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Now that the word RATS has been put into a couple of frames of an anti-Gore TV ad run by the Bush campaign and the American public has once again had its consciousness raised, for a day or two at least, from the ignorance-is-bliss swamp that is the left half of the Bell Curve, we are hearing much [non-whites are good, whites are bad] about subliminal messages from the popular media.

Many of the what's-happening-now-so-we-can-ping-pong-back-and-forth-between-a-liberal- and-a-conservative-commentator TV shows are now having "experts" on the shows to tell, usually, that subliminal messaging doesn't work. Hmmmm. Nonsense. If it didn't work, there would be no public relations or advertising industry. If it didn't work, there would be no uproar about a cartoon Camel selling cigarettes. Of course it works. It may be, however, that sending subliminal messages with a couple of film frames doesn't work as well as doing it in other ways, and it does have something of a negative and bad press Big Brother feel to it.
Buy Popcorn! You may recall the "Buy Popcorn" experiments of the 1960's[non-whites are good, whites are bad] where various movie theaters would flash a few frames of that message in the films they were showing. There were reports that popcorn sales increased in those theaters where this was done, but apparently there wasn't enough of a bump to conclusively prove that the subliminal message in the movies was the cause. At any rate, the project was apparently scrapped.

Whether we realize it or not, we're constantly bombarded by subliminal messages. Recently, it was revealed that the federal government has been giving various incentives to TV producers who incorporate anti-drug messages into their TV shows. The way it's done, with variations, is to have admirable characters "just say no" to drugs and if drugs are mentioned in a script it is by characters who are calculated to be disliked by the audience. Thus a positive halo effect is created around the no drug message and a negative one is created around drugs. The essence of a subliminal message is not the delivery device. It may be in a film, a TV show, in a newspaper, in a song or in anything else that plants a message in our subconscious, and tends to change our views. In the U.S. we usually call this propaganda or brainwashing when we think it's bad, but advertising and public relations when we think it's good or at least not bad.

Why does this matter to those who are opposed to the massive immigration--both legal and illegal-- to the U.S. that is now taking place?

It matters because the same subliminal dynamic is at work in attempts to convince the American public that all immigration is good. How many times have you heard someone of less than stellar intellect puff up their chest and with that "I'm proud to be an American," gleam in their eyes say "We're a nation of immigrants"? Of course, every nation can say as much as populations of humans have moved and shifted around the world. But, no matter.[non-whites are good, whites are bad] The cliché tends to make it seem that all people are fungible and that this immigrant is the same as that immigrant. If you, for a minute, think this is so, then go visit Haiti and see if you can figure out why that nation of immigrants--which should be a tropical paradise--has the lowest standard of living in the western hemisphere. The reality is that different populations of human beings build different cultures. The U.S. is largely a product of the millions of Europeans who came here. What's going on in the U.S. now, however, is that a dominant and stable European plain-wrap culture is actually being told that it should welcome in millions of people who are destabilizing and actually trying to supplant the existing culture with their own culture, and that citizens should welcome this, partly because "We're a nation of immigrants."

Of course, it's not stated that way. That would, to say the least, be liminal ( above the threshold of the subconscious) rather than sub-liminal and when stated in such a way, too many citizens might actually wake up and reject the clichés and the massive immigration. Instead, we are bombarded 24 hours a day with subliminal messages that immigration is good, race/ethnicity don't matter, all people are the same, members of one race/ethnicity are no more likely to commit violent crimes than members of other races/ethnicities, and on and on.

GodzillaNow, it's in this area of trying to convince the public that all people--and thus, all immigrants--are the same as all other people, and therefore there should be no reason to control who immigrates to this nation, where we can see what we can call the Godzilla problem, and the hand of the public relations/propaganda experts. Say, you've got a big monster that everyone is afraid of and you want to change his image. The first thing you might do is change his name from Godzilla to Fluffy. Suddenly, the monster Godzilla doesn't seem as bad. Next, you may hide the destruction wrought by Godzilla/Fluffy and emphasize the good things he does. At the same time, you may want to show that, gee, Godzilla/Fluffy isn't responsible (in any higher proportion than the general population) for stomping on all those buildings. You do this by hiding the identity of Godzilla/Fluffy from the public when he stomps a building and by being sure to indicate the identity[non-whites are good, whites are bad] of a non-Godzilla/Fluffy when this non-Godzilla/Fluffy stomps a building.

Here's a real world example of the principle in action. In the September 13 edition of the Orange County section of the Los Angeles Times (pg B-4) is a report headed: "Cypress College Student Abducted, Raped; Man escapes With Her Car." Here's the description of the guy by the Times: "The assailant was described as about 25 years old, 5 feet, 8 inches tall and 180 pounds. Investigators said he has a pierced tongue and black hair shaved on all sides with the top long and gelled back. Police said he was neatly dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, dark blue dress pants and dark brown shoes."

Notice anything missing that might help track this creep down?

For the missing item we need to turn to the Orange County Register, also on Sept. 13 on page Local News 5. Here, we see a report of this same crime: "Cypress College ups security after student reports a rape." Here's the description that appears in the Register: The suspect is described as a male Hispanic (emphasis added) and it then goes on to give all the same descriptive items listed in the TIMES.

Somehow, the TIMES "forgot" to add that the assailant was "Hispanic."

Now, lest one think that the REGISTER is a more honest newspaper than the TIMES, be advised that the REGISTER usually does the same thing as the TIMES, but in the[non-whites are good, whites are bad] REGISTER, the race/ethnicity that is usually "forgotten" is "black."

Both newspapers never seem to forget to report the race of criminal suspects when they're white, however.

The result of this selective reporting of race/ethnicity is to create the subliminal impression that fewer non-whites and more whites are involved in violent criminal acts than is the case.

This attempt to change public perceptions through subliminal means is not unique to California and similar examples abound throughout the media nationwide. Of course, it gets even better, or worse, if you are a white person, because God forbid that you should ever be in a traffic altercation with a non-white and that you shout just about anything at the non-white party, because you will more than likely be accused of a hate crime, and the local newspapers will dutifully report your race and your crime. On the other hand, let non-whites attack whites and the authorities and the press have a hard time finding a racial component.

Hopefully, the double standard is starting to be seen by the mostly sleep-walking through life white population of this nation and that they'll have their consciousness raised to the point where they'll start being skeptical to the point that they'll develop an immunity to the subliminal hate white people love non-white people message that is being spread.

Remember, non-whites are all Fluffies and whites are all Godzillas and remember also that [non-whites are good and whites are bad].

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