by H. Millard (c) 2000

any scientists say that human evolution is stalled; that there have been no real changes in the species for thousands of years. The reason for the stall may be that while man is not the end product of evolution, he may have reached a point where nature (or God, if you prefer) has booted him off the blind conveyor belt of change and in effect said: Now it's your turn. Your brains are evolved enough now so that you must determine your own future and make it happen. You must will your own evolution.

I have taken you to the threshold, but you must make an effort to cross it. This is so, because you have no real need to move higher. You already control the Earth with the level of intelligence and consciousness you now have. Of course, if you want to become more, then you'll have to move beyond the prejudice of your age that says that all humans are exactly the same.

You will have to really understand that the races of man are like breeds of dogs. Different races of man and different breeds of dogs are far different from others of the species. Dogs are bred for certain qualities and traits both physical and mental. Why do people not look to breed superior qualities and traits in their own species? The answer, of course, lies partly in the fact that the science of such breeding--eugenics-- was misused for many years and largely fell into disrepute.

Despite the problems with the old eugenics, the principles of breeding and genetics are fairly well known and they apply to humans as much as they do to dogs. You, alone of all animals on this planet can effectively and consciously choose your own evolution or devolution. You, alone of all animals on this planet have effective ways to investigate nature, record what you learn and pass what you have learned on to others in your generation and those to come. Every day is not a blank slate for you as it is for animals that lack your level of consciousness. You remember yesterday and think of tomorrow. And what you can't remember you can read about or investigate.

This consciousness gives you the freedom and the responsibility to know the difference between evolution and devolution. For you, who are distinguished from other animals primarily by higher intelligence and higher consciousness, evolution must mean to increase those things of intelligence and consciousness rather than simply to increase your ability to run fast or develop other purely physical attributes. The one thing that you do better than all other animals on this planet is think. It is not sharp claws nor teeth,nor brute strength nor speed that distinguishes you from other animals. Many animals can beat you in those things. It is your brain that makes you the victor. In any battle, put your money on the quick over the strong and the smart over both of those.

All evolution is change, but not all change is evolution; sometimes it's devolution. To evolve is to move up. To devolve is to move down. Up for man is to ever greater intelligence and consciousness. Down is towards lower intelligence and consciousness. Your evolution, your next step up from man, is therefore not to return to a simpler jungle state where you develop sharper teeth or claws and simply accept whatever is thrown at you by nature, but rather to overcome nature and tame it, through the use of your mind and your consciousness, while at the same time understanding that you do not transcend nature, you are one with it, and it's laws apply to you as surely as they do to worms in your garden.

Your evolution is determined by the choices you make as individuals and as groups of individuals. In the most immediate sense, if you choose to not be white or black or yellow or red or brown, you need only mate with those outside your group. In a few years a white Jones family can be a black Jones family. However, given the fact that non-white peoples vastly outnumber white people, (90% of all humans are nonwhite) the end result of such crossing may be the eventual assimilation of the white genotype. We call that genocide or extinction.

Furthermore, if you do not wish your family line to be white, simply do nothing and let the nonwhite masses of humanity wash over you. Stop struggling. Just give in, and soon your genetic line will not be white. If you believe, however, that the white genotype has some value and should be maintained, then you will have to struggle.

And the struggle is more a psychological one than a physical one, because you will be bombarded by the rantings of people who believe that all people are exactly the same and should all just blend together. Some of these people will sound intelligent and their arguments will appear well reasoned. Others will sound ignorant and they will simply call you names. In the end, it is up to you to decide where truth lies. And how will you know this? You may wish to consider, as one clue, what each of the races of man has accomplished on this planet, and if you see value in what your genotype has wrought, then move on to look at other clues.

It's not easy to be white in a world where most people aren't white, and where even other whites attack and defame white people. One has to struggle not only against the massive population of non-whites but also against those whites in society who believe that such a struggle to remain as one is, is somehow evil.

And why is skin color important, you may ask? It is a color code for a whole host of differences, and is as much a part of a being as his liver, heart or lungs. Skin color in humans is not like paint on a house. Statistically, those with this or that skin color will be found to be remarkably similar to others with the same skin color--of the same race.

Now, skin color cannot stand by itself as a code, because one also has to consider certain other characteristics to determine a genotype, but skin color is the code of first impression no less in humans than are markings on various animals and insects the code of first impression in their species. It may be very PC to pretend that all humans are exactly the same, but the facts are far different.

At this point we may expect to hear the usual knuckle dragging liberals spouting nonsense about how we should consider the content of a person's character etc. ad infinitum. We all know that we should do that, and we all know that we need to treat all people fairly, but we should all also know that we are different, and that understanding that we are different isn't the same as hatred or bigotry.

Blind evolution may have ended. The decision to evolve or devolve may now rest with us, as we take over from the mindless hit or miss workings of nature and create ourselves anew. Still, there are those who take more care in selecting their dogs than they do in selecting their mates.

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