by H. Millard   © 1999

     There was a time not too long ago that liberals could print their rubbish in a newspaper such as the Los Angeles Times--a  hate newspaper to many people-- and people who disagreed with their sometimes subtle Europhobic hate speech had no way to offer reasoned intelligent rebuttals. That was before the internet.  Since the internet, the liberals no longer have exclusive control over the vehicles of mass opinion in this country and this upsets them mightily. As internet readership has increased, newspaper circulation has fallen.

Consider "Internet's Hate Sites Can Be Hidden, but They Can't Be Ignored" a bombastic propaganda column by Lawrence J. Magid appearing in the Los Angeles Times,  on July 19. Magid ostensibly is taking on so-called "hate" sites on the internet which according to Magid and  his two primary sources for his column: The ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, are proliferating. "Hate"? Apparently hate means sites that Magid doesn't agree with.  Isn't that always the way with the liberals?  Anything they don't agree with is hate.

For a clue to Magid's thinking consider the  following loaded terms sprinkled throughout his love column to describe free speech he hates: "unsettling, disturbing, unsavory, nauseating, bad, problematic, shocked, extreme, hate sites, misguided violence, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, hate speech."  There was
more, but you get the picture.  It's the typical liberal smear language calculated to hit a reader on a subliminal level, that we so often see aimed by real haters at  European-Americans..

The truth is that much of what is being called hate on the net, by those such as Magid, is not only protected free speech but is reflective of a deeper search for identity by many European-Americans who, to guess from the number of so-called "hate" sites, are getting fed up with being called names by those such as Magid who seem to want to keep them from going through some consciousness raising and an awakening to their right for
self-identification and self-determination. If some of these pro European-American sites are rough edged that's more a reflection, one imagines, of present day European-American youth culture which has born in an environment where many of the parents of these youth have been race-whipped and brow beaten to the point that they have difficulty  saying the word "white" even when they want to buy a can of paint.

The Los Angeles Times is a prime example of a newspaper that constantly engages in various forms of white bashing.  Barely a day goes by without some new anti-white propaganda appearing in the newspaper..  On July 21, there was an editorial "Tackling the Haters," where those evil whites are once again taken to task for hate against non-whites. Funny thing though, most hate crimes in this country--even when they aren't labeled that by the libs--are perpetrated by non-whites against whites.  The Times is silent about this, however, because either hate against whites is acceptable to The Times, it isn't recognized by The Times, or the The Times does recognize it but prefers to look the other way, in order to further its anti-European-American agenda.

The libs seek to keep European-Americans on the back of the bus as good little boys and girls where they won't see that their interests are not necessarily the same as those of other peoples and that they are being repressed in America through the denying to them of any sense of community with others like themselves. Indeed, European-Americans are called "racists" when they even say things such as "like themselves."

In present day America, European-Americans, alone of all races and ethnicities, are expected to be something like neutral raceless drones with no sense of identity.  If they express any sense of identity they are called the usual hate such as  "racists, bigots" and all the rest, by the Europhobes and white haters in society.

Hate is the eyes of the beholder, and hate to people such as Magid is often just the expression of  rising consciousness among European-Americans.  Soon there may be a critical mass of conscious European-Americans in society and then those who have been trying to keep them down, will be clearly seen for the haters that they are.

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