(Evil racist, xenophobes that they are)
by H. Millard (c) 2001

Some world "leaders" (sure they are), who are mostly left-wing extremists, are meeting in Sweden this week to decry the rise of an anti-self-genocidal attitude among many Europeans. It seems that thirty-five or so years of conditioning hasn't quite taken with these anti-self-genocidal Europeans who are actually demanding that their countries remain white, instead of turning brown like most of the planet.

Of course, these world leaders know the real reason why these anti-self-genocidal Europeans don't want all the non-white world to settle in their European nations: the white Europeans are down right evil, and they want to find innocent scapegoats for unemployment, crime and other social problems. These evil white anti-self-genocidal Europeans are so vile that they actually notice that most of their violent crime and other
social problems are caused by nonwhite "immigrants" to their nations. Instead of simply rolling over and becoming extinct, many of these anti-self-genocidal white Europeans are actually fighting back in the only way they can; with increasing street guerilla tactics against criminals who take advantage of the natural lawful and kind natures of the white Europeans.

How else can these oppressed white Europeans fight? Many European governments are now full of anti-freedom left-wing extremist freaks who are trading their peoples' genetic heritage for money, and for social acceptance in the brown world. These European governments aren't allowing free speech by white Europeans and they aren't listening to the cries of these oppressed people in their own countries who are facing a very real extinction.

Instead of being absorbed into the 90% of humanity that is nonwhite, these anti-self-genocidal white Europeans seem to be saying that they (oh, horrors) have a right to
exist as a distinct people. They have a right to not be assimilated into brown humanity. They have a right to their own identities and they have a right to survive, by whatever means necessary. They seem to be saying that they're going to fight to exist. They're saying that they have a right to self-determination as a distinct people, free from the intrusions of other peoples unlike them. They also seem to be saying that they're going to fight against the left-wing creeps in their countries who are selling out their own people to brown masters.

Kofi Annan and wife NaneIn a people are fungible statement, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that Europe should allow more Third World immigration because it needs more people. Indeed, Europe does need more people. It needs more European people. It doesn't need more non-Europeans,
because, you see, a Europe without Europeans isn't really much of a Europe at all. People do matter.

Europeans need to increase their low birthrates and this will give Europe the people it needs. How to do this? By all means possible including polygamy, PR campaigns aimed at young Europeans to convince them that they should throw away those birth control measures and to also convince them that it's cool to have many, many kids. Europeans do not need to have an open border policy that will make Europe a new Africa. One Africa is enough.

To look at this in a more PC light, one may say that the anti-self-genocidal white Europeans are assisting with diversity by helping white people--who are only 10% of the Earth's human population not become extinct. How diverse is a world that is 100% nonwhite?

The left-wing extremists with their genocidal dreams of a completely nonwhite world are getting nervous these days, though, because their propaganda is now being countered via the Internet, and the freedom loving European people are still receiving the truth that their governments are suppressing. Watch for more calls to censor the Internet as the left-wing extremists try to stop the flow of ideas, in order to keep their people docile and subjugated until they can be convinced that they need to mate with non-whites.
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