by H. Millard (c) 2001

o, '60's lefty, now turned '01 righty (perhaps, because he can sell more
books to a Bill Buckley pimple right that needs books from a guy like this
who gives them cover) David Horowitz has figured a way to get back in the
public eye and in front of some cameras.

Horowitz's schtick is an ad he's been running saying that the U.S. shouldn't pay reparations to blacks. There's nothing really very controversial about the ad. However, because Horowitz has been trying to run the ad in college newspapers, he's received a lot of publicity since many of the pimple faced morons in our colleges these days aren't getting laid enough to control their hormonal peaks--what with AIDS-- and are just looking for some cause to throw themselves into. Hey, what the hell, it beats cold showers.

At any rate, some post college types are writing columns attacking Horowitz. One such column appearing on was by a Joan Walsh (Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Horowitz?). Horowitz then rebutted Walsh's column, but as is typical with Horowitz he rebuts by telling readers that some of his best friends are....

Horowitz (wanna buy a book?) lets readers know that some of his best friends are black. This is typical Horowitz. The guy wants to appear provocative, but he is always very PC provocative (say, did I say he'll sell you a book?). Horowitz's schtick is to skim the surface of racial issues, and then duck behind "some of his best friends are...."

Then, and as expected, Horowitz gives us the usual de rigueur rant against
"racism;" that multi-purpose smear word that can mean anything, and thus
means nothing, as he defends his "provocativeness" (buy his latest book
and show them there lefties, by gum).

David HorowitzWhat Horowitz actually does is give cover to mostly WASPy timid souls and aracial white drones who have a shallow view of race and who have mini-orgasms when they hear the "bold" Horowitz say what they think they think (but, er, they're not too sure, and don't want to take too strong a stand--being, er, polite WASPS--and need support from others to know what they think). They can line up behind Horowitz because he is a non-WASP Jew, a former lefty, and, as mentioned, because some of his best friends are...." The wake thus created by Horowitz at the point position lets the more timid souls cruise in behind him and find their own cover.

Of course all this misses the real issue of race in our day; which is not one of reparations nor of integration nor of equality, but is one of the blending genocide and the extinction of distinct peoples that is being packaged as multi-culturalism, fairness, anti-racism, and which also appears in several other wrappers.

While the blending genocide that is being pushed in the modern world will
affect all groups, it will most affect white people who are a very small 10%
of all humans on Earth. Given modern transportation and immigration patterns, formerly all white pockets of humanity are being invaded by the 90% of humanity that is non-white. The result of this is that there is a blending of distinct racial types into what some are calling a Tan Everyman--a being who conforms in genes, and also, by the way, in religion and in nationality with all other Tan Everymen on the planet.

Talk about conformity! The Tan Everyman, if genetic patterns and demographics provide a clue, will be a short, brown-skinned person with black hair and dark eyes. He will replace whites and blacks first--if, for no other reason, than that they are at the extremes of the racial types.

It's the old Bell Curve again. At the risk of sounding like a simpleton, let me say that it's not just I.Q.'s that cluster under the center of the Bell Curve, it's all characteristics, including external racial characteristics that will be in the center.

And, while there has always been such a clustering; what's different now is that the numbers of humans with Tan Everyman characteristics clustering in that samey-same center of the Bell Curve is growing, while the extremes are shrinking as they are absorbed into the central mass.

Horowitz finishes up his rebuttal by telling readers that "I'm going to be out there fighting this battle..." Ho hum. Sleep tight, dear friends, Mr. Horowitz will be taking on those "racial incendiaries," fascists and all other PC targets (say, did I mention he'll sell you a book?). Of course, he'll always tell you that some of his best friends are....

Horowitz reminds me of a guy who thinks he's being bold by standing on a
soap box on the corner yelling "I'm for Mom and apple pie and I don't care
who's against them."

Notwithstanding the above comments that may seem, to be a kick at Horowitz,
I would hasten to add, that we actually need more people speaking out on such issues. My point is simply that we mustn't believe that a little dab of boldness is genuine boldness nor must we believe that because the little boldness creates some controversy that this little boldness actually reaches the real issues.

At any rate to hell with reparations; the true remedy for being taken to America from Africa is to take those who were taken here against their will back to Africa. Oh, they all died of old age a long time ago? Then why are we even talking about reparations to people who weren't forced here from Africa? And, if we're going to pay money to people who weren't actually forced to come here (since they weren't even alive), then let's go all the way and return them to where they, as Tea Partyindividuals, didn't come from. After all, when one is kidnapped, one doesn't want to remain kidnapped and simply be paid for it, one wants to go back to where one was before being kidnapped, even if one wasn't personally kidnapped and even if one personally never came from where one's ancestors came from.

And, Alice said to the Mad Hatter....

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