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Jeb Bush familyJust a few months ago, it was thought that George W. Bush would have no problem carrying Florida in the presidential race. After all, George's brother Jeb is the governor of Florida which has a large Latino population and Jeb is married to a Latina and has kids with her that former President Bush had once correctly identified as "those little brown ones over there."

Few seemed to understand, however, that the Latinos in Florida were not mestizo Mexican Latinos like Jeb's wife; they were Cubans, and many of them were in some way connected with the former elites in Cuba who, as is also the case with most of the present elites in Cuba, are more white than brown.

Still, any Latino was better than no Latino and even while within the "Latino community" there is less unity among the very different peoples who are lumped, in this country, under the general rubric "Latino" than is believe in the non-Latino community, it was apparently thought that the Cubans would bond with the little brown Bushes and, by association, their uncle the white Bush presidential candidate.

George P. BushSo, George W. was expected to have it easy, as his campaign started troting out one of the little brown ones, George W's nephew George P, who had the Bush name but who looks nothing like the rest of the white Bushes.

The brown Bush, George P., then appeared before various Latino rallies around the country and spoke in Spanish of helping his race (the brown race).

Because he was brown, George P. wasn't called a racist and the press hardly reported on what they would have called racist had a white said something similar about whites.

The Bush people apparently believed that Latinos were eating it up up around the country and seemed likely to vote for the white Bush because he had a nephew who was a brown Bush. Of course, the Latinos who were eating this up, weren't so much the Cubans of Florida, but were Mexicans in other states.

Of course the aracial white drones didn't see the distinction. Latinos were Latinos, to them. Have one of "their own" brown George P. endorse white uncle George W. and all Latinos would be a lock in this view.

Joseph LiebermanOf course this was a mistake but it might have worked if all Latinos, finding themselves in a mostly English speaking nation, did see themselves as all one people just for that one vote. Then, out of the blue, Al Gore named Joe Lieberman, a Jew, as his running mate.

Well, as you may be aware, Florida has a very large population of mostly elderly Jews who have fled the harsh New York area winters and settled in Florida. Suddenly, the poll numbers started shifting as the Jews started appearing on the poll takers' radar screens with their expressed desire to vote for Lieberman and his Shabbas Goy (a non-Jew who works for a Jew on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays) whatshis face, Al Gore.

It's Lieberman they want. Gore is just the white guy in the window for them. So the question is, will the Jew trump the little brown ones in Florida? We'll come back to this in a minute.

Ezola FosterOf course we should briefly mention the seemingly strange case of Pat Buchanan who named a black woman as his running mate. However, this is a little different than the little brown ones and the Jew, because it's not that Buchanan picked black Ezola Foster because he thought he'd get the black vote so much as he needed cover from all the usual hate filled charges aimed his way claiming that he is a racist and a xenophobe and anything else the serial name callers can come up with.

Furthermore, Foster is not a Jesse Jackson liberal black who would attract black voters. In fact, Foster's appeal is mostly to whites who are opposed to illegal immigration, mostly from Mexico, and who constantly seek their own cover lest they too be called racists.

Foster has been a long time very vocal opponent to illegal immigration in the Los Angeles area. At any rate, Buchanan is not really the issue here because he isn't so much running for president as much as he's running to help build the third party movement.

Many people who might otherwise be turned off by Buchanan's selection of Foster take the long view of history and still support Buchanan for this attempt to create a real alternative to the other two parties.

It's probably worth noting in passing that Buchanan is Catholic, and while there are millions of Catholics in this country there is not a very strong Catholic identity among them that would cause them to bloc vote for Buchanan, because he's Catholic. Also, while most Latinos are also Catholic their religion is trumped by their ethnicity and Buchanan doesn't share that with them.


What may be more important in the race between the little brown ones and the Jew is that it points out, to those with the consciousness to see this, that while whites are still the majority of people in this country they are largely disregarded AS whites even by other whites. They are, we might say, seen as some sort of blobs of not fully formed protoplasmic putty on the American scene.

The subconscious thought is that whites are not a people, because they don't see themselves as a people, and thus do not assert their peoplehood. And, not being a people as a whole, few whites are authentic as individual people.

Why is this so? Because whites have been so thoroughly brainwashed, reeducated, conditioned and manipulated and have had their subconscious minds so planted with what amounts to almost post-hypnotic suggestions that they are mostly incapable of seeing themselves as a distinct ethnic group or as a distinct people. They have become raceless neutral drones who run in fear lest they be characterized as "racists."

And what does "racist" mean? In many contexts the term is thrown at whites whenever they do start thinking that they are a distinct people. Whites are fragmented and have almost no unity based on their genes as do all other groups in America.

They are full of self-hate and group loathing. As I have written in other columns, many whites are about where the American Indians were in the not too distant past.

They just don't like themselves or their culture and are full of malaise. They live but are not truly alive, because they are afraid of everything and everyone.

mouseThey are like mewling little mice. Anytime any of them pop up to try to assert their people hood, they are smashed down by the evil orthodoxy of this age that has broken their individual and collective will to be.

So, if you're a white politician such as Al Gore or George W. Bush you're also a victim of the brainwashing of the past 40 or so years and you're full of self-hate and group loathing, but in addition, even if your intellect overcomes some of this self-hate and group loathing, you figure you can't gain much by appealing to your fellow fragmented whites, whose own brainwashing will keep them from finding unity based on their genes as the primary identifier in their lives.

Indeed, many whites are quicker to find their identity--their inner meaning--in identifying with a sports team or with their jobs. Ask these drones who and what they are, and they'll rattle off a list of superficial things and may never get to the fact that they're white.

It's not usually this way with Jews and non-whites who will have their Jewishness or ethnic identity right near the top of their lists. Although most people of all races and ethnicities in this nation will say that they won't vote for a candidate based on race, religion or ethnicity, the numbers tell a different tale and politicians know that if they say the right things and appeal to the right groups (but, not whites) that they can get an ethnic bloc vote.

And it's much better to get a bloc vote than to have to try to win over each individual--as is the case with fragmented whites. To put this more simply and in slightly different terms, aracial whites won't vote for a candidate because he is white or because he will help white interests because the aracial whites don't see themselves as being white or having white interests.


Of course there are other reasons for the lack of unity among whites and their present inability to see themselves as part of a group of like individuals of the same genetic complement. Among such other reasons, and we find this among certain libertarians and conservatives, is an internalized myth that it is the individual who is the end all and be all of existence.

This internalized myth popularized by Ayn Rand (born Alice Rosenbaum) holds that each individual is something of an island unto himself, and that each individual must look out only for his own interests. To hell with everyone else.

This myth plays right into and gives an intellectual underpinning to the rugged individualist myth that has been part of America since its founding. Those caught up in this myth are likely to display posters of bald eagles with some variation of the slogan "You can't catch a flock of Eagles, they fly alone."

Of course, the reality of our world is that the lone flying Eagle is almost extinct. Of course, the extreme opposite view of this individualist view is that we are supposed to help everyone else and not see others as being different than ourselves.

Both extreme views help keep people from finding their genuine authentic identities. This is so, because those holding the extreme individual is everything view, fail to see themselves as part of a group of like individuals.

Everyone is just an individual who has almost magically sprung up here on Earth and is fungible with all other individuals. Genes don't matter because every person can be whatever he wants to be if he only works hard enough. In this view, no one is part of any group.

Those holding the other extreme view that all people are the same also fail to find their genuine authentic identity because they fail to see themselves as part of a distinct group different from other groups. Both extreme views lead to individual and group alienation from all that is genuine and authentic and prevent people--primarily white people--from knowing who and what they are.


For a lesson on the reality of ethnic politics, watch the numbers out of Florida broken down by race, religion and ethnicity. You'll no doubt see that Lieberman and whathisface Goy Gore will get a majority of the Jewish vote, while the "Latinos" will show somewhat less cohesiveness as a group and split their vote.

This means that the Jew will trump the little brown ones. And, what about the raceless white drones? They won't bloc vote at all, because, as discussed above, they don't even know they're white.

And, of course, the PC types, the white-haters and the raceless white drones will deny all of this and say that religion, race and ethnicity don't matter and that to even point this out is "racist." Ho hum. But, of course, religion, race and ethnicity don't matter only to raceless white drones.

All the rest are voting for their own. The raceless white drones, however, don't even know they have "their own." Now, if Jeb had married a Cuban instead of a Mexican, then George W. might do better in Florida.

As it is, however, it appears that Jewish Joe Lieberman will trump the little brown ones of Bush since Jewish identity may be stronger than Latino identity, and there'll be a Jewish bloc vote for Lieberman and his running mate, whatshisface, while the Latino vote will be fragmented.

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