Fiction (sort of) *  By H. MILLARD © 2000

     SOMEWHERE, CALIF--The Somewhere National Cult Deprogramming Center
has decided to expand its operations in 2000 to help with the needs of cultists trying to escape from the Blending Cult which practices mass suicide via the soft genocide of genetic, religious and national assimilation.

     Former cult member William Clinton said he sought treatment after
spending years caught up in Blending after he finally realized that the cult
was evil and its teachings  led to the extinction of entire races of people,
the destruction of meaningful religions and the destruction of nations.

     Clinton said that the Center's private counseling sessions and workshops
helped him understand how he had become caught up in the mind controlling
group, and how easy it is to use subliminal messages to convince otherwise
intelligent people to destroy themselves and others.

     "The Center helped me see through the cult's twisted beliefs, and
understand how they were able to insinuate their bizarre world view into
my sub- consciousness," said Clinton.

     Speaking through tears of joy and sorrow, Clinton told how he not only had
been a member of the cult but that because he was a true believer he had
become a leader and had brought many more people into the group. "I wish I
could undo the evil that I've done," sobbed Clinton. "At first it was just
easy sex and companionship with young women, but I now see that I was
being led deeper and deeper into the cult and that my critical thinking
functions were being compromised."

     "You know," said Clinton, "that's one of the insidious things about this
cult.  It sounds good. Who wouldn't want--at least without really thinking
it through-- -- to stop conflicts around the world due to racial, national
and religious differences? The cult teaches that many of these conflicts
can be avoided by mating across various lines. The cult uses the libidos
of young men and women and sneakily convinces them that women are just
women and men are just men, no matter what race, nationality or religion.
I was a victim of my own sexual desires and my utopian dreams of a
peaceful world, and the cult was able to manipulate me based upon those
dreams.  I was blinded to the fact that what I was really doing  was
enabling genocide and extinction of distinct peoples.  I'm so ashamed. I
must even admit that I engaged in years of self hate and self loathing and
through the psychological device of transference I hated and loathed all
people like me. Because of this self hate and self loathing, I wanted to
destroy people like me, and to do this I even encouraged unbridled Third
World immigration to the United States to speed up the assimilation and
genocide of people like me. I dreamed of a brown world. I hated Europeans
even though I was a descendent of Europeans.  I hated blond hair and blue
eyes and white skin. I wanted to obliterate all signs of Europeans in the
United States in all ways possible."

     And what does the future hold for Clinton?  "I'm going to try to deprogram
as many people as possible.  I'm going to tell people how the cult is
using movies, television and newspapers to convey its message of blending
via clever propaganda.  The movies are especially troublesome in this
regard, because they use subtle messages and are aimed at impressionable
young minds."

     Clinton told  how he learned from the Center that the subconscious mind is
especially receptive to receiving messages without the people receiving
the message even knowing they are victims of propaganda. "How could I have
been so blind?" said Clinton.  "The same techniques used by the tobacco
companies to subliminally trick people into buying cigarettes are used by
the cult.

     How do you sell people on buying their own early death by using
cigarettes?  Why, you show beautiful happy people having fun while
smoking. The subconscious mind of those seeing this, accepts the notion
that they too can be beautiful and happy and have fun if they just smoke
like those people in the ads.  It's the same way with the Blenders. 
They show pictures of  beautiful people of all races, religions and
nationalities being happy and having fun together. The Blending Cult
methods work much as does hypnotism. Once the subject is relaxed and the
wall between the conscious and subconscious mind is lowered, new
thoughts--cult thoughts--are put in to the subconscious mind.  I learned
that the subconscious mind is not critical.  It just accepts whatever is
put there as true.  Tell a subject under hypnosis that he or she will
cluck like a chicken and the subject will do it. The subject has no
control over the suggestion planted in the subconscious."

     At the same time that I was being programmed with pictures of love,
I was also receiving messages that people who want to remain separate
and not assimilate --except J*ws, of course-- are evil.  I now know that all
distinct peoples have a right to their own separate existence and
self-determination and that Blending results in their destruction as 
distinct peoples.  How could I have been so foolish in the past?"

     The Center said that it expects many more former cult members to be
admitted to its deprogramming therapy sessions this year.  Joe Adams,
spokesman for the center, said "We can only do so much. There are millions
and millions of people caught up in this cult and we can't be everyplace. 
Our hope is that the cult's twisted message will somehow be seen for what
it is by more and more people, and we'll try to get our message out to as
many as possible."

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