by H. Millard (c) 2001


I fell asleep in front of the TV and had a nightmare.

Gopher News Team"Welcome to Utopia," said the slightly gopher-faced brown man in the gray suit. He looked just like all the other brown people with gray suits who were standing behind him. They were all smiling. They all seemed to have a gleam in their eyes. "We have eliminated conflict and war, because we have eliminated all those who are different from us Utopians," said Brown/gray. "You will be pleased to know that we have almost completely eliminated hateful white skin, and expect it to be totally gone in the very near future."

"Did you kill all the white people?" I asked.

"No. Of course not. Oh, well, some were killed, but just the serious haters who wouldn't give up their hateful ways, and who said they had a right to be white. Can you imagine saying something as hateful as that?

Anyway, we tried to overlook it whenever we could, because we don't hate white people. In fact we love them. It's not their fault that they were born haters, and were so different from the rest of humanity. We have turned the other cheek and we have returned their hate with our love. To show how much we loved them, we passed the Procreation Anti-Hate Act. Under that law, each white person was given the loving choice of being sterilized or being assigned a non-white mate."

"Through this love, we got rid of racial conflict by encouraging everyone to breed with people who had different color skins than themselves. Now, all Utopians are dark haired, dark eyed, brown skinned Tan Everypersons. Today, race isn't a cause of conflict."

"What about religious conflicts?" I asked.

black androgynous 'jesus'"We got rid of religious conflicts by scanning the religious texts of most religions into our computers and then by finding those things that were common to all of them and which would be acceptable to all of them. It has been said that man creates his gods. We just did the same thing on a world wide scale. We've eliminated words such as church, temple, mosque in favor of "religious centers." All our religious centers now blend together symbols from most major religions, and our primary religious focus is on bringing love to humanity. We have images of Jesus, but we've darkened his skin and he now wears a Star of David and has a turban on his head. We've made his eyes slightly oriental looking like ours, and he's usually seen sitting in a lotus position. He has four arms. In his upper right hand he has the Bible. In his lower right hand he has the Koran. In his upper left hand he has the Bhagavad-Gita, and in his lower left hand he has the Diversity GodTao Te Ching. We also made him half male and half female. If you study our approved images of him, you'll also see religious symbols from other religions on his arms and in the background. We've created a religious image that is not divisive and which brings all Utopians together, in their wonderful diversity."

"But, that's not diversity," I said. "You've just homogenized all religions. What about people who really believe that there is a God and that God has a will and has demanded certain things?"

"That's hateful and divisive talk," said Brown/gray. "You need to be more loving."

He continued. "We got rid of national conflicts by eliminating nations and having one universal government. The Utopian language is Spanish, and all other languages are being eliminated."

"We now all read the same books, watch the same movies, listen to the same music and pretty much think the same thoughts. Oh, I know that there are some who are still unreconstructed, and who think that being different is good, but eventually that hateful attitude will be replaced."

Tony BlairSuddenly, I woke up. There on the TV screen was gopher-faced Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, saying that in the wake of the events of 9/11 people should start working for a new international community. He also said that humans could work together all over the planet and find Utopia. He also said that all countries should fight religious extremism. It sounded very much like what former President Bill Clinton had said while he was in office.

It was clear that my nightmare was their dream. I wondered what happened to outrage over genocide. Are people so dumb that they think genocide can only happen with gas chambers, and bullets? How could world leaders stand up and talk about the destruction of distinct peoples, nations and religions and not be run out of town? I decided the answer is that they sugar coat what they're talking about and many people simply don't use their critical thinking skills to translate what they're really saying.

"blending"What some of these world leaders are calling for is nothing less than genocide. You may wish to call it assimilation. I often call it Blending. Whatever it is called, it is the destruction of distinct peoples, religions and nations. And, one suspects that even if all people are blended together, that there will still be conflict and wars, but it will be too late to bring back the extinct peoples.

What is the one thing that will prevent this genocide? The same thing that has worked throughout history: the complete separation of peoples. But, before that can happen, people have to throw off the propaganda that has dulled them to the reality of genocide and they have to realize that they are a separate people and that it is desirable to remain as a separate people. After all, if people don't see themselves as different from other peoples, then they will be unaware that they--and not the others, who, remember, they don't see as others--are victims of the genocide, and they will be unable to protect themselves as a group.

hat on backwardsFor example, it appears that most whites today are so ignorant about race that they are aracial. They are like drones. "Race" is something that others have, but not whites. In this view (although it isn't usually said this way), the "soul" of all people is a plain wrap white person who is sort of the spiritual proto-human. Then, this proto-human, this spiritual white person, becomes enmeshed in flesh and is born as a white person or as a black, yellow, red or brown person. Inside, the real person, no matter the external race, is still a white person, in this view. With this as a subconscious belief, many whites over the years have then gone out to help the dark brother let that inner white person out. That's one reason "cat lady"you'll often see cat-ladies-sans-cats bustling around praising non-whites when these non-whites act white. They're trying to encourage the inner white person to emerge. These same cat-ladies-sans-cats; who are in the grips of what I've called noblesse oblige racism, will then often go out of their way to insult their fellow whites who don't fawn over non-whites. Many of these cat-ladies-sans-cats are the ones who will rush to the aid of non-whites who claim to have been the victims of hate by whites. And, as I've written in other columns, many of these claims are false, but these cat-ladies-sans-cats need to believe in order to shore up the false and gingerbread like structure of reality that they have internalized. If they were forced to confront the truth about race, they would probably have to be institutionalized, because the elaborate but false world view has become so internalized in their minds that to question it, is to go mad.

"Diversity" promo pictureOther whites--the non cat-ladies-sans-cats-- know on a surface level that they're white, but they don't really know what that means. Many don't see themselves as different from non-whites and they look at their whiteness like a suit they put on that morning--their whiteness, at least in their minds, is not really their essential nature. So, when they read about white people being attacked by non-white people, they often fail to see it as a white/non-white issue at all. In fact, they'll often deny the racial Extended familynature of the attacks even when the non-whites only target whites and even when the non-whites say they hate whites. These whites are alienated from their true racial nature and fail to see that they are part of a distinct group. Instead of seeing themselves as part of the "white" group or tribe or race, they see themselves as part of the "human" group. While this may sound nice on one level, it does nothing to keep the white group from being destroyed.

If you don't see yourself as part of a group, then you cannot defend the group and you can't defend yourself when members of the group--who are part of the same group as you because they and you share the same essential characteristics--come under attack by people who are not part of the group and who don't share your characteristics.

Negroes dancingThis paragraph directly above could have been applied to American blacks prior to the 1960's. At that time, blacks were aracial and as psychologically disarmed and neutered as are most whites today. They had no way to defend themselves or assert their peoplehood, because they had no deep sense of being part of a people. Instead, they, as do whites today, saw themselves primarily as individuals. As individuals, they were easy to pick off.

back of the busThe times have changed, however, and it is whites who are being told to get to the back of the bus, and who are mostly psychologically incapable of seeing that it is not because of a personal failing but because of their race. Whites are easy to pick off today, and they will continue to be easy marks until such time as they overcome their present denial that they are a people, and start seeing themselves as part of a white group.

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