Zen master
by H. Millard (c) 2001


It doesn't take much extrapolation from present trends, events, and news items to understand that the traditional European-American citizens of the United States locomotiveare headed for a fall if they don't have their consciousness raised, and if they don't take the necessary actions that flow from that raised consciousness. The current ignorance is bliss level of consciousness makes citizens a little like a man who is both deaf and blind and who is standing in the middle of the railroad tracks while getting a massage. "Ahhh. What bliss." Of course, he is oblivious to the train barreling down on him. He just doesn't get it.

We don't need to recount, here, all the evidence for this fall or of this train that's about to hit, because most people who read columns on this Web site probably already know
the truth and are members of the choir. Still, there's some value in preaching to the choir because the choir may become more active and work to bring in even more members. Also, there's always the chance that a new turn of phrase or a new use of examples will redound with some web surfers and help raise their consciousness, so they can take action to help us all avoid that speeding train.

Maybe having one's consciousness raised to this immigration problem is sometimes like a Zen slap. A person can listen to the logical arguments about the problems of this massive immigration invasion for months on end and never get it, and then he may hear one word, see one event, read one sentence, and suddenly get it. And, in getting it, things are suddenly very clear. At any rate, let's hope that more of us will get it before it's too late, because the current immigration invasion is not like past waves of immigration from Europe. Of course there are still those who are saying silly things such as "America is a nation of immigrants," either because they don't it or because they do get it and are attempting to fool European-Americans into thinking that all immigration is the same and that all immigrants are the same.

The census bureau says that the U.S. added 10 to 12 million immigrants to its population over the last decade. Most intelligent observers believe that this is an undercount, but even if it isn't, it's much too high a number, especially given the fact that most of these immigrants usually have many more children than do native European-Americans who, as a group, have become yuppified, and who, too often, do not see the value in having children. "Why daaaaahling, that would interfere with my life style."

Also, steel yourself, because when we bring this up, many timid European-Americans run and hide; but there really IS a racial aspect to immigration. "Oh no, he mentioned race, Muffy." Yes, dear timid souls, the full reality of present immigration is that most of these millions of immigrants are not European-Americans. You know that of course, but do you REALLY know that?

Most of these people are euphemistically called Latino or Hispanic, but these terms, which are based on language, just mask the fact that these people are mostly pure Indians or Meztizos. They are different people from European-Americans, and it's not just in skin tone. Again, you know this, but also again, do you REALLY know this? Also, most of these people aren't trying to assimilate and become "don't-put-any-hyphens-in-my name-I'm-just-an-American" citizens. They're not here to be assimilated, but to assimilate. It's a clash of cultures and genes of historic proportions that we're seeing in the US now. And, the European-American side has been so demoralized and neutered that even many of those who do see the true nature of the invasion are afraid to talk about its real nature.

One of the sad things in all this, as, mentioned above, is that we're seeing so many European-Americans who aren't even aware of the war that is going on. One wonders if this is the way it was in ancient times when large populations of one type of people moved on to land occupied by a different type of people. Did the occupants simply roll over and let themselves be assimilated? Did they have so little self and group respect that they thought that their culture and people weren't even worth fighting for, or were they so confused about the nature of reality that they welcomed in the invaders who would eventually replace them, much as the American Indians did with the Europeans?

On another level, the invasion of America that we're seeing now is sadly funny. We've still got some of those "don't-put-any-hyphens-in-my-name-I'm-just-an-American" types, alluded to above, who are figuratively scanning the skies looking for invaders, while the real invaders are all around them. This conjures up waiting for aliensa picture of a European-American standing there, rifle at the ready, and looking to the skies with binoculars to protect his home from invaders. As we watch him bravely standing at the ready, a whole series of "immigrants" come up to him and one after another says things such as "Señor, do you have any work" or "Señor, can I mow your lawn." Each time he is asked, the brave European-American dismisses the "immigrant," and says "Not now. I'm watching for invaders. Come back later." As the days pass, ever more "immigrants" come up to him, but he never catches on to the real invasion, even when his neighbors move away and are replaced with these invaders and even when the stores in his town suddenly change their signs to Spanish.

What we're seeing is an invasion that's being done in the manner that an amoeba takes over a particle of food. We're simply being enveloped and absorbed into the amoeba. amoebaNow, our American from the previous paragraph who is scanning the skies would fight tooth and nail if the invaders came marching in with guns to take over, because then they'd easily be seen for what they are. Instead, they're just walking in and having the European-American population take care of them.

Yeah, it's funny all right, and the joke's on us. We've elected aracial white drones to high public office and these idiots are acting like camp guards and are digging our graves while they try to curry favor with these invaders. Many of our public
officials are actually enabling this invasion. Some are doing so because they, like the American scanning the skies, simply can't see the invasion for what it is. Others are trying to build power bases. Those in this latter category often believe that the "demographic shift" is inevitable, so they're trying to harness it and remain as leaders. They don't care that the people they lead aren't the same as the people they once led, because to these officials "people are just people." They're just faceless cannon fodder to be used to keep the leaders in power. We're also seeing this with various union bosses who are selling out their European-American union members in order to latch on to what the bosses see as a demographic trend.

At some point, and it's not far off, we may see all these invaders decide to vote, first California, and then some other states into being parts of Mexico. Of course, it's more likely that they may choose to not do that at all, and simply keep passing laws to give more and more rights to the invaders so that the invaders will be equal to citizens, and so that these states where the invaders have the greatest numbers will be de facto parts of a Mexican culture while still remaining part of the United States. And why shouldn't they take this latter strategy? By remaining part of the U.S. the invaders can bleed the rest of the US for their benefit. It must be remembered, that the US has more money than Mexico, so there's an advantage of being a de facto part of Mexico but a de jure part of the US. Clever, huh? Take over parts of the US for Mexico, but keep the US as the US so the invaders can leech off the people who made the US the country worth invading in the first place.

Of course, this is a self-limiting matter, because people really do matter, and people really are different. If the invasion continues, a point will be reached where there are too few European-Americans left to sustain the greatness of the US. As I've written in another column, if all the people from Mexico were brought to the US and all the European-Americans were sent to Mexico, there would be a role reversal and we'd see the Mexicans from the US sneaking south across the border away from the Third World that the US would become, and into Mexico where the European-Americans would have quickly transformed that nation into a First World nation.

rose gardenSounds like racism? How about it just being a case of recognizing that individual people are different from other individual people, and groups of like people are different from other groups of unlike people, and, finally, people do matter, and it is people who make nations what they are. Despite the third grade civics lessons in our schools, it is not constitutions, not laws, not ideas that make a nation; it is people. First there are people, and then come these other things. The character of a nation rises from its people as surely and predictably as the scent of a rose will come from a rose and not from a daisy.

Mexican gardenAn America full of non-European-Americans will not be the same America any more than a rose garden full of daisies will still be a rose garden; even if the sign out front still calls it a rose garden.

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