OF WORMS AND MEN by H. Millard (c) 2001

Scientists have now succeeded in mapping the full genetic program of a higher animal--a worm--whose scientific name is Caenorhabditis elegans. The genome
(the full DNA complement) of this microscopic round worm has about 97 million chemical units and about 19,099 genes. According to news reports, the scientists involved in this gene mapping were somewhat surprised to find that the worms and humans share many of the same genes.

There really should have been no surprise. As we move to ever more lower levels of existence, we find that humans and all other life on the planet are really the same at their most basic. And, why wouldn't they be? All life on Earth is ultimately composed of, and has arisen from, the same chemicals found on the same planet. Life is really just a reorganization of chemicals. What would have been surprising would have been a discovery that humans and the worms were really very different at the genetic level, not that they were much alike.

Single celled animals to worms to humans and then beyond is the way of nature; which is to build upon what already exists through constantly modifying things via very small incremental changes. These very small incremental changes add up and cause very major differences in living things as they are finally expressed as fully formed life forms. Look at humans and worms for an example of this. To repeat: On a basic level, humans are very much like worms, but as we move beyond the basic level, we find that the millions of small incremental changes have resulted in a creature that really is very different than worms.

With this basic understanding of nature and life we can then look at closer relatives of humans than worms, and perhaps start formulating some thoughts on the nature of man and existence, and in doing so, perhaps we can throw off the yoke of ignorance that so characterizes our present Dark Age, and the hateful race-deniers.

Here are a few odds and ends, many of which you probably already know, along with a little speculation. Perhaps, connecting up some of these odds and ends will lead to a greater understanding as we cogitate on man, life, God, and destiny.

DNA1. DNA consists of just 4 nucleotides whose names are usually shortened to the letters A,T,C,G. Shuffle these four chemicals one way and you have a man. Shuffle them another way and you have a worm--so there should be no surprise that humans and worms share some genes.

chimp2. Human DNA is about 98.4% the same as chimpanzee DNA. This means that all the differences between humans and chimps is contained in only 1.6% of our DNA. To put this another way, chimps are 98.4% the same as humans. Why is this important? Because the race-deniers try to tell us that all humans are virtually the same except for some itsy bitsy minor little genetic things. Even the most evil race-denier should be able to see how that itsy bitsy 1.6% difference between humans and chimps results in a world of difference between the two creatures, and you'd think that in so seeing, they would be able to analogize to differences among different humans as well. Unfortunately, race-deniers have an agenda that requires them to ignore facts, just as their moronic forbears ignored facts and did intellectual headstands to deny that the Sun, and not the Earth, was the center of the solar system.

3. Gibbons, just to cite one of thousands of similar examples, have a world population of just around 200,000 individuals. These 200,000 individuals are spread into 4 species and 15 subspecies. Man has a population of around 5 billion individuals and we are told by the most zealous race-deniers that not only are all 5 billion humans lumped into one species, but that we are all of one race. Contrary to what the race-deniers want you to believe, the races of man are actually sub-species (because, that's what "race" is), and they would be developing into separate species given proper isolation from one another.

'evolution'4. We can say, for our purposes, that evolution is a slow change to a higher state. A higher state for humans, must mean some level of higher consciousness (meant here to mean all things of the mind). This is so, because the thing that really distinguishes humans from other living things on Earth, is our physical brain and the mind that is one of its products. The way one would consciously go about evoloving a creature would be by selecting members of a larger population--the masses--with particular traits that one wants to encourage and to allow those with these traits to breed pure. This is accomplished by a separation from the masses which, by definition, have to be average in intellect and other characteristics, otherwise they wouldn't be the masses. The way one would consciously go about devolving a creature would be by folding those with different traits back into the masses. Species evolve by being different and separate. They devolve by being the same and not separate.

5. Many people are aware that humans have been on the Earth for millions of years and that for most of that time, they were relatively unchanged brutish creatures who weren't much more than monkeys. Then, all of a sudden, there was what has been called The Great Leap Forward. Almost overnight, a new improved model of man suddenly appeared in Europe, and at the same time, the world moved forward. So sudden was the change, that it has led to countless speculation as to where these new people came from. Some have speculated that these new people landed in space ships. Others say that they were the group created by God as the "Adam." Arthur C. Clarke in his book 2001, gave us a black obeliskmysterious black obelisk that started The Great Leap Forward. Some say that these new people were the first white people on the planet, and point to the fact that since even today, whites are in such a small minority of humans (only 10% of humans are white) that this is consistent with a belief that they arrived much later than other humans. Those who posit this theory also point out that the Earth's sun is far more harmful to whites than to other peoples which might be an indicator that whites evolved some place where the sun wasn't a factor. Black Muslims have a similar belief about whites, but they present it in a negative way by saying that whites were the creation of an evil scientist who wanted to use them against the real humans on Earth--the non-white peoples. Whatever the cause, The Great Leap Forward did happen, and it does seem to be wrapped up in genes and race.

6. In the U.S. we have a myth of a Melting Pot. In fact, as I have written elsewhere, the term "Melting Pot" actually referred to the fact that at the turn of the century, various European peoples were coming to this nation and were intermarrying and losing their specific national differences. These people were all pretty much identical genetically since they were all Europeans. What was European immigrantsproduced on these shores was a European Everyman--a sort of plain wrap or generic European. As we entered the post-American America era (it started approximately 35-40 years ago), the Melting Pot myth was used as a propaganda term by the race-deniers to blur the distinctions in the popular mind between national origins and genetic origins, and to push their neo-Melting Pot.. So, while the original Melting Pot only melted national differences, the neo-Melting Pot is being used to try to melt away genetic differences so that a generic plain wrap human or Tan Everyman will be created.

One of the main ways scientists separate animals into different species is by the ability or inability of animals to mate and procreate. Thus, in our paragraph concerning Gibbons (number 3, above), members of any one of the four species of Gibbons, apparently can't mate and procreate with members of any of the other four species of Gibbons. The problem with this method of categorizing species is that its basic mate/can't mate premise is often proved wrong, and the literature abounds with examples of Tiger/Lion type matings. It may also be, if we wish to speculate, that humans are actually of several different species, even though they can mate between the different groups. "Race," as you may know is just a fancy term for sub-species in humans, and sub-species are groups that have diverged from the main species and are on their way to separate species status, provided, usually, that they are isolated in a breeding population away from the rest of the original species.

Might it not be reasonable to believe from the above, that white people--a small 10% of humans on the Earth--were once on their way to separate specieshood, but that intermingling with others of the main species stopped the full differentiation that might eventually have led to an inability of the "races" to cross breed?

"melting pot"Some suggest that if, in fact, evolution is about differences and if The Great Leap Forward, as mentioned above, started with an evolutionary leap via a new type of man, that such a neo-Melting Pot will lead not to an advancement for human kind, but to a devolution, or a leveling of differences.

Looked at this way and with some knowledge of the spirit of the age in which we live, we might say that people can be divided into two philosophical camps. In the first camp are the race-deniers (or Blenders). These are those who believe that all humans are basically the same and that we should eradicate any "minor" differences so that we truly are all One People, One Planet. I have called the human sought by this camp The Tan Everyman. The belief in this camp is that such a creation will lead to less conflict in the world. Of course it may also lead to a bland conformity of the human type that is unable to resist any new environmental changes that may occur in the years ahead.

In the other camp are those who believe that diversity is important for evolution and that it is important to actually increase differences in genetic types, not decrease them. It seems likely, however, that such differences must inevitably lead to even greater conflict as the genes of one type battle the genes of other types for dominance.

Which camp is correct? It depends on how we view man, life, God and destiny. As might be expected, we're right back where we started. One expects that the two camps will each try to show that their views are the correct ones, because as humans we do have the power to influence evolution if we can convince enough other people to make choices in their lives that will take them into one or the other camp.

Will the Earth of the future be peopled by a one size fits all docile TAN EVERYMAN, or will there be a vast variety of human types competing and struggling with each other and thus improving the species? It may come down to a question of peaceful blandness versus tumultuous improvement. One thing seems certain. Man, of all animals that we know of, is the only one that can consciously direct his own evolution through the use of his higher thinking abilities, and by making choices based on what he knows about existence. On one of the simplest levels, a human can decide, for example, that he doesn't want his family to be, say, members of the white race, and through the simple process of mating and procreating with non-whites he can ensure that his genetic line will become non-white. Some would probably say that such an act seems to incorporate elements of abortion, suicide and genocide all in one.

Such mating choices are often forced upon whites when they find themselves in circumstances where the only mating choices are with non-whites. And, as the birth rate of whites falls, and as non-white immigration to formerly white nations increases, such circumstances are becoming ever more common.

self-genocideI wrote about one clear example of this self-genocide in a column about "Germans" in Jamaica. What happened, in brief, is that Germans established a colony in Jamaica where they were in a very small minority. For many years they stayed separate and to themselves in their own small town, but eventually they were "integrated." Today, the genotype of the former German immigrants have been almost completely absorbed into blackness. The only thing that remains of old photothese white people is old photos of blond, blue eyed great-grandparents and the German surnames of some of the present black people. Other than these things, the black people of Jamaica with German names are virtually identical to the black people who don't have German names. A similar thing happened to many American Indians who were absorbed into a white genotype and disappeared.

Is the Jamaica example the future of the Earth? Will whites be completely wiped out? Does extinction lie ahead for whites? Working against white survival on Earth, are the race-deniers and their bigoted pals who have created a culture of white death in the modern world, and modern mass transportation.

babyFor whites to survive, they must increase their birthrate and they must remain separate.

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