by H. Millard (c) 2000

     What is a "people?" Is it all the individuals who happen to live on a piece of land, even if they are not genetically similar? Maybe. That, of course, is the current US model. But, is it a good model? Can genetically dissimilar peoples ever really be a people? Apparently, some very powerful elites--Blenders-- now realize that they can't, even while they still give lip service to "diversity," and similar tired concepts. How do we know that these Blenders now know the truth? Because, they seem to be stepping up their moves to cause all peoples to blend together, so that everyone has some genes of other races, and so that no one can claim to be part of one race. They're partly accomplishing this goal through massive non-white immigration to the US, which up until recent years was actually a new Europe on the American continent.

      Whites with consciousness of their basic nature are especially under attack in the U.S. today, and they are being forced through the law, social pressure, "The BLOB"propaganda, and psychological means to deny their most basic identity. Those who are either oblivious of their basic identity or who deny it, are being manipulated into assimilating into the nonwhite gene pool and disappearing as part of a distinct people. This is what the Blenders (those who want to blend away all genetic, national and religious differences among humans) want. To accomplish their blending goal, the Blenders often use conditioning, and sell their message of blending via slick advertising type campaigns. Because they don't see themselves as a distinct people, whites obviously don't even think of demanding self-determination.

      Perhaps all is not lost, however, because there are some intelligent souls left who are aware that distinct peoples often find that they are being forced, in one way or another, to assimilate into a more numerous people or peoples and thus become extinct.

      The Helsinki Final Act has this to say about self-determination:

Equal rights and self-determination of peoples
The participating States will respect the equal rights of peoples and their right to self-determination, acting at all times in conformity with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and with the relevant norms of international law, including those relating to territorial integrity of States.

By virtue of the principle of equal rights and self- determination of peoples, all peoples always have the right, in full freedom, to determine, when and as they wish, their internal and external political status, without external interference, and to pursue as they wish their political, economic, social and cultural development.

The participating States reaffirm the universal significance of respect for and effective exercise of equal rights and self- determination of peoples for the development of friendly relations among themselves as among all States; they also recall the importance of the elimination of any form of violation of this principle.


      A real world example of a group of people who until recently had no recognized identity separate from other people in their nation, can be seen with many of the people who live north of the Po River in Italy. Up until a few years ago, these people considered themselves to be "just Italians," much as many whites in America say that they are "just Americans." However, activists among the people in that section of Italy started pointing out that they were different from other peoples in the nation, and that they were really not just Italians at all, but had an identity that trumped that lumpen national one. In fact, many of these people were far more Germanic in appearance than other Italians from the south of Italy. Many of them, for example, have blond hair and blue eyes. Their interests, desires and, yes, their destiny, were being repressed by having to be part of people unlike themselves and by trying to fit into the greater mass that acts like a blanket and keeps them clustered near a mediocre norm.

      As I have written in other columns, the consciousness raising instituted by the activists has now reached a point that many people in the region now believe that their interests, culture and heritage are not adequately represented by being part of Italy, and these people want to establish an independent nation called Padania. Spearheading the move for separation is the Northern League headed by Umberto Bossi who has shown himself adept at getting his separatist agenda into the press on a regular basis and thus building support.
      The Padanians have decided that the best way to proceed to become a separate nation is to just do it. So, without firing a shot they elected their own 200 member parliament to do all those things that a parliament of any nation does. Although the Italian government declared the vote illegal, this did not deter the separatists.

      So far, Padania has a declaration of independence from Italy, its own flag,
Flag of Padaniaa newspaper and a national anthem in addition to the parliament. But its most important assets is that it apparently has the sympathy of the voters in the region as evidenced by the fact that the National League has won up to 40% of the vote in some northern areas of Italy in past Italian elections.

      Perhaps there are some lessons to be learned by other white nationalists, rightists and free-thinkers in other countries from the steps being taken by the Padanians. And what are some of those lessons?
      First, there must be an understanding by the people that they are a separate people, different in many respects from other people in the old larger nation. The differences must be pointed out to the people and the old larger government's propaganda, which tries to deny differences, must be shown for the fraud that it is. In this regard, it is important to give the people a sense of cohesiveness and identity via flags, anthems, slogans and other highly visible symbols that the people can incorporate into their daily lives.

      Second, the people must be shown that the interests of this separate people; all their hopes and dreams, can not be satisfied by the larger nation which, by its very nature must create a bland generalized society to encompass diverse peoples. The people must be made aware of the fact that they are being victimized by the larger nation either in economic matters, various repressive actions, violent crime or in other ways, and that the larger nation is harmful to the interests of this separate people and is a millstone around their collective necks.

      Third, the people must be taught that they have the moral and legal right to declare themselves what they already know they are---a separate nation---free of people unlike themselves so that they may pursue their destiny through the exercise of their self-determination and self-definition.

      Fourth, the people must establish their own separate organs of government from police to soup kitchens and everything in between. In other words, they must establish their own government and they must act as a separate nation. This is difficult, because the larger government will try to smash this new nation aborning through all means possible. It is at this juncture that the the effectiveness of the new organs of government will be tested. If the spade work was done correctly and the people remain strong and loyal to the new government in the face of massive repression and suppression by the old larger government, then the new nation may emerge.
      Given modern realities, much of the repression and suppression will be psychological as the old larger government cranks up its propaganda machine to demonize the leaders of the new government and paint them as common criminals and mad men in an attempt to isolate the leaders of the new government from the people. This is a dangerous time for the new government, because the older larger government will have massive resources at its disposal, and will often praise the people of the new "nation" while attacking the leaders. Unless, the leaders have properly prepared the people and built an effective infrastructure, this will be the end of the new nation.

      If, however, the leaders of the new nation have built an effective organization especially in the area of propaganda, so that they can immediately counter the older larger government's propaganda, they may be able to keep the people on their side. The people must know with every fiber of their beings that what they are trying to do is moral and just and that those who would keep them from their self-determination are evil.

      Scottish BagpipersWill the Padanians succeed in their move to create a separate nation?
It's too early to tell, but whatever happens, they may have many years of struggle ahead of them if the similar struggles of the Irish, the Scots, the French Canadians, the Basques and others are any clue.

      There do appear to be moves in many nations world wide for just the type of self-determination being sought by the Padanians, and one wonders if such a move among the whites of America is far off, as they increasingly become angered by being victimized by a system that taxes them and gifts people unlike them with these funds, and as they become increasingly victimized by nonwhite violent crime and social problems.

      Will whites in America simply and finally get fed up with being told that they are wrong for wanting to be white and that they are evil for wanting their culture and heritage to be the standard for their lives? Will whites have their consciousness of who and what they are raised so that they come to an understanding similar to that of the people of Padania--that they are and ought to be a separate people free to go their own way? Will whites declare themselves as a separate nation, and take steps similar to those that the Padanians have taken?

      Maybe. But then again, the conditioning that is controlling the subconscious chickenminds of many whites is often difficult to see by the individuals affected. And in not seeing the conditioning, it's almost impossible to overcome. This conditioning is similar in its effect to the post hypnotic suggestions of stage hypnotists. Give a trigger word such as "racism" to some of these white folks in a trance and they'll do a PC version of clucking like a chicken as they tell you that some of their best friends are...(fill in the blank with the current favored nonwhite group).
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