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by H. MILLARD © 2000
KKK sign
By H. Millard (c) 2001

On March 5th, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Missouri Knights of the Ku Klux Klan to adopt a highway. This has anti-white bigots and haters in a state of near apoplexy. However, anyone who is fair minded and honest knew that in a nation of laws, the law must be applied equally to all people and to all groups, even when these groups are composed of white people. Many white haters wanted the Klan to be prohibited from doing what many other civic groups are doing--adopting a section of highway that the group will clean. In exchange for cleaning the highway, the group gets a sign on that section of highway.

If the laws of this nation are applied equally, then the KKK must be
considered along with all other lawful groups and not be prevented from
doing what other lawful groups do just because some white haters don't
want the KKK to be considered as a legitimate group in polite society,
and because these white haters want to despirit white people by constantly beating them down and telling them that they're no good if they want to be white.

In fact, the state of Missouri argued that the Klan should be excluded
because it limited membership to "Aryans" (for those who don't know this, in modern usage the term simply means "non-Jewish white person of European ancestry").

So, this particular faction of the KKK did the right thing and used the
same laws that all other lawful citizens have available to them, and they
showed that they can overcome the haters who have been trying to destroy white people. Interestingly, this attempt to keep white people from asserting their First Amendment rights failed, even though 28 states
supported the anti-white bigots.

The lesson in this is that laws that apply to one group must apply to all
groups similarly situated. The law shouldn't be used to suppress the
political, social, or religious views of any citizens--even if they are
white and know they're white.

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Ref: U.S. Supreme Court allows KKK to adopt a highway

Pat Buchanan


by H. MILLARD © 2000

As soon as Pat Buchanan unveiled his new immigration TV ad, the hate-filled bigots, who hate all things European-American, started crawling out from under their rocks to spew their usual hatred. There's no need to name the haters here, pick up your local newspaper and you'll see these creeps pontificating about how terrible it is for Buchanan to call for English to be spoken in the U.S.

As you may have heard, the ad shows a man choking on a meatball who tries to get help via 911. Instead of getting an operator, he gets a long recording asking the caller to push various numbers if he speaks Spanish or Korean or a host of other languages. The guy passes out before he can even say he needs help.

The haters don't like the message. Tough nookies. We don't like haters.

If the buzz out in the middle class homes is a clue, more and more good decent European-Americans are coming to the realization that they are being played for fools by many people who come to these shores saying they want a better life, but who then demand that we make our Here like their There, and that we give them more and more free services (free to them, not to citizens who must pay, of course), simply because they're here.

The fact is that if Here becomes like There, then none of us will want to be Here, anymore. People who come to this country for its benefits should realize that these benefits are the result of a fragile recipe that has made this country what it is. Screw with the ingredients and you'll soon have something very unpalatable. Kind of like the place they left.

We speak English in this country, because that's what we long ago decided to speak here. We're the citizens. We're the ones who will decide how this country will be run, thank you. If you don't like it, then lump it. If you want to speak your old language and want to have your old culture, no problem, jump on a plane or a boat or just walk across the border. Head back to where you came from. There, you'll find a whole nation full of people who speak that language and have that culture. Don't do us any favors by staying here. We didn't ask you to come here, and we won't lose a wink of sleep if we wake up in the morning and you're gone.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out of America. Your phony calls that we honor your language, your culture and your mores are baloney. You've come here to this land, we didn't go to your land. In America, it's YOU who has to go native, not us, because we're the natives.

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by H. Millard (c) 2000
  Kennewick Man - clay reconstructionRecently, Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbit cheerily agreed to let five American Indian tribes have the remains of the Kennewick Man, so they can bury these remains in a proper Indian ritual.

The problem is that the Kennewick Man was probably a white guy and not an Indian. His skull isn't an Indian skull at all, but is the kind of skull that white people have. Why's that a problem? Because he was hanging around in America 9,000 years ago; long before any evil white people were supposed to have been here. The remains were found near the Columbia River in Washington state, and apparently there weren't even any Indians around there until about 3,000 years ago.

The Kennewick Man is one of those inconvenient things that pop up every so often that cuts the legs out from various PC dogmatic truths. Suddenly, the Indians who have been claiming a moral high ground because "they were here first," have a rival. And, the rival may have been a white guy! "Oh, no, please don't let him have been a white guy," seems to have been the cry from the white haters in our nation. "Hurry and bury him, so the Indians can retain their moral high ground."

So, although scientists want to do more testing on the remains to prove the Kennewick Man's genetic origin, the white haters won't allow it.

An interesting thing about the Kennewick Man is that the reconstruction of his head, done from his skull, bears a striking resemblance to the actor Patrick Stewart who plays Capt. Piccard of the Starship Enterprise. In fact, the resemblance is so close that one is hard pressed to tell one from the other.

Perhaps we need to look at Stewart's family tree to see if any of his ancestors disappeared from Europe while on a boat trip about 9,000 years ago, and maybe the remains should be given to Stewart to bury in Europe in a proper pre-Christian European ritual.

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BY H. Millard © 2000

The State Election Commission of Yugoslavia announced on September 26, that there would be a runoff in the presidential election in which Vojislav Kostunica finished ahead of incumbent President Slobodan Milosevic.

The Clinton administration was outraged! "I say, OUTRAGED, boy," (BLUSTER, BLUSTER) and announced that it would lead an international (Oh, sure, it'll be "international") to make Milosevic accept the loss, even in the face of the election commission's ruling. "Boy, we can't trust no commission like that. Why it don't make sense, boy."

Meanwhile in the United States, our own Commission on Presidential Debates is still refusing to allow any candidate into the debate except the two fraternity pukes Gore and Bush.

The Clinton administration has been silent on the ruling on the debates in this country. Why? "Well, boy, I say, boy, the commission ruled. That's why. Now don't you go tellin' me that the commission is a front for the Republicans and Democrats, boy, why, this here, is the U. S. of A."

"Them there commie or whatever them guys is in that there Yugoslavia is crooked. You listenin' boy? They ain't no kinda Americans and they ain't on the up and up like wese is. In the U.S. of A the voters can vote any Democrat or Republican into the presidency that they want. Now, that's freedom, boy."

And, the elites in the U.S. wonder why so many people don't trust our government?
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