailer wrote that Jim Robinson, the owner of Free Republic, said the article was banned for "promoting racism" and because it was "divisive." Well, of course it did, and of course it was; it used the "W" word.

Hmmmm. Well, read the column for yourself. But, unless you're a loony liberal or one of those Pimple Rightists who's afraid to even order white paint at the local hardware store lest someone take offense and think you're a racist, you'll be hard pressed to see why Sailer's column was banned.
As I mentioned at the outset, I've experienced a similar banning. One "conservative" Web site, that brags about being bold (no kidding), banned my columns (all of them, I think). The guy who owns this Web site also insisted on calling me "Dude" a couple of times in his emails to me (Like, groovy. He's hip, you see) and did an email version of a whisper about "us" not mentioning race or some such twaddle. "Us"? Did he mean conservatives or did he mean whites. I think he meant conservative whites, with a strong emphasis on the white part. Dani WarriorsCall it what it is: A perverse form of noblesse oblige feeling of racial superiority that holds that whites must be aracial and not notice race unless they're praising non-whites for being better at something than whites. "After all, daaaaaahling, THOSE PEOPLE do need encouragement and proof that we really, really do like them, despite that, oh, you know, birth defect of non-white skin, which of course we must pretend that we never notice, just as we pretend we don't notice when someone is missing a nose or an eye. Oh, do pass the caviar."

Then, another "conservative" Web site ran some of my columns. However, my columns suddenly did a Lenin and disappeared from the site, never to be seen again. I never bothered to ask why, because the site is too damn slow loading anyway and it mostly runs the same old patellar reaction Ayn RandClinton bashing crap.
If I were to offer a wild guess as to why my stuff was pulled, I would say that they probably got a complaint from another of their "writers" who writes the most banal drivel about Ayn Rand and about why "we" (oh, not "we" exactly, just you and me) should die for Israel, even though "we" aren't Jewish (oh, not "we" exactly, just you and me).

Now, I don't know this for a fact, but I suspect that a bunch of the people running some of these "conservative" sites are grown up (sort of) mentally constipated, sexually repressed now aging Young RepublicansYoung Republican types who couldn't get dates, or who didn't want to go out with girls while in college, so they spent their weekends hanging around their dorms or the College Union wearing cheap, poor fitting Young Republican suits with too tight neck ties and toe pinching shoes, muttering to themselves about the evil liberals.

You know the type. You've seen them "spontaneously" demonstrating at some GOP political events. There'll usually be four or five of these pimple faced no gonad characters marching around in a little circle in front of the camera like ducks who've eaten a string, defecated one end of it and then had that post anus portion eaten by the duck behind until they're all in a line. William F. Buckley Jr.Or, maybe you've seen them sitting at Bill Buckley's feet with their eyes glistening all the while they smile that Ward and June Cleaver knowing smarmy smile at each other when Buckley uses a word with more than one syllable, and bests those evil liberals. These guys are usually carrying signs with messages that are right out of the Saturday Evening Post. The messages on the signs are always PC, because this afraid of their own shadow crowd, is constantly running away from being called "racists" and always trying to prove that some of their best friends are black or Hispanic or Asian, or whatever.

These "conservatives," unfortunately, represent all conservatives in many people's eyes. Is it any wonder that so many people don't like conservatives? These "conservatives" are inauthentic. They are lifeless. They're afraid to scream out at an uncaring universe: I EXIST. I WILL THINK MY THOUGHTS AND I WILL EXPRESS THOSE THOUGHTS, AND IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE MY THOUGHTS, SCREW THEM! Instead, these "conservatives"--these Pimple Rightists-- sit over in the corner mewling about this or that arcane Young Republican & Dubyalibertarian writer or philosopher.

As you may have guessed, I have about as much use for the Pimple Right, as I do for liberals. The Pimple Rightists remind me of rabbits starting at the slightest sound. I say, screw them.

Now, speaking of columns that get the Pimple Right running for cover, did you see the one I wrote about slimy brown goop? That's the one that Alan Dershowitz used at President Clinton's impeachment hearings in an attempt to smear Congressman Bob Barr and Senator Trent Lott, because these guys had once spoken before the C OF CC, a group that has been fearless in publishing my columns--not necessarily because the group necessarily agrees with them, but because they believe in (are you ready?) F R E E S P E E C H! Even for white people. How racist of them.
Alan DershowitzIt turns out that Dershowitz, who had complained on national TV that at least one of my columns, as mentioned above, was racist, apparently because it, and many others, by the way, often deal with white identity issues and the assimilation of whites into the Earth's 90% nonwhite human population, had previously written a book,"The Vanishing American Jew: In Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century" which essentially said the same thing about Jews that my column had said about non-Jewish whites. Oh, he had used more circumspect language, and he tried to skirt the issue of whether a Jewish identity involves genes (it does, at least in its purest form, because of the Orthodox requirement that a Jew be born of a Jewish mother) but, even with his fudging and trying to make the case that a Jewish identity doesn't involve genes (because, that would be, oh, you know," racist," of course) but, instead, involves reading Jewish books, he still wondered if his grandchildren by his son who had married an Irish Catholic girl would be Jewish or not. Woody AllenI suggested in a subsequent column that if Dershowitz was worried about his grand kids not being Jewish he could just give them some Jewish books. Now they're Jewish. End of problem. Now, I have to add that Dershowitz always reminds me of Woody Allen, who I did a movie with once, because these guys look a lot alike. I guess they must have read the same books.
Being banned isn't so bad. There are many Web sites starting up all the time, and with a little luck, there'll be writers and Web masters who will refuse to conform to what the PC tyrants--which includes many Pimple Rightists--think is acceptable. Free minds and free speech are the issues, and as I've written elsewhere, in the end it matters little whether free minds and free speech are being suppressed by government jackbooted thugs or by private jackbooted thugs. Which is not to say that those who own Web sites which do censor material are necessarily jack booted thugs. After all, they should make decisions on what to run based on their own criteria. They have free speech rights also. However, those who are pushing for genuine free speech rights realize that the "seven filthy words" you can't say aren't words about sex and bodily functions anymore; they're now about anything that might state or infer that the races of man are different from each other in any way other than skin color, and anything that offends Jewish sensibilities. For more on the harm caused--including the death of black babies-- by the belief that there are no racial differences, take a gander at my column: "Black Medicine, White Medicine," floating around in cyberspace someplace.
But, all of this just begs the question which led to the banning of Sailer's column and some of mine as well: What is racism? To me, that term just means that one understands the reality of nature that "race" is to humans as "breed" is to canines. It does not mean "racial hatred" which is a different concept entirely even though the serial name callers among us, who want to smear others, will use the term "racism" to mean "racial hatred" in one sentence and to mean something else in another, as they constantly shift terms in order to keep people brow beaten and in cowsan intellectual prison ringed all about with razor words that those so imprisoned dare not pass. This reduces humans to the level of cattle, whose real prison is in their minds and not the flimsy strands of wire that psychologically keep them in the pen, waiting for the slaughter, and which they could easily break out of, if only they weren't, uh, cowed.

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