by H. MILLARD © 2000

All over the southern states of the United States the Confederate Flag is being pulled down. In Europe and elsewhere, white people are being sent to prison for simply questioning the Holocaust.
In Africa, white farmers are losing their farms to blacks whose only claim to the lands is that they're black. When we turn to the propaganda outlets of the movies, television and newspapers we receive constant positive reinforcement that whites should mate with non-whites.

We read that birthrates for whites are down worldwide. In the United States we see massive waves of non-whites "immigrating" to the country. When we listen to our politicians we hear them telling us that all is well and that this is progress and just the way it's supposed to be.

We then see these politicians passing so-called hate crime laws, which every thinking white person knows are really anti-white hate laws that do everything but make white people wear white stars on their clothing lest they pass for non-white. At the same time we read about non-whites who have murdered whites and who had previously written that they were going to murder whites because they're white, and we've seen such non-whites use racial epithets while they're doing their killing of whites. We then hear the police and other authorities say that they don't think these were hate crimes. Meanwhile, other police and various authorities are busy persecuting whites for hate crimes after the white yelled at a nonwhite after a traffic altercation.

There is a hypersensitivity toward anything that a white may say, do or think and there is a presumption that a white is "guilty" of hate because of the color of his skin. Sadly, far too many whites then play right into the hands of those who hate whites by trying to overcome this presumption by showing that some of their "best friends" are of the approved hues. The effect of this is to neutralize the white falling into this mental trap as a genuine person and as a white. What results from this backing away from being white is a neutral white--a gelding--a drone--a non-person--a person without a genetic heritage.

In the streets of most major cities we see whites being murdered by non-whites, yet no "hate" motive ever seems to be found .

What's going on?

To those grounded in the Bible, it may seem that Satan has finally won. Maybe he has. Whether one takes a Biblical or a more secular view of the world today, one thing is certain to those with the wisdom to see the truth, we are living in an age of madness--a New Dark Age.

Whites are in the midst of a holocaust in which those who hate them are trying to destroy everything white from genes to culture to mores to history. Whites are being erased bit by bit by bit.

The removal of the Confederate Flag is not about a flag, nor about slavery, it is about destroying just one more symbol representing white people. Those being sent to jail for simply questioning the Holocaust are being persecuted for being white and exercising their God (or natural) right to think and speak out--well known white traits.

The excesses of those trying to kill off whites are now becoming so clear, that even some white drones are starting to catch on to what's really going on, and one suspects that the pendulum of public opinion may start swinging the other way when a critical mass of whites start demanding to be white once more.

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