Mind Reader 'Carnac'
by H. Millard (c) 2001

Did you ever wonder what it's really like to live in a country where the people are repressed and only have illusory freedoms?

If you think that in order to find such repression you'd have to travel to places such as China (which "everyone knows" is repressive, because it suits the establishment to point out repression in China while ignoring the same thing closer to home), you're mistaken. All you have to do is look north to Canada. In fact, you should make it a point to look at Canada, because the persecution of European Canadians in that nation will give you a shudder when you realize that what's happening in Canada today is what some want to also happen in the U.S.

In fact the only reason that we're not seeing such a blatant trampling on our freedoms in the U.S. as is seen in Canada is because enough people in this country are still aware of the Bill of Rights, and the tyrants who want to control what people think, read, and say are still being held in check by that sacred political document that some want to do away with. Until they can do away with the Bill of Rights (and they're trying), the tyrants of orthodoxy have to be a little more circumspect and oblique in their attacks on our freedoms.

At any rate, the reason this subject of repression in the great white (Oh no! He said white.) north has come up, is because there's a small nationalist group in Canada called the Canadian Heritage Alliance that was in the press recently. The way this group is being brow beaten is a clue to the rot that is growing in Canada.

According to the Toronto Star, B'nai Brith Canada and the Waterloo Region
police have both said that the Canadian Heritage Alliance is a (are you ready?)
"a white supremacy organization with ties to established hate groups." Oh no!
Cover the eyes of your little children. Well, I just had to find out about these evil white folks so I clicked on their
Web site (http://www.canadianheritagealliance.com.).

Funny, I couldn't find anything that
looked like hate. But, maybe I missed something. Try it yourself. Maybe one has to be hyper-sensitive and not like
non-Jewish white people very much to see the hate.

Anyway, B'nai Brith Canada apparently knows what evil lies in the hearts of non-Jewish white people and apparently so does Canadian cop Staff Sergeant Gary Askin who said, according to the Star, that the Canadian Heritage Alliance "carefully masks its views on white supremacy by stressing nationalist or European pride in promotional material." Huh? If they carefully mask their views, then how does this guy know what they're thinking? Don't ask. He just does, that's all. And, are B'nai Brith Canada and the Waterloo Region police working together? That's the impression that one gets. Interesting.

One can almost imagine hearing the following coming from Canada: "Vere are
your papers, ve
suspect you know that you're vite. Don't deny it. Ve know vat you're thinking. Ve can tell ven someone knows they're vite! Confess!"

Even if Canadian Heritage Alliance does have "white supremacist views," which the group denies, what's wrong with having a philosophical view that is different from what some other people don't like? Isn't human freedom about being able to think for oneself and to be able to hold views that some others may not like? Also, isn't it a little suspect when a group composed of people of, by, and for one religion (B'nai Brith is Jewish, remember?) calls people, who aren't of that religion, names? Might people not reasonably conclude that this is an attempt by those of one religion and one apparent world view, to demonize people of a different religion and world view? How is this any different from the repression of ideas that we've seen throughout history?

Thinking people might say that if anyone is "masking" their real hatred, it doesn't appear to be the Canadian Heritage Alliance.

One suspects that some people would call the B'nai Brith an anti-non-Jewish-white hate organization, if it wasn't such a mouthful to say. Most reasonable people understand that
what's going on in Canada is that one group of people is trying to tell another group of people what they can think, read and say. Those behind this repression can't come right out and say it this way, so they try to justify their repression of others with fancy sounding terms about fighting "hate, prejudice, racism." Of course most of the people who are repressed just happen to be non-Jewish white people. Odd, huh? No hate in that. Nope. After all, these people can be "white" so long as they don't know it or talk about it.

But, back to the Web site of the Canadian Heritage Alliance and what it really means to live in a repressive society and have to watch everything you say. Such a society causes its citizens to be mentally constipated, and to always be looking over their shoulders lest they inadvertently say anything that the witch hunters will take offense about. It's a stultifying and horrible attack on the free human spirit and it causes people to be their own censors and to not explore new ideas. Such a society is dehumanizing and turns people into conformist robots. We see the subtle result of such repression on the pages of the Canadian Heritage Alliance's so-called "hate-site." The first page that opens on the site contains warnings and disclaimers up the ying yang about freedom of speech, non-responsibility and more. Then, when you click to a statement about the organization you find another disclaimer.

I kept clicking to see what thoughts might be expressed on the site that would cause me to become crazy and go out and do harm to others. I clicked in vain. The whole site is pretty mild stuff. In fact, it's so mild that it conjures up a picture of people dressed in state uniforms, shuffling down the street afraid to lift their shoes too far off the pavement. We see, in this conjured picture, people with downcast eyes and no smiles upon their faces. When we ask them their opinions, they are afraid to give them.

In fact the site seems to be just what the site claims to be: a Canadian Nationalist site (highly repressed).. But, of course, I don't have the mind reading machine apparently being used by B'nai Brith and their pals in the local police department. Maybe I can figure out how to slip the people who run this Website some truth serum so I too can know their innermost thoughts. Nah. Why bother? They're non-Jewish white people who apparently know that they're non-Jewish white people, and they apparently don't mind being so deprived. That's all we need to know to label them haters. Right?
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