by H. Millard (c) 2001

ecently, L. Kelly, an editorial writer for the Wichita Eagle, wrote a column in the newspaper "Immigrant debate sure is familiar." Now, I must admit to a bias in favor of individuals who use single letters for their first names as in the case of El Kelly, Dubya Bush and even Aitch Millard, but El's column needs answering.

From the title of the column, and Ms. Kelly's name, readers were already tipped off to what was to come from Ms. Kelly. Sure enough, Ms. Kelly wrote all the predictable things about how the Irish once weren't welcome in this country. Then, Ms. Kelly links that immigration to the present immigration. Big mistake.

All immigration is not the same, and people are not fungible. Sorry, El. Consider it in slightly different terms to understand. If you have a rose garden named the, er, Rose Garden, and you replaced all the roses with daffodils, the garden would still be called the Rose Garden, but would the daffodils then be roses? Would the natural product of the roses, their particular genetically determined scent, still be found in the Rose Garden, sans roses?

Now, dear reader, I think that most regular readers of my columns are probably pretty smart and understand the reality of anti-white bigotry and hatred that exists in the world today, but to those who don't yet get it, please put aside your conditioned patellar reaction to things that you think are "racism," and similar, mostly misunderstood and misused, concepts for a moment, and read on with an open mind.

Tom AlzheimerYes, you'll actually have to do some of your own thinking and not just let some of the anti-white bigots and self-hating whites (some of whom, have set themselves up as "experts" on hate) do it for you. And, thinking for yourself, may actually stave off Alzheimer's later in life, so you get that as an added benefit to the simple joy that is found in forming your own opinions.

For the sake of brevity, for which I'm sure you will thank me, I'll present some of what follows in a sketchy fashion, and ask that you withhold judgment until you take the time to research these matters yourself.

Before we go on, we need to understand a basic fact of existence: There are races of man. (Uh, uh. It's true). Race to humans is similar to breed in dogs.

Now, the Irish are not a race. They are part of what we may call the European or even the "white race," (Oh no! Ward, he said "white." Cover the ears of the children).

melting potNow, although El doesn't actually refer to the Melting Pot, it lurks in the background of her column, so the truth of this hoary myth must be told. The Melting Pot was a turn of the century concept that has been changed lately (it actually came from a play) and referred to the blending together of individuals from various European nationalities (not races, because there was mainly only one race involved at that time) into a sort of plain wrap European on the American shores.

These Europeans built a New Europe in America. But, it was a Europe that was freed from the constraints and dust of the ages that had caused Europe to stagnate. This wasn't because of any American Genius, as is often said, but simply a larger example of the phenomenon experienced when any person from a small insular town goes to a big city where he or she is anonymous and is freed from the small town societal constraints, and can experiment without fear of being laughed at by the small town folk.

Immigration back then, mostly from Europe, remember, was a trickle. Those who came in, had time to assimilate into the larger plain wrap America, because there were too few others of their nationality to allow them to remain isolated for long. Also, when they assimilated, they didn't lose much genetically because it wasn't a racial blending that was going on, but rather the blending away of national differences. A Frenchman who spoke French and who had lived on this side of the road in Europe, wasn't really much different from a German who spoke German and lived on the other side of the road. Genetically, they were virtually identical. In America, one gave up snails and the other his lederhosen.

"Chicken Tikka MasalaToday, and you knew I'd get to this point eventually, we're not seeing much European immigration. Instead, we're seeing a massive invasion of non-Europeans. They are not the same race as the Europeans (Oh no! Ward, he's talking about race again. Run away fast before his "hate," his "bigotry" his "prejudice," ho, hum, yawn, his "undiversity," and his "racism" infects us. Close your ears children. Don't listen).

What we're seeing today is nothing less than the destruction of European America and its change into a non-European America. I call this period in our history: Post-American America.

I will withhold comment, here, as to whether this change is desirable or not for the future of this nation. But, to pretend that this change is not happening based on some incorrect notion that underlies the belief that the present immigration is the same as the Irish immigration, is just plain wrong. I'll repeat: people are not fungible. Each individual is different from other individuals, and groups of like individuals are markedly more similar to groups of similar individuals than they are to groups of dissimilar individuals. And, here's the rub that gets the anti-racist bigots frothing at the mouth: individuals from these different groups are different from individuals from other groups primarily because of genes.

Yes, dear friends, black, white, yellow, brown, red people have different skin Dennis Rodmancolors because of genes. It's not because they have different paint jobs. And, guess what? The different races have other differences as well; hundreds of thousands of them. There really is a genetic reason why blacks excel in many sports. And, to think, you may have thought, as I was actually told one time, that blacks run faster because they had to learn to run from bigoted white policemen.

And, you probably can't understand why other races excel in other things. But, why can't you understand the simple truths of nature? Because you've been conditioned to believe that race doesn't exist, and you'll now do intellectual headstands to try to find reasons, no matter how odd, to deny the plain truth that race matters. You also know that if you admit that race matters that you'll open yourself up to the usually bogus charge of "racism."

Bogus, because "racism" has become a general all purpose smear word. This is so, because "racism" has taken on a connotation, in a dumbed down public mind, to mean in the first instance "racial hatred" and then all things that have nothing to do with hatred are subsumed to be part of this definition, when they're not. Go ask Jimmy the Greek about this.

The current immigration, if it remains at current levels, will not only change America forever, it will lead to the genocide of distinct racial groups in America.

Now, are the views presented above typical of others who are opposed to the current massive immigration? Probably not. I've seen others write that genetic considerations have nothing to do with their opposition to massive immigration, and I take them at their word.

And, is the above assertion that current immigration will lead to genocide, valid? Well, dear reader, look up the word genocide and decide for yourself. Give it a try. Use those critical thinking skills and don't let those who want you to think only the approved thoughts that comport with their present orthodoxy, imprison your intellect.

We may be in post-American America, but we still have some memory of what free thinking and free speech mean, and if you exercise a little of both, we may actually be able to keep these freedoms even in the face of the haters and bigots who want to imprison your intellect in a pen ringed all about, not with razor wire, but with razor words such as "racist," "bigot," and the like. Break out of the pen, dear friends, and go out out into that field and topple the tyrants' favorite Sacred Cows.

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H. Millard is no respecter of Sacred Cows and writes on controversial subjects. He has the temerity to actually believe that free thinking and free speech are good and that political correctness is anti-intellectual, fascistic, mentally constipating and bad. Free thinking and free speech, like muscles, atrophy and die if they're not used often.