psssst. are the shrill, bold face columns turning you off to the genocide?
by h. millard
© 2001


psssst. are the shrill, bold face columns turning you off to the genocide?

© 2001 by h. millard

sometimes, shrill headlines are ignored by those who think that those speaking about the moves to kill off all white people are just alarmists. "after all," they think, "all these killings of white people by non-white people are just isolated, personal incidents. and, the fact that no one ever seems to be able to find hate crimes committed by non-whites, just proves that the shrill headlines are wrong." right? wrong.

well, i'm not going to list all the evidence that whites are being pushed off the earth. those who know this, already know this, and many of them are probably reading this column and they're thinking, "good grief, millard, you're preaching to the choir."

so, what does one do to raise the consciousness of those who don't seem capable of connecting up the dots to see, not some sort of massive conspiracy taking place in smoke filled rooms, but a conspiracy of opinion that is working to make white people extinct?

do we whisper? do we continue listing facts? do we shout? maybe we do all of these things in the hope that someone will suddenly get it, and in getting it will start looking at seemingly unrelated things and see that there's a pattern.

oh, let us add, once again, that the pattern is self ordering and is based on things that have been set in motion by people but not necessarily guided each step of the way. think, emptying a crowded theater by sneaking a skunk in to the place.

sure, many people, including other white people, hate white people on a conscious level, but there are millions of others who hate white people on a sub-conscious level and it is many of these sub-conscious haters who are also helping kill off white people.

the sub-conscious hate can, for example, be suspected in situations where a black robs a white person, and ends up killing the white person, when he probably wouldn't have killed a black robbery victim. hate crime? sure it is, but if the black is arrested, chances are he won't be charged with a hate crime. instead, he'll be charged with the robbery and murder. this goes on all the time.