by H. Millard (c) 2001

o you have any aracial white drone friends who might be outraged at the title of this column? Do you think, upon reading the title, that they may want to go out in the streets and hug the first black they see and tell him or her how much they like black people? Do you think your aracial white drone friends may want to join a candlelight march against white racism?

Apache - "includes gangsta bitch"Tell, them not to worry. The title is actually a line from a song ("Kill d' White People"; Apache, Apache Ain't Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA) and it doesn't actually say "Kill the black people." Instead, it says "Kill the white people:" Whew! What a relief, huh? Man, it sounded like hatred and, er, "racism" before we put the correct word "white" back in, didn't it? No doubt your aracial white drone friends would now feel better. But, you should be asking yourself why you even have such aracial white drones as friends. By having them as friends, you're acquiescing in their enabling of those who want to kill all white people.

Now, an interesting thing about the above line about killing white people is the fact that the song it's from has been around since 1993. It and hundreds of similar anti-white hate songs have been written about in various conservative publications and Web sites since that time.. So, how come there hasn't been any great outcry? You know the answer: It's because there's a double standard and it's only whites who are held to a higher standard. Some might also say that it's okay to kill whites, so long as the killer is non-white and has just about any kind of screwball excuse that the killer can tell to a black jury. Also, those who hate whites have convinced many aracial white drones that any whites who point out that whites are being slaughtered in the streets are "evil white racists," and non-racist whites shouldn't read what these evil white racists have to say.

It's time for all good, decent white people to wake up and smell the blood of white people that is being spilled in every city in this nation by hate filled nonwhite people who think it is socially acceptable to kill whites. It's also time to start shunning whites who enable haters of all things white.

The above line about killing white people is just one of hundreds of similar lines in rap songs. Unfortunately, there are too many aracial white drones who sing along with these rap songs, and think they're being cool by doing so. One can almost hear these aracial white drones say, "Oh, silly, it's just a song. It doesn't mean anything." Uh, uh. And when the aracial white drones read about whites being attacked by blacks in Seattle (if their newspaper even carried the story) they're probably saying, "Oh, it was just a small group of blacks. Not every black is like that." Uh, uh. Kevin ShifflettAnd, if they read about a little white boy in Virginia who was doing nothing but standing in his front yard and a black came along and slashed his throat, they would probably saying "Oh, the guy was just crazy." Uh, uh. And if this column listed the thousands of similar attacks on whites by non-whites, the aracial white drones would still have an excuse for non-whites, and they'd never be able to find a racial motive in the attacks on whites by non-whites.

Instead of seeing the truth that whites are being slaughtered and that they are in danger of extinction (since they are only 10% of all humans on Earth, and they are being killed in the streets and they're being killed by assimilation), the aracial white drones are more worried about the "hate crime" of some little white kid someplace sticking his tongue out at a nonwhite Now, there's the real hate crime! Right?
Uh, uh.

De Lench MobHere's another line from another rap song: "Swinging out of the trees, is the blood-spilling, devil-killing, nappy-headed g.'s...blacks and Mex take a stand...I'm down with Chico, and not with the man."(Da lench Mob, Priority Records). If you're truly out of touch, you probably don't know that "devils" is becoming a common term used by non-whites to describe whites. It's an attempt to dehumanize whites so that killing whites isn't the same as killing humans; it's killing devils. Cute, huh? But also note the tie in with Mexicans. The reason that this is important is because many non-whites are trying to build nonwhite coalitions against whites.

Jesse JacksonIn this regard, Jesse Jackson met with Hispanic leaders recently in Atlanta and said "We must turn to each other, not turn on each other. We must coalesce." Coalesce against whom? You know. The aracial white drones won't understand though. Many nonwhite peoples are trying to build coalitions against their common enemy: white people.

So, while millions of whites are conditioned to only see good from non-whites and to be hypersensitive to "hate" from their fellow whites, non-whites are being conditioned to see only bad from whites and to be hypersensitive to "hate"
from whites.

Aracial white drones just don't get it. And, unfortunately, even when members of their own families are attacked by non-whites, many of these aracial white drones still don't get it and often bond with the attackers and forgive them. They are a lost generation in the truest sense of the expression, because they are as dispirited as were the American Indians in an earlier day. They have no sense of their natural identity--they're alienated from who they truly are and from their own people. In fact, many whites are so far gone that they don't even know that they are part of a distinct people at all. To them, white people are just some sort of raceless beings. There is a paradox in this, however, because many of these aracial white drones who don't really see themselves as whites, will then apologize for being white.

Some of these aracial white drones may eventually wake up to reality. Many others won't. When some of these aracial white drones read the statistics of the staggering numbers of whites who are being slaughtered by non-whites, they often can't seem to relate to what they're reading. They experience a mental and genetic disconnect. Their own minds lie and tell them that the statistics are not really about people like them. They're about some strangers. Oh, those strangers may have been white and their killers black or some other nonwhite people, but the aracial white drones don't see any meaning nor any pattern in this and they don't feel any special kinship with the white victims. If they think about it at all, they may subconsciously believe that the white victims probably deserved to be attacked and killed.

And, if someone tells these brainwashed aracial white drones about the slaughter and genocide of whites, the aracial white drones may smugly point to some well known non-whites who haven't killed any whites, as "proof" that there is no such slaughter. The inference is that because this or that nonwhite doesn't kill whites that most non-whites don't kill whites. And, while this may be true, it doesn't negate the fact that many, many non-whites are killing whites each and every day in this country, and that whites are being led to the slaughter by white enablers who are acting like unconscious camp guards. The aracial white drones will also probably smugly tell you about white kids shooting other kids in schools as "proof" that every race and ethnic group has killers.

Of course if you were to cite statistics showing, for example, that the state of New Hampshire, which is about 98% white and has about the same population as Washington, D.C. which is about 98% black only had a few murders last year, while D.C. had many hundreds, these aracial white drones might do mental gymnastics to try to prove that race wasn't a factor.

Suppose aliens from another planet were looking down on Earth once every 100 years or so. One expects that they would be amazed at how far white people have fallen between the last two glances. At the glance before the most recent archangelone, whites pretty much owned the whole planet. Then, in the 100 ensuing years they became the doormat for all nonwhite people, and became so dispirited that they no longer even try to fight back. What will these imaginary space aliens see in the next glance 100 years from now? Will white people have become almost extinct after being murdered by non-whites in the streets and through bedroom genocide? Or, will something have happened--perhaps the emergence of a savior of some type--to once again fill white people with a sense of identity and pride in who and what they are?
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