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There's been much talk in the press lately about the Argentine Ant. Now, if you live in California anywhere from San Francisco to San Diego you're familiar with this little dark-brown ant. They're everywhere. (In fact, one is walking across my desk as I type this).

Recently, there's been some research on the Argentine Ant by researchers who wanted to know the secret of their dominance of the ant world all along the west coast. Must have something to do with their diversity, right? Wrong! Surprise! It appears that all the billions and billions of Argentine Ants in California are part of one large colony of ants and are all closely related. Being part of one closely related family, they don't fight much with their kin and turn their attention to wiping out other ants they come in contact with.

Part of the research on these ants involved doing field research in Argentina where they originated. Surprise again! When they went to Argentina, the researchers had a hard time even finding any Argentine Ants. When they did find some, and did their lab work, the researchers discovered that in Argentina the Argentine Ants are much more diverse (different races, so to speak) and that they fight among themselves as a result of the diversity. This is what keeps their population low.

After one major ultra-liberal California newspaper ran a long article on the ants, a letter appeared in the newspaper from a liberal reader, who apparently didn't closely read the article and/or didn't understand what he read or perhaps he was simply so full of diversity propaganda that is constantly put out by the Blenders that his critical thinking functions are impaired. In his letter, the liberal gushes about how people should study the Argentine Ant and "be wise." Why, gush, gush, if we worked together, "we could thrive." Just like the ant.

This liberal, no doubt, has a picture in his mind of the ants all sitting around in a circle hugging each other and celebrating their "wonderful diversity." Diversity? Nonsense. So closely related to each other are the Argentine Ants in California that scientists theorize that they are all the descendants of a very few members. In other words, they are extremely inbred. The ironic thing about the liberal newspaper printing this liberal letter is in the fact that no one at the newspaper apparently caught on to the fact that the real lesson of the Argentine Ant is that diversity is bad and that the success of the Argentine Ant is an argument for racial separation and exclusivity, not for diversity.

Perhaps a little digression is in order here, since there is much misinformation about this term "inbred," and the liberals like to intimate that many whites (especially those in the South) are inbred and are fit only for playing the banjo on the porch. Close breeding does not, by itself, cause genetic defects such as feeble mindedness. Such defects occur only if the closely related parents each have at least part of the the genes (often suppressed) for the defects. Then, if the genes are combined, the defects will often express themselves in the offspring. On the other hand, if the closely related parents have superior genes, these will also often be expressed in the offspring. Close breeding doesn't necessarily lead to a moron. It can also lead to a genius.

In the case of the Argentine Ants in California, the inbreeding has been a positive for the survival of the colony. They all get along. But of course, it's different with humans, right? Turn now to other news on the diversity/blending front where we read that black inmates in jails in Los Angeles are demanding that they be allowed to be segregated from Latino inmates. It seems that when blacks, who are fewer in number in the jails, are put in dorms with a ratio of something like 60% Latino and 40% black that the Latinos attack and try to kill the blacks.

Nature has many lessons for man, if only we understand what we see.

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