by H. Millard (c) 2001

Chuck HagelIncreasingly, we're hearing politicians and captains of industry supporting massive immigration because, in their opinions, and as recently said by Senator Chuck Hagel (Neb), "we need migrant workers from outside this country to fill the jobs."

The reason we need workers from outside this country to fill the jobs is not usually stated, but the answer is a simple one: We're not producing enough people to fill entry level jobs. And, why not? Partly because the culture of the Ivana TrumpU.S. and most of the Western World (and, the US can still marginally be called part of the Western World, but that's changing fast) is yuppified, overly materialistic and self-indulgent. In this atmosphere, having children is seen as de classe. "Why daaaaaahling, we're not going to have children. We need a new BMW. Besides THOSE people have plenty of children."

Instead of birthing our own children to take the entry level jobs, we rely on the children of people from the Third World. Given the fact that so many people have now been brow beaten into believing that all people are fungible, there's hardly any notice given to the fact that the children of the Third World aren't the same as the children of the First World. "Ohhhhhhhhh. Racism. Run and hide Mildred, why, sputter, sputter, some of my best friends are...hey, we all bleed red blood you know....why, people are just people." And, how do people know all these "anti-racist" things that have been turned into clichés for the half-bright?

They've been conditioned to believe these things. They've been sold on the false idea that people are all the same and that genes don't matter for anything but the most obvious things. Thus, those who buy into this nonsense will begrudgingly admit, because they have to, that people have different color skin. However, they believe that skin color is like paint on a car; something that's applied once the thing itself has been fully made. In fact, however, skin color is just an outward easily seen manifestation of thousands of differences. Are these differences important?

Well, in our country, they shouldn't make any difference before the law. All people who are citizens of this nation should be treated exactly the same before the law. However, this doesn't mean that such differences are unimportant to us as beings who want to survive and not become extinct as distinct types. The point of this, of course, is that people are not fungible. You can't replace all the red ones with brown ones or yellow ones or white ones ("Ohhhhhh, cover your ears Mildred. He said the "W" word) and not change the society.

What we're seeing in the modern world is that natural pressures in society that would normally cause people to have more children, aren't working properly to preserve human diversity, because the pressures are relieved by Third World children, who are seen, remember, as the same as First World children. As time goes on, there is a changing of the genotype in the land as no more little First World children are born. And, as the First World non-parents get old and die off, no one of their genotype replaces them. They are genetic dead ends.

The difference between us replacing ourselves with our own children and what we're now seeing, is a little like the difference between plantations and family farms.

On plantations, the work was done by slaves or indentured servants, while the Family Farmmasters sat back. On family farms, by contrast, there were pressures on the families to have more children to help with the work on the farm. Plantationism was a dead end. Family farms, on the other hand, helped build America, because they supplied the people from within that kept the country growing.

Oh, sure, it's a bit more complicated that this, at least in the telling, but the reality of humans is not much different than the reality of all living animals.

When food is plentiful, and there are few natural enemies, animals who eat that food multiply. When the food is scarce or where there are many natural enemies, the animals who eat that food and who are the targets of their natural enemies diminish.

How about with First World humans? We're our own natural enemies. Food is plentiful, but do we multiply? Not as we should. Instead,we kill off our future with various forms of birth control and abortions. But, you may say that there are starving people on the planet, and if WE hold down OUR birthrate, then these starving people may have food. Okay. The problem is that THEY aren't holding down THEIR birthrates.

All that you've accomplished with such a world view is to limit the number of your own offspring. And, as already mentioned, you may believe (assuming that you have been conditioned in non-racism) that people are just people, so it doesn't matter if you don't have any children. Your children are the children of starving children promoothers who don't share your genes. The reality, however, is that their children aren't real replacements for you, because they are not you in the sense that your children would be you--as much as a child can be the parent.

Our survival is based upon our reproducing more of our own kind. This means that we need to correctly understand what our own kind really means. The haters who are trying to destroy distinct human types and blend them all together will call this racism, since they are known to define down terms to give them incorrect meanings in order to trick people into committing their own genocide, but those who believe in the laws of nature understand that this is just self-preservation and the prevention of genocide.

We do not need a constant flow of Third World people to fill the jobs of America. We need to drop our immigration to a trickle, and then we need to let the internal pressures build so that Americans will again start having children to fill the jobs.
We need to stop acting like Plantation Masters, because to act that way is to accept short term comfort that will lead to long term destruction.
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