THE NEW TRUE BELIEVERS by H. Millard (c) 2001

Jaelynn SealeyIn May of 2000, Jaelynn Sealey, a black woman in Huntersville, N. C. told the local police that someone had painted a racial slur on her garage and set her car on fire. As soon as word about this got out to the local "nice-whites," these nice-whites apparently wiped those Aunt Bea smiles off their faces, put away their darning needles, fed all their stray cats and rallied in her support, and against racism.

After all, it's the duty of nice whites to show non-whites how nice, nice whites are to those poor souls who were (soto voce, please) "so unfortunate to have been born with, well, you know, dearie, skin that isn't white. Shhhh. Here comes one now. 'We love you brother. Black Power. You are somebody.' Dearie, we need to encourage them, and make them feel loved." These nice-whites are the new true believers in our society.

The town even set up a special bank account to accept donations for Ms. Sealey and her family. Now, isn't that so sweet and nice white? Had Ms. Sealey been white, it is doubtful that she would have received all the attention from the nice-whites, but most whites with any consciousness already know this. Anyway, during the days that followed, the nice-white folks continued to gush their love of all non-whites, and their hatred of racist whites (who are all whites who aren't nice-whites). One can imagine the plump apple-pie-baking-nice-whites just bustling all over the town smiling those sanctimonious smiles, and feeling so self-satisfied in their goodness.

Meanwhile, the local police were trying hard to find the white suspect that Ms. Sealey said she had seen near her house. They never found him, and couldn't even find any clues leading to anyone. Then, after exhausting all other leads, police investigators asked the Sealeys to take a lie detector test. The Sealeys refused. The investigators soon found paint in the Sealeys' garage that they determined was similar to the paint used to paint the racial slur.

The police were also unable to find any sign of forced entry into the garage by anyone, including devious, evil whites who in their Machiavellian hatred of blacks might have planted the paint, in order to blame those sweet black folks. As the investigation proceeded, other evidence was turned up that pointed toward Ms. Sealey. Finally, on July 10, 2001, Ms. Sealey was charged with four counts of mail fraud, three counts of wire fraud, two counts of making false statements to federal authorities and one count of using
fire to commit a felony.

anti-racism posterWas Ms. Sealey condemned by the local nice-white true believers who had rushed in to embrace her against the evil "racists?" Not exactly. The nice-white true believers operate on faith, not facts. The nice-white true believers had a psychological need to believe Ms. Sealey's story. Their belief apparently gives as much meaning to their presumably empty lives as, say, rescuing stray cats, and they feel as though they're doing something important and worthwhile in fighting racial hatred, even where
it doesn't exist. "Well, golly gee whilikers, it could exist."

These nice-white true believers love to wear their righteous indignation where everyone can see it, and they never realize that they've been manipulated into their true believer mind sets by the true haters in our society who hate white people and all manifestations of their essential whiteness. Evidence and truth isn't required for these nice-white true believers. Belief is all that's needed. These nice-white true believers are like true believers in every age. Think of them as being witch hangingbrainwashed cultists in the nutty, but informal, Anti-Racist cult that is as popular today as the Witch Hunting cult once was. They are easily suggestible and they get caught up in the group-think that surrounds them, and they often uncritically accept the messages broadcast by oppressors of white people.

These nice-white true believers already have their minds made up, and facts mean nothing to them (This is a definition of "bigotry," by the way). They long ago internalized the oppressors' propaganda to the point where they will try to bend reality to prove that non-whites are always right, and if there is evil, it has a white face. A comment made by Hunterville's Mayor Randy Quillen, after Ms. Sealey's indictment, gives a clue to the psychological state of some who need to believe in these hate crimes as though they are religious dogma, "We began to talk more openly about diversity. It was a wake-up call for all of us." Mayor Quillen, as seems to be usual for those who use such standard clichés, did not explain why this was positive, nor why it caused the townspeople to talk more openly about diversity, nor even why it was a wake-up call. Sometimes, you just have to believe.

Switch now to a story from Huntingburg, Indiana where, according to the Courier & Press, local residents joined hands to erase graffiti to help ease tension. No kidding. It seems that Huntingburg has a growing Hispanic population and that a local white real estate agent was recently stabbed by a Hispanic. After the stabbing, some mean, presumably white person or white persons unknown did the unthinkable and-- "Oh, no, can't we all just get along?"-- horrible act of putting up wanted posters describing the alleged Hispanic assailants. That's it. They just put up wanted posters.

Well, this act of trying to warn local residents about the assailants and to help capture them, caused Mayor Gail Kemp to say "We're not going to tolerate intolerance." Her reference, in case you're unclear about this, was not about the stabbing of the white person by the non-whites, but about someone putting up wanted posters to capture the criminals. Apparently, the nice-white true believers in the town will tolerate stabbings of its white citizens by Hispanics, but they won't tolerate anyone trying to warn white citizens about the criminals.

Sister Mary Victor Kercher, a retired local Spanish teacher, in speaking about the posters, said "This was a result of some [white] individuals who were frustrated and took their frustrations out on the minority culture." Huh? Well, once again, one just has to believe. In the minds of the nice whites, the stabbing wasn't such a bad thing. After all, the victim was white and the assailants non-white. So where's the crime? The real crime was that some whites wanted to help capture the non-whites who stabbed the white. Of course, and you know this is true,
had whites stabbed a nonwhite, the nice-whites would have been holding candle light vigils, and sitting around in circles singing Kumbaya with tears streaming down their faces.

After the horrible hate crime of someone putting up wanted posters to help capture the nonwhite criminals, the local nice-whites then joined hands with the local Hispanics to paint over Hispanic gang graffiti in the town. This was apparently done to show that nice-whites love Hispanics and that they didn't want any "racist" whites to use the fact of the Hispanic gang graffiti as evidence that there was a nonwhite crime problem in the town.

Sometimes when you read about the actions of nice whites, you realize that whites would probably already be extinct had we not lived in areas isolated from non-whites for so many thousands of years. Nice-whites are the new true believers in our society. They are easily manipulated, and they want to believe, that most whites are evil and most non-whites are good. And, even when they realize that their belief is misplaced and that they've been duped, they'll try to defend their belief. As I've written in another column, there was an incident on a black 'klanster'college campus a couple of years ago where a black student claimed that some white racists had carved some anti-black symbols and slogans on his dorm door. As soon as he announced this, students and faculty members organized marches against racism and hate. The true believer nice-whites came out of the woodwork and even caused a mini-riot on campus against racism. Then it was discovered that the black student had carved all the anti-black symbols and slogans on his door himself.

Was he condemned? Of course not. The nice whites praised him for pointing out what could have happened, and for raising their consciousness to racism and hate.

Speaking of raising consciousness; a recent story in the Los Angeles Times datelined Sharon, Mass. shows how some conscious whites have tried to raise the consciousness of nice-white true believers by distributing fliers. Why fliers? Well, why not? They're cheap to produce and distribute and many disenfranchised conscious whites don't have the money to buy newspaper and TV ads. Fliers are a good way to get a particular message into the hands of those who might read the message. Ahhh, but here's the rub. These weren't fliers promoting black power or Mexican Amnesty or free abortions for all, these fliers, weren't about any of those "love" things.

According to the Los Angeles Times these were "Hate Fliers." Also according to the Times, the fliers hadn't been out long before Roman Catholic Priest Robert Bullock jumped up and proclaimed, " [I] wonder if this really is protected speech. This is speech used to assault, used to hate." Huh? A Catholic Priest, hmmm. Didn't the Catholic Church recently apologize for once persecuting and killing people for saying that the Earth wasn't the center of the solar system? Some people and some institutions never seem to learn. Also, nice Father Bullock apparently doesn't understand the term assault, but since he's a little fuzzy on free speech, that's no surprise.

Because the Los Angeles Times was vague about the nature of the hate fliers; which is usually a sure sign that the newspaper wants readers to focus on the hate term "hate" and uncritically accept their characterization, rather than forming their own opinions after actually reading the fliers for themselves, I did a little research.

What I learned was that the fliers were copies of ones that are available from a group called the National Alliance. The fliers essentially give a series of facts, opinions and positions taken by the group and which are presented in a manner apparently calculated to grab attention. Some of the fliers feature black criminals with factual information about their crimes against whites. Others are on other subjects. The headlines are bold teases, as is common with most advertising; and these fliers are essentially advertising certain beliefs. Thus, one flier reads "Who's Oppressed?" Another reads "Missing: A Future for White Children."

Hate fliers? Nope. They appear to be legal political fliers. I could see no immediate calls to violence. And, what about the fact that they were thrown on people's lawns? There's no hate in that. Fliers are thrown on people's lawns all the time. In fact, this manner of distribution--by hand--has often been used by oppressed people who do not have mass communication capabilities, as do many of the oppressors. We live in a busy world, and in order to get people to read a message you need to do more than try to bore them into reading it.

Did the fliers work? Well, they got lots of press, and you're reading this column that mentions them. Did they open anyone's eyes or make them wonder about the content of the fliers, so that those who wonder might seek out more information? Who knows? But, every time a message is put out, there is the possibility that someone will read it and learn something, and this is one of the reasons that the real haters want to stop free speech. The real haters don't want people to be able to make up their minds for themselves. The real haters want everyone to be True Believers. Despite the attempt by those who don't like free speech to kill the message, they may only have succeeded in piquing the curiosity of an emerging class of conscious white people, who seem to be demanding the right to read alternate views and not just have the big media characterize some views as "hateful."

Speaking both of hate and of Massachusetts, and there seems to be a logical link between these two words given the state's history of being the place where the nice-whites once hunted down some poor old women and hanged them as witches; there was a recent newspaper story about the Montachusett Regional Vocational School in Fitchburg, about 40 miles west of Boston. It seems that the school has suspended some students because they honestly answered some supposedly confidential questions about race matters. It turns out that school officials' claims that the questionnaires were confidential were apparently false, and the whole thing smacks of some sort of mind sting operation to find some hate in the minds of white students. Nice-white true believers know, as a matter of faith, that other whites have hate in their minds that these other whites are hiding. t any rate, these school officials then tracked down and punished some white students who had written, among other things, that they believed that minority students were being given preferential treatment. The student's are now suing the school. Put your money on the students winning this one.

Switch now to the the other side of post-American America where nice white and Bill LockyerTrue Believer California Attorney General Bill Lockyer threw a fit recently because Orange County hadn't reported enough hate crimes. Yep. It seems that the local Orange County prosecutor in charge of hate crimes, actually took a look at the facts of various incidents and didn't let his knee jerk his mouth open to proclaim every traffic altercation between a white and a person of any color other than white, a hate crime by the white. On this one, Lockyer had flown so far from the coop with his nutty remarks that even some liberal commentators have questioned his motives.

The New True Believers are out there my friends--they're the nice-whites. They know there's a lot of hate hidden in white minds, just as they once knew that the Earth was the center of the solar system and that the Earth was flat.

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