Noblesse Oblige
by H. Millard (c) 2001

emember the recent race riots in Seattle in which blacks attacked whites, and where the local authorities just couldn't seem to find any racial motive or hate crimes committed by blacks?Black Tuesday rioters Many whites around the country, with a modicum of consciousness, knew that what was going on was just another example of the anti-white, double standard that exists in this country. Under this double standard, the tolerance bigots accuse any white kid who so much as sticks his tongue at a black, of committing a hate crime. However, these same tolerance bigots can never seem to find any racial hate motive coming from blacks. In fact, the tolerance bigots seem to bend over backwards to disprove any racial motive on the part of blacks, and will often ignore the clear hate motive and focus on some other crime that was also committed by the black against the white. Thus, if a black hates whites and attacks a white out of this hatred, and if the black also steals the white's money, the tolerance bigots will say the motive wasn't racial it was economic. And then we'll often be treated to article after article about the white racism that caused the black to turn to robbery.

This nonsense isn't confined to Seattle, however. Outside Seattle is an approximately 97% white suburb named Kirkland. It seems that Kirkland is the home to many nice whites who, to show how nice white they are, simply won't stand for anything negative about non-whites.

Unfortunately for the nice whites of Kirkland, however, a problem has arisen in the local schools concerning what might, under different circumstances, be called an anti-black, racist book. According to some of the locals, (Oh no, children, cover your ears) the book portrays blacks in negative stereotypes; which is to say, it doesn't portray blacks as being inner white people, different only in exterior paint jobs from whites. Some of the nice white people who are trying to create a positive impression of blacks, "Oh, you know, to overcome those evil racist stereotypes," also point out that the book uses (Good grief!) racial slurs. Well, by golly, Ward, this book has some of those nice whites of Kirkland up in arms. They simply don't want impressionable young white minds to get negative views of blacks. You see, among brainwashed nice whites, blacks can only be portrayed as rocket scientists, or better, and blacks only have such high crime rates and other problems because of white racists. So, gee, wouldn't you know it, these nice whites, being very nice white, want to ban the book. "Can't have them kinda racist books around heah, by gum. We love our blacks, er, well, not exactly 'our blacks' I mean, we really love blacks. You know what I mean."

Actually, there would probably be no controversy, that a national audience might hear about, and the book might already have been banned, had it been written by Toni Morrisona white person, but this book is "Song of Solomon," written by black writer Toni Morrison. Regular readers of my columns will remember Ms. Morrison as the woman who wrote a column (a couple of months after my similarly named and themed column ran nationally) calling Bill Clinton our first black president. At any rate, because Ms. Morrison is Clinton and old black womanblack, the nice whites are apparently conflicted about the book banning. One can almost hear them saying to themselves, "Will I be a racist if I ban a book by a black woman or will I be a racist if I don't ban a book that portrays blacks in a negative light?" These poor nice whites just don't know what to do to be politically correct and to be nice whites. They don't want to allow anything negative about blacks, but at the same time they don't want to ban a book by a black author. As you can imagine, life is difficult for nice whites and all others who don't face reality with honesty, but who try to substitute image for truth.

Ironically, being a nice white also often means that one has to dehumanize blacks, and to strip them of a distinct racial identity, while treating them as little children who have to be protected from evil whites (who the nice whites are sure includes most whites in the world). As I have written in other columns, this is the stuff of noblesse oblige racism. Our present day nice whites are simply the latest incarnation of earlier nice whites who "civilized" the American Indians by forcing them to become nice white people albeit in different skins. At the heart of this bizarre noblesse oblige racism of the nice whites is the belief that ALL people are really white people inside. Then, to this way of thinking, and almost as an afterthought, these inner white people received a different exterior paint job than those who are white on the outside. With this as a mindset, the nice white people simply can't allow any truth to intrude on their world view, and they'll twist themselves into knots to maintain the fiction that so many of them have internalized as reality.

And now, boys and girls of Kirkland, what do we call people who can't accept the real world and who live in an unreal world that helps them resolve all their internal conflicts? Oh, never mind. Just keep reading those happy books. Say, boys and girls of Kirkland, be sure to go to the school library and check out some positive books about black people, and we only have positive books about Robert M. Glassblack people. In some of these books you'll read that it was the black Buffalo Soldiers who tamed the west, but that evil white racists tried to take the credit. You'll also learn that it was really the black Tuskegee Airmen who won World War II even though evil white racists tried to stop them from doing so.

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