by H. Millard © 1999

     Recently, I've been noticing many propaganda columns in various newspapers about Mexican-Americans, Chinese-Americans and others in which the main thrust of the columns is to convince whites -- 
European- Americans -- that the vast numbers of non-whites coming to this country is a good thing and that these new "immigrants" besides "just looking for better lives for their families" (the usual hoary cliche), are also becoming good Americans while maintaining their own cultures.  Sure they are.  In fact, what's going on is an attempt to transform America from what it has been for about two hundred years--a New Europe--peopled by Europeans, into a Neo-Melting Pot where distinct human types will be destroyed. As I have written in other columns, the seeming "diversity" that is being pushed today, isn't the final result that is sought.  What is ultimately sought is a blending of all peoples, all nations and all religions into a bland new human  conformity, the Tan Everyman. To that end, the resistance of European-Americans to the blending must be broken down in all ways possible. 

These attempts to break down the resistance take many forms, but in America today, we're surrounded with these efforts 24 hours per day.  We see it in advertising, we see it on TV, we read it in our books, we see it in the rewriting of history and science.  We see it in hiding racial differences. We see it in our schools.  It's a massive campaign to make European-Americans blend. Those blending are praised--read, given positive reinforcement by society while those not blending are often 
condemned--read, given negative reinforcement by society.  It's Pavlovian conditioning on humans on a massive scale. 

How is the campaign working?  Well, according to a 1958  Gallup Poll, only 4 percent of whites approved of black-white marriages.  By 1994, the number approving of these marriages had increased to 61 percent. This shows that advertising and public relations campaigns are as  as effective as the selling of any other product or service. 


There was a time in America when--yes, it's true boys and girls--"American" was synonymous with white people. Even the Ugly American was a white person and it would have been unthinkable to think of the Ugly American as a Mexican-American, a Chinese-American or a African-American, because they weren't really Americans in the public mind throughout the world and 
any Americanness they might have was always trumped by the  identifier before the hyphen. 

White Americans, however, didn't need any hyphens to describe them.  They were just plain Americans.  Why should it have been otherwise when the term American meant--without saying it--"white American," or its present synonym "European-American." 

Even when white Americans visited the European lands of their ancestors they were disconnected and usually oblivious to their roots.  Thus, French Americans could visit France and complain about  how rude the French were and not even know that they too were French.  America could fight a war against the "evil Germans" with a German-American--Dwight D. Eisenhower--at the head of its armies and not even give a second thought to the fact that he was German.  The links to the old lands of Europe were blended away in the American Melting Pot which was the term coined to describe such blending of the various European nationalities so that the American type was something of a plain wrap European living on the American continent. 

Today, America with massive waves of non-Europeans coming to this land is what I have called Post American-America.  It is a land quickly losing its traditional American. Oh, you'll still hear some WWII era white Americans saying things such as "Don't put no hyphens in my name, I'm just an 
American, by gum."  That this shows a lack of a sense of  identity on their parts and is a smarmy form of racism is missed by most who say this. 

A new generation of whites is coming to understand the reality that "American" no longer defines them.  And since most whites in the country are the product of several European nationalities, few have any strong glue that holds them to any particular European nation. Those who understand this are increasingly seeking their identities in their generic Europeanness and this is leading to ever more incorrect charges of  "white racism," against some of these European-Americans who are seeking a meaningful identity that is real for them and gives them an anchor to hold on to. 

What identity, for example, would a Irish, English, French, German, Swedish American feel comfortable with?  The glue is weak to all these nations.  What is real and basic is his or her Europeanness.  But, what is European music, dance and art?  What is European cuisine.  Clearly, each of the European nations has differences in these things. 

Ultimately, a European-American is, as we said above, a generic plain wrap European living in America.  He is not an American because this does not distinguish him from others living on these shores and he's not a European, because he may never have even visited Europe.  He's also not Irish, English, French, German, Swedish or any other nationality from Europe.  Still, he looks like people from those nations and, even if he doesn't know it, he thinks like them. 

In Post-American America, a white has to rethink his identity if he wishes such identity to be authentic, and whites need to start thinking in terms of OURSELVES ALONE. If we were to make a flag to represent OURSELVES ALONE, it might be a black field with a tiny little 10% section in white in the center representing OURSELVES ALONE.  That's the situation of 
whites on Earth whether we like it or not.  We are Alone and we are surrounced by the 90% of humanity that is non-white--and despite protestations to the contrary, most of them don't like US very much and would be pleased if we simply ceased to exist. 

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