(Throw away those birth control pills and jump into bed)

by H. Millard (c) 2000

     Joy, joy, joy. Whites are headed to being a minority in the U.S. Soon the whole place will be full of little brown people busy reproducing more little brown people.

     You've seen the little brown people. They're out there standing at bus stops. They're hanging around on street corners. I know you're vaguely aware of them. BM-WI've seen you driving your BMW's past them while you've been busy talking on your cell phones; probably to someone about buying an even more expensive car. I've seen you move away from the cities--not because of the influx of brown invaders, "Oh no, dearie, I'm not a racist"--and into guarded gated communities, "I just wanted a bigger house."

      I've seen you pull your below-replacement-level-one-child-per-white-yuppie-couple out of public schools and put him or her into a private school--not because of the influx of brown invader children, "Oh no, dearie, I just want my child to have a good education, and gee,public school those public schools are sooooo bad." I've seen you at the malls buying more and more things to try to give meaning to your meaningless lives. I've seen you getting old. I've seen you going to old age homes where your one child, now grown, may visit you once or twice a year. "Oh, my child loves me, it's just that he or she is so busy. Yes, my child has decided not to have any children. He/she said there are too many children in the world already, and besides a child would be such a life change." I've seen you die. I've seen little brown people spit on your grave.

     Remember that little brown person you saw at the bus stop? Remember how you felt you were one of life's winners and he or she was one of life's losers? After all, winners all have nice cars and big homes and losers take the bus and live in tiny apartments. Well, that little brown person may have few material things, but he or she has something you lack with your superficial world view. You don't know what is important and real and you've substituted the unimportant and artificial in your life. That little brown person, on the other hand, knows what is important and real. weddingHe or she knows that true wealth and happiness comes from having children like oneself. He or she has many, many children, and the children of that little brown person will probably grow up to make the laws and run the businesses that will one day make your lone child a second class citizen. And, when your child reaches dating age, he or she will find few dating choices among people who look like you. Instead, the schools and the clubs and the streets and the businesses will be full of little brown people. And, your child may marry one of them. And, in the event your child does decide to have children, he or she will produce more little brown children.

      In not too many years, there may be amazement when the family album is pulled out, and the latest generation of little brown people look at pictures of their picture "Daddy, who is that white man and woman in the album?" they may say. And when they are told that the white people in the picture were the brown child's grandparents, there may be a moment of silence before the children say "How can that be, we're not white? They don't look anything at all like us?" Who then survived? Not you and not your genes. You've become a dead end. You've been supplanted. Your family name may carry on, but those now carrying it aren't at all like you. You've become extinct.

The dodo don't fly...      Survival of the fittest? What does that mean? Does it mean the strongest, the fastest, the smartest? Nope. It means the ones who survive are the ones who have the most offspring who are able to make it to an age when they too can have more offspring. The fittest may actually be the dumbest. For all your smarts and good schooling you are really singing the song of the DoDo. I've seen your offices with pictures of lone eagles and slogans that read things such as: "The eagle flies alone." You think that's noble and good? The eagle is almost extinct. If you want to survive, you should put away that picture of the eagle and put up one of a cockroach. "The eagle flies alone"There's a creature that knows how to survive. The cockroach was walking the earth, looking just as it does today, when dinosaurs were around. Thousands and thousands of "noble" creatures have come into existence and gone into oblivion while the cockroach lives on. What is the cockroach's secret? It adapts to just about any conditions--meaning, primarily, it will eat just about anything, but more important than that is the fact that it breeds under all conditions. And, it breeds and it breeds and it breeds. It never stops breeding.cockroaches

      Is survival among humans about race and ethnicity? Yes. But, there's more to it, and this "more" is very basic. Survival begins on the level of genes. The question is; which genes will dominate? Will genes for white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes (and all the others that make a white person a white person) dominate the gene pool, thus ensuring those with these characteristics will have enough people like them in the world to protect their interests and ensure their survival as a distinct people? Or, will genes for brown skin, black hair and brown eyes (and dinosaursall the others that make a brown person a brown person) dominate the gene pool? The answer, as mentioned above, is to be found in which carriers of particular genes pass on more of these genes to the gene pool. Mating by the carriers of these genes--people--is the primary tool of survival and dominance by the genes.

      In a world where 90% of humanity is non-white and where modern mass transportation can bring thousands to those pockets of the planet where whites are in a local majority and where these pockets of white humanity are generally better off--due, ultimately to genes--than the rest of the world that is non-white, there is a natural desire of non-whites to invade (they call it immigration--but, it's really an invasion without guns) these white pockets to take advantage of the better conditions brought about by the whites. Of course, at some point, the genetic recipe that made the white pockets desirable is changed genetically, and Mexican bandthese formerly nice areas become not so nice, and become like whichever group then dominates the area. In other words, the white pockets can only absorb so many genetically different peoples before they themselves are absorbed and become a reflection of the genes of these other people and become like the very places that these other people fled.

      While you dream about and act like a lone eagle, and falsely believe this is noble, the little brown people are singing about and acting like La Cucaracha. In the betting halls of existence, the smart money for survival is on the cockroach and those who copy him, not on the eagle and those who copy him.
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