by H. Millard (c) 2001

n a recent column entitled "The New True Believers" I wrote about the reaction of some nice-white people in Sharon, Mass. to some fliers distributed in their town that these nice-white people didn't like.(Listen to my voice. Listen to my voice. When you wake up and hear any white person speak the truth that non-whites cause more crime than whites, you will curl up your lips, spit on the ground, and yell "racist."). One of the points of the column was that we have to protect free expression, and we must never let petty tyrants--including, nice-white people, with their smarmy PTA smiles and rosy cheeks--from letting their almost post-hypnotic suggestion induced race denying attitudes cause them to foam at the mouth and persecute others by preventing citizens from exercising this right of free expression.

The fliers in Sharon bore the name of the National Alliance and spoke to important political and social matters, mostly involving crimes against white people perpetrated by non-white people; a situation that is epidemic in this nation. In reaction to the fliers, some of the local nice-whites exhibited the usual bigoted mob mentality and characterized these free speech broadsides as hate fliers, which is the usual ignorant knee-jerk reaction of too many people these days, when other challenge the current orthodoxy, especially as it relates to race.

The characterization of the fliers, as "hate" is partly an attempt to censor the free expression of ideas by whipping up public support against the expression of ideas that the nice-whites don't like, even if these ideas are protected under our free speech laws, and even when these ideas flow from actual facts. It is, indeed, the stuff of private sector jack booted thugs.

Since this happened in Massachusetts, and being mindful of history, one can almost conjure up some pictures of some nice-white people of Massachusetts forming into a seething hate filled mob, and then while carrying pitchforks and mob with torchesflaming torches march to get "THEM." As you probably know, THEM, these days, usually means white people who dare to express themselves as white people and/or who dare to speak the truth about race. Would we also be wrong to imagine that those who often want to get THEM are like the usual low I.Q. slack jawed bigots and haters, who we see in movie mobs?

Such haters as we see in our imagination when we read of the events in Massachusetts have been with us since there have been people, and such haters never change; they just change their targets. Such haters are usually easily suggestible, weak minded individuals who quickly and uncritically internalize the PC orthodoxy of any age and are then easily manipulated by certain demagogues who push their sub-conscious buttons. Change the clothes on these present day haters and put their expressions of hate in "thees" and "thines" and they probably would have seemed right at home marching to hang some people who were once smeared as witches. "Racists" is one of the modern terms that has the emotive quality of "witches," and "hate" in the context of Sharon, appears to be at least partly synonymous with "racism." In our day, the mob is whipped into a hysteria by the modern versions of the hate filled neurotic demagogic witch hunters of an earlier day.

Our present day professional hate hunters use updated versions of the age old fear mongering techniques and smears used by their historic predecessors. Change a few words here and there from what the witch hunters were spewing in Salem, Mass. in the 1600's, and you'd have the vile twaddle of the modern hate hunters. Cotton MatherCotton Mather would feel right at home with these haters. Have pity for neurotic, hate filled Reverend Mather, though, because unlike his modern counterparts, Rev. Mather had to practice his hatred and spread his poison without the benefit of modern communications and nationwide mailing lists of dupes who he could scare into supporting him against THEM. Mather was a pillar of his community during his lifetime, as are many of our present day Mather clones. Evil often sneaks in with such people, and often has a certain surface appeal to those with a dormant mob mentality, who are looking for meaning in their otherwise empty lives by joining the mob in a "noble cause."

At any rate, the anti-white hysteria masked in noble sounding words and phrases about "tolerance" and against " hate" is not confined to Sharon, Mass. It's seen all across this nation as this hatred disguised as hatred of hate has spread like a cancer, but the recent examples from Massachusetts are particularly revealing on how evil arises. And, as in the past, the evil comes disguised as its opposite, in order to fool those incapable of critical thinking.

Consider another recent example from Massachusetts, which shows how conditioned many-whites have become and how blind they are to the truth. The town of Arlington isn't far from Sharon either in miles or in small mindedness, apparently. As with Sharon, fliers, also apparently from the National Alliance, have been distributed in Arlington.

As with the people of Sharon, some of the nice-whites of Arlington are outraged over the fliers they found around town. Haruuuuumph, how dare anyone put out fliers that the nice-whites don't like, and which tell the truth, why, sputter, sputter, gasp. "We can't have THEM around here telling the truth, boy. Let's go get THEM!" seems to be the sentiment of some of the townsfolk. If you've been in post-American America for the last few years, you might have already guessed that the fliers in Arlington, as was the case with the ones in Sharon, also went against the prevalent Pavlovian conditioning type of propaganda of our present Dark Age, concerning race. And, you'd be right.

Daniel Majok KachuolWhat specifically got all the nice-whites of Arlington so upset? Was it the alleged rape of a local woman by a black "Lost Boy" from Sudan who had been brought into the community by the nice-whites? Of course not. Don't be silly. According to news reports, one person in the town said that the alleged rape "was a cultural misunderstanding." A CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDING? Huh? As you've probably guessed, it wasn't the alleged rape of the woman by the black "immigrant," that got the nice-whites upset. It was the flier that told the truth about the alleged rape that got these folks all worked up.

As an aside, and for a little background just in case you're not up on this Lost Boy business, the Lost Boys are 3,800 Sudanese men who were brought to live in the U.S. by our State Department. The rape suspect (who is 19 years old) arrived about six months ago. He was in a group of about two dozen of these men who were adopted into a local, almost all white church. He is accused of grabbing a woman, burning her with a cigarette, pushing her to the ground and sexually assaulting her with his finger.

At any rate, after the alleged rape, the white parishioners, not only didn't condemn the alleged rapist, but they posted $50,000 bail for him. You shouldn't be surprised by this. After all, as already mentioned, the suspect is black , and the parishioners are apparently mostly nice-white. One wonders if the white parishioners would have raised the bail had the suspect been white and from, say, Ireland. You know the answer. There is no information in news reports that these nice parishioners have ever raised bail for any white criminal suspects in their congregation. Now, if it is said that these parishioners haven't had to bail out any other criminal suspects from their congregation, because there haven't been any other criminal suspects in their congregation until now, remember that the church has been mostly white until now.

What about the victim? She seems to have been forgotten in the uproar over the fliers about the crime. News reports from the area are silent about her, but one wouldn't be surprised if pressure is put on her to ask for leniency for her attacker because of the cultural misunderstanding. You see in Sudan it's perfectly okay to grab a woman, burn her with a cigarette, throw her to the ground and rape her with your finger. It is?

Charles Lyons, chairman of Arlington's Board of Selectmen responded to the horrible event that happened in his town (the flyers being distributed; not the alleged attack and rape of the woman) this way: "It was a bunch of nuts in the middle of the night. I call them cowards. The cowards hid under darkness and they were promoting aspects of hate." Hmmm. There was no word on what Lyons had to say about the victim. Lyons is also reported to have said that "such incidents" will not be tolerated. "Such incidents"? He meant the literature distribution; not the alleged attack and rape, of course. Yep. Can't have fliers distributed in his town. The local police even went out and attempted to pick up all the fliers on the pretense that they were litter. The local politicians then tried to dance around the issue of whether the fliers were being picked up for their content--oh, you know, it's that horrible First Amendment thing that has troubled petty dictators ever since this country was founded.

What we have seen in Massachusetts is just an example of what we're seeing all around the nation these days. The free expression of ideas; the telling of the truth; the distribution of literature that questions the prevailing orthodoxy; are railed against, while real physical crimes mostly against white people by non-white people are overlooked, by white people, PRECISELY because the attackers are black and most of the victims white.

We're living in mad, mad times, dear friends. Evil times.

Some in this nation wonder how various governments in history have been able to get their people all fired up in causes that we, from a geographic and/or a temporal distance, understand to be wrong. Well, one need only check the website for the town of Arlington, Mass. to see how such things can happen.

candle-light vigilOn the website, you'll see a story entitled "Thousands stand up to hate," which is about 2,500 townsfolk, many with lit candles raised, listening to speeches and singing "against two brands of hatred--the kind that left racist fliers in Arlington...and the kind that killed possibly thousands of people in attacks Sept. 11." No kidding. What about the third kind of hate? The kind that caused the victim to be allegedly burned by a cigarette and raped? What about the fourth kind of hate? The kind that caused these people to try to stop the free expression of ideas? What about the fifth kind of hate? The kind that has blinded these people to the fact that they are acting like Storm Troopers? The nice-whites of Arlington have now stupidly put the legal act of distributing fliers in the same category as crashing jet liners into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon. And, they've turned out in a sort of Nuremberg Rally complete with their own light show to hear rousing speeches.

Charles Lyons,who was quoted above, also spoke to the rally about Arlington's roots in the Revolutionary War. Well, Lyons didn't go far enough back in history. He should have talked about Arlington's roots in the War of Independence and if he knows anything about that war he would know that those who are distributing fliers in his town, harken back to the likes of Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and other heroes who spoke out against the establishment of their day and who spread broadsides--fliers--and information to the people to tell them the truth. Heroes? You bet. Anyone who fights against a mob mentality with practical free speech needs to be considered a hero. Free speech, doesn't simply mean talking about it in the pristine safety of classrooms, and free speech isn't something that had to be fought for back them. Free speech rights must be used in the real world if they are to be preserved.

Have you ever seen a mob scene in a movie where the mob is doing something wrong and unjust and you (and the rest of the audience, of course) wanted to stand up in front of the mob and scream at them and tell them to wake up and think about what they're doing? It seems that this mob in Arlington, Mass. needs someone to do that with them, because they're being manipulated into an un-American frenzy of hatred against free speech, and they can't even see it.

And, what about the victim of the alleged attack and rape? Apparently no one held up candles for her.

The issue in Massachusetts is one of free speech. Will the people of Arlington and Sharon be allowed to read information that the local authorities don't want them to read, or will the local authorities be able to kill free speech, because they are afraid of this speech and the ideas behind it? Will the Devil once again rise in Massachusetts as he once did, or will freedom and justice prevail? Will free citizens of a free land be able to look beyond the mind dulling propaganda Witch burninginduced frenzy and the candlelight rallies to the truth? Will these citizens then read the fliers with a critical eye and, with a rational thought process, decide for themselves whether the ideas presented have merit or not, or will they simply let the authorities decide what is "hate" and not fit for them to read? Will these citizens be satisfied in being treated like children who must be prevented from reading what the adults--the authorities, in this case--don't want them to read?

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