Looney Tunes Whacko Blenders Push Genocide
by H. Millard (c) 2001

Genocide ----"the systematic killing of, or a program of action intended to destroy, a whole national or ethnic group.

blender"Blenders" is the name I've given to what others call multiculturalism or the One World Order. I chose this word because I believe it more correctly characterizes what those who push the concept have in mind. Multiculturalism sounds as though there are a bunch of different cultures in a society that are each separate and distinct--a series of China Towns and Little Italys, for example. One World Order seems to have taken on meanings of an economic or political fusion of all the different nations of the Earth--a grand version of NAFTA, perhaps. Blenders, on the other hand, indicates that
those pushing for multiculturalism and One World Order are really trying to blend all races, nations and religions into what I've called the Tan Everyman--the universal human model.

Much of the mainstream media pushes Blending the way cigarette companies push their products. In fact, when future historians write of this epoch they will no doubt discuss what is probably the most massive propaganda campaign in history as the Blenders work 24 hours a day to make self-genocide acceptable to distinct peoples around the world.

The Los Angeles Times ran a story back on August 25, 1999 which gives ample examples of what the Blenders are doing to convince people to commit genocide on themselves. In a gushy front page story "Learning to Look Beyond Race," we see smiling people of different races dancing with each other in the city of Walnut, located in northern Los Angeles County.

blendingIn the story, readers are told that "Walnut's young people, seeing friends rather than skin color, may represent America's future." We are then told that Walnut "went from predominantly white to two-thirds Asian, black or Latino in a generation," and is now "among the most diverse (cities) in America." And a little further in the story we read "Today, members of Walnut's white old guard find themselves proud grandparents of children of partly Asian, Latino and black heritage." Gush, gush.

We also read that back when the population was changing a white woman started a 50 member Anglo-American Club as an alternative to the many ethnic clubs that were forming in the city and how one black woman
who was convinced that "the club was a cover for a racist, whites-only group, not a bastion of ethnic pride, tried to force the issue by asking if she would be eligible to join. An Anglo member replied that 'she didn't see why on Earth' the woman would want to--and word of the exchange spread all over town." Soon, many white people in the town "express(ed) their outrage," over the comments by the white woman and the club fizzled." Gush, gush.

Placido Domingo Denyce GravesThe article goes on and on in that vein. It's all about racial blending
Then when you turn to section E1 of the TIMES you see "What Religious Diversity Sounds Like," which is an article about various churches and other sites opening their doors to music of various faiths during a festival. This article pushes religions blending. Also on page E4 is a photo of black Soprano Denyce Graves in a semi-romantic clutch with white tenor Placido Domingo as the two prepare to perform "Samson et Dalila," at L.A. Opera's premiere next month.

Yoko-beetleExamples of Blending propaganda and psychological conditioning could go on and on, and it's not just the Los Angeles Times that is pushing this concept. Check your own newspapers where you live and you'll see the
same thing, or go to the movies or watch TV. Blending is being pushed in thousands of ways both subtle and gross.

Tina TurnerIf you think such propaganda doesn't work, then you're not aware of how easy it is to persuade people to do things via such propaganda. The entire advertising industry is based on being able to convince you to buy
things with words and images that seep into your subconscious mind. All things good are associated with the product, say, cigarettes, and your subconscious mind then makes you buy a pack based on the image. You may deny that that's what motivated you to make your purchase and you may be honest in your denial--at least in a conscious sense--but your subconscious has told you that you want to be like those beautiful and slim (if you're a woman) or cool or with it, or ruggedly handsome (if you're male) people smiling on that billboard and smoking a particular brand of cigarette.

Last Dance with AIDSBut, the real issue about Blending vs. non-Blending is really one about the nature of man,
the universe and, yes, God. If one believes that there are no real and meaningful differences between the races of man (as the Blenders so believe) then Blending isn't really even blending at all, it's just the normal interaction between people. If, however, one believes that there are very real and meaningful differences between the races and that God demands separation, then blending is evil.

evolutionOr, if God is left out of the equation, but one believes that evolution demands that the races remain separate so that nature can improve the species by causing differences to develop among different populations, then bending is bad, since blending will erase all differences and make all humans be of one mixed type.

The Expusion of Adam and Eve from ParadiseHow does anyone know what is right and wrong in all of this? Well, those who follow the literal word of God believe that humans have free will and they are told by God to make a choice in life between good and evil. Both options are open to them and they can do good or they can do evil. Just because someone can do something doesn't make it right, and just because people of one group can mate with people of another group doesn't make it right. In this view, God knows that His creation is weak and must have guidance to avoid evil. For that reason, He has given His law and demands to man and man is to be guided in his choices in life by God's word.

Herein, lies another problem because the Word of God has been given so many different translations that people are confused and can find just about anything they want
by church shopping. The answer to this dilemma, if one is religiously inclined, is to find a church that relies on older non-Blender translations of the Bible and other religious books. What did God really demand? You need to find that out, and you won't find that in Blender churches which change to suit the changing fashions of every age.

What about different religions? If God
supposedly gave His truths to various religions, why do the modern adherents believe that they can modify these truths to be more acceptable to other religions? Is God real or is He just an invention of humans to justify compelling people to act in certain ways? If He's real, and if He said something back in history then chances are He meant it for all times.

Suppose you're not religiously disposed, how can you know what is right and wrong? You need to look at true science and learn about genetics, evolution and other matters about how nature works to improve a species. Why are there different races to begin with? Are the different races only different in "minor" things such as skin colors or are there many more differences, and are these differences important? What does evolution really mean for man? What would a higher evolved human look and act like? Will such a being be able to run faster and have sharper teeth or will he have more of those things of the brain that have now put him above all other animals? Should humans breed for brute strength or stronger minds?

"His Master's Voice"If you answer, both, then you fail to see the engineering problem that exists in making a human. If you give him more of this you have to short him out on something else in order to fit him into a viable package. Nature or even God, if you prefer, must work with natural laws in creating everything.
On another level; no matter what race they belong to, people should be insulted that they're being manipulated by the Blenders into being consumers of the genocide of their particular genotypes.

Those who are in the most danger of immediate genocide are white people. This is so because white people are a very tiny 10% minority on this planet. Fully 90% of all humans are non-white.

Michael JacksonBlacks are also in danger of disappearing from the face of the Earth with such
Blending. If you plot out human populations based on, say, skin color, you'll find that most cluster in the center while the whitest and the blackest are out on the legs of what will be a standard Bell Curve.

It is these extremes that are in the most danger of genocide via blending.

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