A,T,C,G,A... A,T,C,G,A...

by H. MILLARD © 2000

During his State of the Union address in January, world renowned geneticist (Oh, he's not? Hmmmm.) and President of the U.S., Bill Clinton, while beaming his Up With People and Let's all Hug smile, gushed "regardless of race, all humans are 99.9 percent the same."

"Golly, it just makes you want to jump into that there Melting Pot, don't it Ma?" And of course, that's what Mr. Clinton wants you to do. Mr. Clinton is, dear friends, a Blender. He doesn't call himself that, and there's no secret handshakes or membership cards when one is a Blender, because Blending is something of an unwritten philosophy or world view--some would say psychosis--that has those caught up in Blending seeking to override the not so immutable laws of nature and make man and the world anew.

people blenderYou may call Blenders by the more widely known term of One Worlders, but this latter term doesn't do full justice to what those with this view have in mind and seems largely to have taken on meanings relating to economics.

Full-on Blenders, such as Mr. Clinton, want all races, religions and nations to blend together in the center of the bell curve where, unfortunately, mediocrity and conformity reign supreme. It is a world of bland sameness where the Blenders believe the sameness will help avoid conflict and we'll all live in a world of milk and honey.

One problem with this is that the sameness sought by the Blenders--because it will require a clustering in the middle of all traits--will result in a stagnation of mankind. This is not to say that the Blenders want a stagnation, but simply that they haven't thought their agenda through to its logical conclusion.

Mr. Clinton's fun with numbers attempt to push his agenda of the blending of all the races of man together, by attempting to minimize very real differences among the races of man, sounds a little too pat. Let's look beyond his propaganda to the reality of genes.

DNAAll DNA (the blueprint of all life) is composed of only 4 chemicals--called bases-- that are usually abbreviated A,T,C,G. "Golly, all critters come from just these four chemicals? Why that there Mr. Clinton is right, we're all the same, Ma." So, if we're all the same and are all made up of these four bases, why is there so much bio-diversity in the world? There must be more to this. And, there is.

It's all in the shuffle. Imagine you have a very large deck of playing cards with one of the 4 bases on each card. If you were to stack the cards on top of each other, you'd have a very tall 3.1 billion card tower. The stack of cards you just made would be the blueprint for, say, a particular person of one race.

Now, how would you make a particular person of another race? You'd have to change the order of about 3.1 million of these cards, if we accept Mr. Clinton's assertion that all humans are 99.9 percent the same. Suddenly, 99.9 percent the same doesn't really seem all that close, and the "there's hardly any differences so let's all blend together" agenda being pushed by Mr. Clinton appears to mean a pretty radical change in who we are as people.

Freak ShowCould it actually be that all those "minor" little differences between the races of man really are major things after all, just as our eyes and our common sense have told us? Could it be that the trendy anti-racist ideology that has been current for the past 40 or so years is just a wrong headed fad and the "racist" ideology (defined here to mean the knowledge that the races of man are different from each other) held for thousands of years, is right?

Even if we accept the incorrect notion that 3.1 million differences between individuals of different races is a minor thing, we need to understand that in nature it is "minor" things that make all the difference in the world, and a minor change here and there can make one a genius and another an idiot; one a world class athlete and another a weakling. As I've written in other columns, it's a little like shooting a rifle. One little almost unfelt flinch at the rifle means the difference between a bulls eye and a total miss of the target.

So, what does all this mean in the larger scheme of things? Draw your own conclusions, but if we, as a species, hope to evolve (defined as: move higher) and not devolve (move lower) we need to start looking at genes and we need to start understanding what, for us as a species, "higher," and "lower" actually mean.
Are we, for example, going to lose the genetic differences that nature uses to evolve creatures if we all jump into the melting pot and blend away our differences? And, will this cause the devolution of us as a species, or will jumping into the melting pot and blending away these differences lead to the Utopian world apparently envisioned by the Blenders such as Mr. Clinton who see this as a way of ridding the world of differences that cause conflict?

Finding an answer to this question based on the notions of the Blenders is perplexing. After all, a world with no conflict does sound nice. Is the conflict and struggle of differences really worth it? Should we, as humans, get off nature's evolution conveyor belt and make ourselves all the same? Is the purpose of life to loll around in the park and not strive and struggle to become more?

Nah! The struggle and the conflict are necessary if we are to become more, and don't we really have a genetic urge to become more? To hell with the Blenders, jump out of that melting pot and seek the path of evolution. Let the Blenders and their acolytes become the drones of the next century. Let them hail the Tan Everyman.

Meanwhile let us take a path that may not be as smooth, but which will be one in which we as individuals and as a group of like individuals will find our own way without the paternalistic system that will be a concomitant of the Blender's samey same world. Let us shuffle our deck a little differently.

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